Arthur Danu, Human Ambassador from The Sidhe

Arthur Danu, Human Ambassador from The Sidhe

Book of Danu 336
This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.

Arthur Danu is the divine personality of Arthur Pendragon, the once and future king from the world famous lore of Camelot and The Holy Grail.  Legend has it that after his final battle with his son, Mordred, Arthur’s soul left his kingly body and inhabited the form of a red-billed chough.  In 2001, the chough returned to Cornwall and began scouring the lands of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Looking for a worthy form to inhabit after such a long sojourn in the Faery Realms, Arthur located Patrick Michael Mooney on the shores of Portmarnock, Ireland, in the late winter of 2013.  Recognizing his bravery in the cause of human freedom and his unswerving devotion to the Goddess and all of Nature, Arthur, with the blessings of the goddess Danu, named Patrick as Human Ambassador to The Sidhe on the Spring Equinox, and began to inhabit his form, filling him with kingly insights and a courageous wisdom desperately needed in the world at this time.

The full transformation of Arthur Danu into flesh and bone again will be completed by the year 2022.  Coincidentally, this is the same year that Patrick Michael Mooney’s Decade of Love musical magic spell, which began in April of 2012, will come to its epic conclusion.

If you have a dream for a much brighter and more human-friendly world than you witness today, you are invited to follow Arthur and Patrick as they work to harmonize the worlds of mankind and mythology with the healing power of Nature’s love.

Their journey begins in written form with The Book of Danu (Volume I) and the other amazing tales to follow.

The Book of Danu (E-Book and Audiobook)

featuring the magickal works of Patrick Michael Mooney cum Arthur Danu