Unlearning 1.0

Unlearning 1.0

Unlearning 1.0 is a retrospective look at the creative endeavors I undertook during the early stages of my awakening 11 years ago.  There was so much I did not know then.  Frightened and very alone for the first time in my life, I set out on a journey away from my family and friends, my career, my religion, and the very thoughts that supported the world I was born into.

Like my father, Odin, I became a wanderer on this Earth.  I was putting to the test my faith in my undying love for truth, which included a demanding self-honesty that was rooted in ignorance of everything.  “Show me!” was my prayer, to the death, if need be.

It was not long before Life, in her artfully delicious weaving, began to spin a rich tapestry of experiences for me that reinforced my belief in the invisible and the unusual, and set me on a quest that still feels every bit as exciting as an epic tale of Homer’s or some earlier, more magnificent Irish Bard.

All of my sacrifices were replaced with the richest of rewards, especially when I exerted bravery in what I felt were truly noble quests.  One of those quests was to tell the truth of what I was seeing, and damn the consequences for doing so!  Truth, as I now understand it, means “the story one is willing to die for.”

Think about that.  One of your last and greatest gifts in life is the way you die.  How do you want to approach that moment?  For me, I wanted to approach that moment knowing that I had gotten the most I could get out of life in this beautiful, mortal shell.  I wanted death to enjoy eating me the way I enjoyed savoring the richest moments of my life…those hot and hearty fucks…those screaming moments of championship ecstasy…the pure joy of singing and laughing…the sweetly serene and loving caress of the Invisible in quiet solitude…the excited bursts of growth and talent and the secret language through which it is communicated…looking deeply into the eyes of love and feeling it all the way deep down into your bones.  These are the riches that cross the threshold into the finer realms of paradise.

I could not acquire these gifts in the service of a lie.  What you acquire during a life that is in the service of a lie is the toxic gravity of tortured, twisted logic and the punishing, perverse world it perpetuates.  It dims the light in one’s soul and quells the desire to break free from a rapidly encrusting servitude.  A lie is quicksand to the soul.

9/11 is a lie this world is failing to come to terms with.  If it, the U.S. Government’s logic and physics defying version of events that day, is embraced as a truth beyond this present generation, mankind will fall further into a hell realm whose horrors can certainly be imagined by those who hate humanity with an off-worldly passion.

11 years ago, I didn’t know that paradise could be reached.  I went for it anyway.  It seemed like a good goal to spend a life or few on.  It was certainly better than pretending to be a willing and complicit actor in the genocide of a foreign people, the erosion of human rights and civil liberties, and the conscious destruction of the Earth.  My early writings describe what that world felt like to me.  I heard its calling in the whispers on the wind and the synchronicities of life.  I became good at tracking its signals and conversing in life’s language.

Sometime in 2010, I managed to reach the mythical Faery Realms for an extended period of time.  I’m not the only one to do so, nor the first, nor the last.  I say today that it is simply done.  It is worth the trip if you care to get there.

The Faery Realms is a metaphor I use to describe the very tangible, but unseen aspect of life that is available to us all.  Many of the claims I will make or the stories I will tell might seem preposterous, nonetheless, they are true.

If you would take the time to investigate and embrace this part of your own reality, you would find all the ample resources you need to reach your own version of paradise, provided you are willing to tell the truth to get there.  This is the rugged road to life’s greatest joys.

Rugged means dangerous, sometimes.  It also means free, and full of absolute wonder, quite frequently.  You must demonstrate a love for the Earth, too.  To forsake her on this quest would be to place yourself in great peril.  Let the great mother show you the love she has for her children.

My life, hence, the efforts of this website, documents the path I took to get there, the heaven realms of sweet Danu.  Looking back on these earlier writings with me, I hope you can gain from the wisdom that I acquired through my travels into the beyond.  It is proof that you can guide yourself to your happiness if you are willing to love yourself without reservation.

However, you will have to actually take the steps if you want to experience what is portrayed here.  And, you’ll have to take responsibility for everything that happens to you from now on.

At the end of every one of my earlier commentaries, I have a tag line that reads, Whose Life Are You Living?  Are you honestly living the life that you dream about or have you traded it in for the safety, security, and declining mediocrity of the slop that passes for life these days?  By looking around, it is obvious to see what most people are choosing.

But I can say that I have observed a perceivable shift in this enduring election.  Many more are now stirring and alertly embracing the opportunity for change.  The evil of their lies are much more apparent.  The question remains…is it too late?

For a hero or heroine, god or goddess, and all travelers of the timeless kingdoms accessible to the souls of humankind, the answer is ever ‘NO!”

My prayer to the great universe is that by the time you have finished your last breath, you definitively know it as your own and are satisfied with what you have chosen to do with it!  May you do it with great art, heart and gusto!


The King of All Things Zen
This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.

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