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The Antichrist Speaks on Anthem Kneeling

It is very amusing for me to be reading stories on the internet about professional athletes kneeling during the singing of the the former United States’ national anthem, especially all of the negative reactions generated in the blow-back to such an obviously powerful form of free speech, which Americans are coming to value less and less as time passes on, until the country finally does, too.

As I’ve stated elsewhere on and offline throughout these 16 years of work dedicated to truth and magick, The United States is already dead.  But in the Zombie apocalypse, there aren’t that many living people around who are awake enough to notice yet.

And while blackballed quarterback Colin Kaepernick is currently being celebrated as the architect and instigator of all these shenanigans, there will be a large number of people in the town of Roselle, NJ who will recall a very similar and polarizing display of free speech all the way back in the 2001-2002 school year.

It was in late November of that year that I, as Patrick Michael Mooney back then, decided I would not stand for the singing or the playing of the national anthem during our school’s sporting events and public functions.

I was not protesting for a George Soros funded cause like the phony Black Lives Matter movement.  I was standing for the greater, genocidal tragedy that I knew was only beginning to unfold at that time; the United States’ now infamous phony war on terror.

The reaction of people to my solitary protest, for there was no one else joining me at that time, was as striking and punishing as what today’s protestors are experiencing.

I was eyeballed with angry and curious stares from students, parents, teachers and administrators who were basically pleading with me to join the rest of the American herd in their mute acquiescence  to  the all powerful, unquestionable cause of support for our troops, and the bloody history of violence our country has in crushing peoples of pigmented skin, foreign languages and foreign gods.

But the spirit of Truth, which is the spirit of God, was now strong and awake in my heart, and I would not comply to all those surrounding requests to stand and shut up.

As a result, I suffered through many private meetings in my final year of teaching, which happened to be one of my best years on the job, where it was made known to me just how successful I was in rattling the sick and twisted status quo I was then freeing myself from.

Because of my powerful demonstration, Roselle Catholic changed its long standing tradition of having senior homeroom teachers on the stage to view the graduating class because they did not want to be scandalized by my righteous behavior.  On top of that, I was asked to not dress for the ceremony at all, and wound up viewing the ceremony from the back of the auditorium.

There was a buzz amongst the students about all this, but as beloved as I was among them, I found no others who were willing to stand by my side.   Despite some well-meaning expressions of love and support from them, Graduation Day was much too big of a day in their minds to be spoiled over something like a Nazi-Genocide sweeping the globe and a Big-Brother fascism growing at home.

I share that story of my past with you today because I want to express both my endorsement to the current protests as well as an encouragement to all the participants in these protests, whether they are highly visible citizens, or invisible ones like myself, to raise the stakes HIGHER, not lower, than what Mr. Kaepernick and his colleagues have achieved thus far.

You see, as it is now presented, most athletes are protesting the abuse by police forces against peoples of color, most definitely Black ones.  But if you all raised the bar of your anthem kneeling to protest the OBVIOUS LIE of 9/11, and the phony war on terror that has followed, you would be much more effective in bringing this country and its abuses to a grinding halt.

The police and politicians need to be exposed as TRAITORS to the very flag they are now pretending to hold as sacred with a biblical, righteous indignation.  The soldiers’ families, who worry and experience grief about their sons and daughters being in harms way, should not be offended by your protests, but instead should become your allies.  For only if the lie of 9/11 is openly exposed and admitted can the Israeli war for hegemony in the Middle East be stopped dead in its tracks, and our young men and women can return home to a life of peace in a country back on the track to Truth and Justice.

Donald Trump will not take America in this direction, neither is there any other DemoCROOK or RepubliCON politician out there with the sack or heart to make it happen.

Like me, you must make it happen on your own.  Regardless of the price that is required for you to pay.

In my own moment of decision to stand up for what I believe is right, I KNEW I would suffer mightily for my choice.  And I have.

But what I did not KNOW back then was also just how WONDERFULLY REWARDED I would be for my courageous stand for the TRUTH.

I’ve since been shown and given a life that is every bit as miraculous and loving as Christ Jesus’ was, however you interpret that very powerful and influential story.

I stand today as the Anti-Christ in your midst not because I oppose the truth found in that Jewish-Roman myth, but because the obvious truth of what CHRIST is, and the love for Truth he demonstrated in that story, has been so obviously forgotten, by CHRISTIANS ESPECIALLY, that my presence now makes people squirm in discomfort the way the old rabbi used to irk his crowds of followers and Pharisees.

Like Christ, I have been called the Devil, and in this world, who’s to say that those voices aren’t right?

But the love I have in my heart brings me a silent joy when I hear the beautiful noise of Americans choking on their own contradictions.

Whether all of this evil gets wiped away by nuclear fire  or by the healing power of love, it will be driven from the hearts of mankind one way or the other, eventually or sooner than that.

I say so with confidence because it is already accomplished in me.  As tough as many of these recent sixteen years have been in terms of losing friends and trying to make a living, I have been given priceless experiences of the mystical love that kept the hearts of prophets alive for centuries and through the tortures and rejections they wrote about and experienced.

So don’t be afraid to lose anything, my fellow protestors of the evil American Empire, itself a cover for British Zionism and the poisons that come from dreams of world domination.  Don’t be afraid to lose your jobs, your friends, your lovers, even your very life in the great sacrifice these times now call for.

God is real. Even an Anti-Christ knows that.  And Her love empowers my opposition to ignorance and treason and racism and sexism, and to the politics of phony money that corrupt the players who choose mammon over Heaven.

There is VICTORY to be found in the living body for those who embrace what is written here.  I am not preaching, like Christianity, of a reward deferred until AFTER death.  My Gods are not cruel in that fashion.  They deliver on their promises to the BRAVE ONLY.

That’s what the flag used to stand for, but not any longer.

Keep kneeling!!!

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Runaway Train

Patrick Michael Mooney sings a spell of warning for his 29th song of The Decade of LoveSoul Asylum’s 22 year old hit, Runaway Train reminds us that we can go back and change the Future, time machine or not.

Unlearning 1.0 (Playing The Waiting Game)

I can not stress enough how important this post is to the future of your own happiness.  When I first scripted the earlier post featured below, back in August of 2003, American and British troops were just settling in to their genocidal duties of wiping more brown people (“sand niggers”, as our “heroic” troops call them) off of the face of the Earth.  Even though war criminal George Bush had only recently staged his infamous “Mission Accomplished” sitcom for the retards that watch Fox News, there was a palpable feeling across the internet that something much, much worse was on the way.

Being still very young in my own awakened reality, I remember playing the game of other internet pundits, trying to “figure out”, or predict, just what the next major calamity might be.  This avenue of exploration was not pursued for the pleasure or sake of “being right”.  It was simply undergone for the reason of survival.  Forewarned is forearmed, the old saying goes.

Luckily, my Spirit was bright enough and strong enough to not let this mindset take hold over the course of my life.  Were evil men and women plotting the destruction of human happiness and our best aspirations for the future?  Yes, of course.  They are still doing it.  They have been doing it for a much longer time than any of our lifetimes, combined, can remember.

What I wanted to caution my readers about back then, and once again now, is this:

Too much of the so called “alternative media”, and this goes from the top tier of David Icke and Jeff Rense, all the way down to excellent “personal blogs” like the venerable Les Visible, have their publishing agendas driven by a running commentary of critiques on the mainstream media and the powers that be.  In my opinion, this is not an empowering strategy, because they are still allowing the mainstream forces, to which we are all opposed and who have been thoroughly outed as liars and worse, to still be given the time and attention of which they are no longer worthy.

It baffles me that they all make the clear and salient point of just how fraudulent the enemy is, and yet they continue to create links on their site that point you to those VERY SAME SOURCES!  Those mainstream sites then get a continued audience, or even a boosted one, which only helps to keep their advertising revenues up and running their businesses as usual.  How is that helpful, I continue to wonder?

Furthermore, all of the focus given to these evil bastards and bitches creates a terrible fear in the very audience we are trying to empower.  What will empower them is useful information that will help them to become free, rather than highlighting how much they are repressed.  Instead, there is the perpetuation of a state in which many people feel awake, but too scared to really act proactively for their own freedom, like frightened rabbits, who at least have the good sense to move away from what threatens them!  There has been a collective quaking on the internet for well over a decade now, wondering what the next dangerous shoe to drop will be.

A large number of shoes have dropped since 2003…growing genocides in Africa, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, and The Ukraine…Climategate…Vaccinegate…Chemo-Radio-Cancergate…Ebola…The Global Recession and impending “reset”…Fukushima…Cold War 2.0…Common Core…GMOs…the fakery of WikiLeaks and Ed Snowjob…paedophilia in the British Monarchy…Police State Brutality.  I’m sure I could go on, but why?

I often wonder what the course of the future would be if each of these sites united to form a network of cooperating partnerships driven to CREATE our own agenda of praiseworthy news that paid no attention at all to the mainstream media, other than to report how successful we all were at diminishing their influence and driving those rats back into their sewers.  Do any of them have a measurable criteria of how successful they are becoming other than gaining an audience share or being able to sell more media?

For my part, I have reached out to all the above and more for the past 11 years, trying to get them to champion the work of Peter E. Hendrickson of losthorizons.com.   Peter, and many tens of thousands of Americans, have been battling to dismantle the fascist police state in America through the peaceful and lawful measures of promoting very useful information about the Federal Income Tax and the U.S. Constitution.  But the alternative media has failed Peter Hendrickson, his stalwart compatriots, and the freedom they all say they are in the business of protecting in the first place.  I have said it before and I will say it again;

“Peter Hendrickson’s book, and his own family’s personal story of human courage, is a story more important in these times than the gospels of Jesus Christ, or any other sacred scripture. “

If the alternative media is truly serious about charting the course for a new and human-friendly world, it needs to make every effort to make sure this man’s work is known everywhere both in and beyond America.  The telling of Peter’s story illuminates the proper relationship between a human being and his servant government, and restores the blessings of liberty to your own soul and those who follow in your posterity.  Immediately, the proper means for the public to take control of the government become readily apparent.

Many of the alternative sites fail to suggest an avenue of escape from the New World Order, other than to repeat some New Age babble about “raising your vibration” or “spreading the word”.  I think we’ve all had enough of those methods.  The agenda for evil is far more advanced now than it was 11 years ago.  Is the purpose of the alternative media simply to chronicle the lies of our times while we all peck away at our keyboards from various locations of this technological, planetary gulag?  By Danu, say it ain’t so!

Fortunately for me, I heeded my own advice.  I drove deeply into my own Soul as I confronted the evil of the world around and within me.  I now proclaim joyously that I have achieved the highest states of divine love and human freedom, and because I was not held back by my fears, I discovered so many new and wonderfully amazing experiences that they would seem like pure fiction to those who remain uninitiated by  their willingness to act proactively in the cause of human freedom.  No amount of money can ever quantitatively or qualitatively measure this eternal and lasting treasure I own.  I have become the world’s wealthiest man without having a dollar or a line of credit to my name.

I will continue to endeavor to present to the world what I call a NEW WORLD OPPORTUNITY, through the writings of The Book of Danu and the spell-making Decade of Love.  It is the reason why I was born into this world.  It only took me 13 transformational years to find it.  If I had remained scared and afraid of the New World Order and all the dark agendas highlighted above, I should never have found it.  “Seek ye first the kingdom of HEAVEN, and all else shall be granted unto you.”

But it IS there for the finding!  This is my witness and prized contribution to our collective human family.  The only thing that would magnify that incomparable happiness even further is to impart the way to that joy for all of you.

What’s Next in the Grand Plan?

(08-01-03)  Even though the Pentagon’s “Terrorist Futures Market” is not likely to get off the ground because of public shock at such a proposal, the truth is that many are already invested in trying to predict the next big collapse.  Beyond predictions, we all have a feeling that something more is in store.  Depending on who you are talking to, the predictions have decidedly different external outcomes, but there is one underlying theme to them all.  The world “as we know it” must die.

For the Illuminati controlled corporate elite, the end they desperately crave is a fascist, police state, one world government where the majority of the surviving population exists in a state of overt slavery.  They needn’t worry that the Pentagon’s proposed futures market won’t see the light of day. They have been profiting from one man-made disaster after another for centuries.  To this day, the names of those who have gotten extremely wealthy off of “put-options” placed just prior to 9/11 have yet to be released to the public.  Furthermore, every single recession and depression in history was a manufactured opportunity for the elite to consolidate more wealth.  The same will happen again when the global economy totally collapses in the near future.

The fundamentalists of the three major religions all pray for the destruction of this world so that their own brand of peace can be instilled on the planet.   As long as one is willing to live by their scriptural codes, which includes the worship of their god, in their way, one is more than welcome to stick around.  Everybody else will have to be killed in a great climatic battle between good and evil. Even believers who take a less literal approach to their faith ultimately succumb to a “our way is the best way” philosophy, which only antagonizes souls and moves everyone further away from the peace they supposedly desire.

Those in New Age belief systems pray for a supposed deliverance by “space brothers” or a grand vibrational sweeping of the planet that will automatically transform the entire population into peace loving beings. Those who don’t jive with the vibe will simply be reincarnated elsewhere in the galaxy, or in another dimension. Death through “Earth changes” is the most predicted form of transformation.

Even those who think of themselves as more “grounded” and pragmatic must be able to see the writing on the wall.  As previous editorials have pointed out, the world’s energy, food and water supplies are at levels dangerously out of proportion with the still expanding population (editors note – I no longer hold this position.  We have true solutions to all these problems if we exercise the WILL to do it).   Further still, the willingness to change direction to policies that would alleviate some of these problems is severely lacking.  It is as if all the earth is gleefully marching to its doom.

With the entire planet so deeply desiring an end to the madness we have presently created, it should be no surprise that this is exactly what we will be getting.  It is only a matter of time before the collapse begins to accelerate into unmanageable proportions.

The challenge for unlearners in this most opportunistic of times is the releasing of all fears.  It is fear that many of the above groups are counting on to be present when the changes become dramatic. When one is afraid, one is easily manipulated and taken away from their core truth and power.  Your energies will then be directed to creating a world that someone else desires and not what you want. We all must be on guard for these deceptions.  It is this very process that created, and still creates to this day, our world of suffering and unbalanced resource management.

The process that this Institute calls “unlearning” is basically the process of facing your fears.  Life, in all of its grand potential, is a many times frightening thing.  We on Earth have forgotten who we are and where we came from.  It is because of this that we have wandered blindly through the aeons, easily manipulated by those who knew the truth about our history.

To release your fears requires an intensive, introspective journey that spans the course of your life.  Because we have sought truth in external features, we have carved a shallow existence for ourselves, one that will be easily swept away.  The time to go within is now, before the “next big thing happens”.  Happen it surely will…we’ve been “banking on it” all along, one way or the other.

Whose Life are You Living?

Unlearning 1.0 (Supreme Sodomy)

I wish I could write about how wonderfully different things are in the world since I began this website back in 2003.  But, as you read the earlier entry below, you will find that they are, very sadly to me, nearly similar, or worse.

The good thing is that the smell of corruption from all levels of society is reaching such a pungent level that it will be hard to ignore for too much longer, which will almost certainly mean dramatic action in one form or another.  Mr.  Obama has proved beyond a shadow of the doubt that America is the land of equal opportunity.  A black man is capable of lying to his country (if this is indeed his country) just as persuasively as a white man.  But Colin Powell already taught us that, too.

If power remains in the hands of the 1% and the kiss-asses that willingly do their bidding, the dramatic action of the near term future will most certainly be catastrophicOne merely has to look at Africa, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Indonesia, and The Ukraine State of America  to forecast what will happen in the United States and the bits of Europe that still blindly believe they are immune from the evil whims of the emerging New World Order.

Bonny old England is rocking right now from a festering boil of pedophilia that has gone on in that country, from the highest levels of perverted power, for generations.  America has a culture of child abuse every bit as rancid, and it runs all the way up to the Supreme Court.  I have met in my life one person who claims a Supreme Court justice molested him as a boy.  If you think these are isolated incidents, you would never be reading a website like this.

Beyond the hellish practices of sexually abusing children are the everyday ways we continue to allow “the law” to fuck people’s lives over.  It is well known that the “freest” nation in the world holds the most captive inmates, more than half of them for non-violent offenses.  If Harriet Beecher Stowe was alive today, she would have to rename her famous novel, Uncle Tom’s Country In the eyes of the 1%, we are all niggers and the entire planet is their plantation.

Take exception to my language, if you will.  I obviously don’t care about the perceptions of people still caught sleeping at the wheel this late in the game.  9/11 continues to scream out as a rape and murder whose cries remain largely unheard.  The NSA is not listening for terrorists, they are looking for the good, freedom-loving people who don’t take an uninvited poke in the ass with the expected bit of docile good cheer.

Deeper still are the crimes of tax fraud, central banking, GMO pollution, chemtrail and vaccine poisoning, water confiscation and student loan servitude, which collectively ensure that the next generation of grown-ups will have little understanding of what freedom really is.  After all, who do they have to learn from?

I don’t say these things to BE RIGHT.  I write in the hopes that enough of you will take command of your own lives and join with other awake individuals to stop this madnessIt can be done.  It will require a will and steady resolve that only seems to emerge in true crisis situations.  How the last 13 years have not been perceived as such remains one of the most remarkable phenomena of my life.

In brief, there are a thousand ways to peacefully stop the impending train wreck.  Jury Nullification is by far the easiest and most effective way to nullify the law and knock its teeth out.  Peter Hendrickson at www.losthorizons.com can help you learn how to stop funding terrorist organizations like the U.S. Federal Government, and the state and local governments that suck its cock.  Bill Still, of the Money Masters website, truly exposes who the real enemies of freedom are.  (Hint: they don’t come from the Middle East.)  Finally, there needs to be a spiritual movement of liberation away from the three monotheistic religions that continue to foment discord in the name of divine love and peace.  The worldwide resurgence of shamanism and the widening use of plant-based medicines is truly a heroic step in the direction towards human freedom..

When humans learn to make HUMAN FRIENDLY laws and policies, the world will have peace.  If the good peoples of this world would only pool their collective focus together for a single decade, it could upset the freemasonic designs that have been working towards total control for many thousands of years.  Such is the infinite power of Love that your controllers fear very much.

There is another road to peace.  It is called extinction.  If you allow the rulings perverts continued sway over your lives, it is ultimately you fucking the defenseless children of our future in the ass.  Think on that.

Courts and Public Focus Debate in Wrong Area

(07-18-03)  The recent hullabaloo over the Supreme Court’s decision to protect sodomy as a sexual act provided yet another major lesson for unlearners as to why the current worldview is warped beyond repair.  Supposedly well-meaning religious fundamentalists now fear that the United States’ departure from the “laws of god” virtually guarantee the demise of the nation. Homosexuals and other liberal-minded individuals feel a sense of vindication and a reinforced belief that our government “works”.  Both viewpoints are fundamentally incorrect. While the majority of people weigh in on the great sexual debate, what’s lost in the confusion are the other kinds of “sodomy” much more harmful than the physical act itself, which have had the sanction of governments all along.

For instance, let us consider religion. After all, the questionable morality of sodomy largely seems based on the writings found in the sacred scriptures of three of the world’s major religions. According to Jewish, Christian and Islamic teachings, god views the act of sodomy as an abomination, totally out-of-bounds with his “plan”.  If we look further into these scriptures, we see that killing, war, slavery, brutal treatment towards women, and other types of repressive and destructive actions fall squarely within His plan. The fact that the Middle East has always been a war-torn region with the potential to drag this world into further destruction should give cause for many to reconsider the efficacy of such teachings, especially since they have had hundreds, if not thousands of years to implement them.  Despite preaching peace every day of the week, the followers of these major religions wait for a final climatic battle between good and evil.  Much of their energy is spent repressing consciousness rather than liberating it.  Unlearning will provide the “condom” necessary to protect yourself from these diseases of the Spirit.

Another area where humans are constantly “bent over” is taxes. Most of us work more than half of the calendar year to pay our dues to the various governments that rule over us. The extortion has become so commonplace that few dare to question its legitimacy. Those that do question it are often times lost in a maze of code and regulations that are written to purposely deceive citizens into believing they owe what is withheld from their checks, and possibly more.   The United States Internal Revenue Code is over 3 million words long. Faced with navigating such a daunting read, most Americans simply choose to “drop their drawers”, open their checkbooks, and let the government have their way with them.  The crime is so inculcated in our culture that most Americans feel grateful when they get a tax refund, as if the money being “given” to them came from somebody else.

Trying to get someone to hear how fraudulent the tax system is, not to mention the entire monetary system, must be similar to those who have been raped or sexually abused by powerful people. We would rather just not hear the claim and hope it would go away.

Corporations repeatedly engage in behaviors that sodomize marketplaces worldwide. The early economic system of feudalism imprisoned people to the lands of their lords and made them fodder for the elite war games of determining succession for their bloodlines.  When mercantilism came about, foreign “savages” faced wholesale extinction so that mother countries could fatten their coffers and war chests.  When this was abandoned for capitalism, the centralization of corporate power proceeded at a furious pace.  The apparent “freedoms” enjoyed by the lower classes were purchased by the suppression of foreign marketplaces, most of them in the non-white world.  The apparently human-friendly philosophies of Marxism and Socialism were simply hijacked and warped beyond their intentions by the corporate elite to permanently damage their worthiness in the common man’s easily manipulated mind.  Now that the global conquest is nearly complete, mankind must brace itself for the biggest “screw job” yet.

What allows these types of sodomy to go unchecked is the very system that was created to protect us from these abuses. That system is education.  From our earliest days, many of us are programmed to accept the statements of “authority figures” unquestioningly.  We are told that the great advances of knowledge happen when we question the prevailing worldview, yet each educational epoch continually tries to exert its absolute correctness in the way the world is perceived.  We grow up thinking we know it all, or in the very least, know all we need to know to survive.

What has been missing from education for ages is the knowledge that will allow humanity to thrive instead of survive. That our expectations gravitate to the lowest common denominator indicts not only the architects of our educational systems, but all of us as well.  We are the ones who have been wallowing in victimization without the will to lift ourselves up from our oppression.

It must be made clear that the Institute of Unlearning does not condemn the practice of sexual sodomy. Nor does it endorse it. What one does with one’s penis, or what orifice one allows to be penetrated, is not the focus of concern.  The metaphor of sodomy was used because all of us understand the meaning of such slang terms as taking it up the ass.  Humans have a long history of using sex as a weapon to achieve desired ends.  Perhaps when a more open and human society emerges, phrases of a sexual nature will not carry such a negative charge.  Those who understand artistic and literary license will appreciate the attempt made here.

Finally, unlearners must see that sex, in its many forms, is used by the powers that be as a tool for distracting many from the important truths in life.  While most of us argue about what we can or can not do with our sexual organs, the global elite are busy devising new ways to get you to surrender your power to them.  It will be a far more interesting day when our laws actually protect each other from our most private manipulations instead of encouraging them.  The decision of the Supreme Court did little to increase the freedom that humans experience.  Unlearners know that no government power can give what is already yours by the mere fact of your existence. 

 Whose Life are You Living?

Unlearning 1.0 (A Call to Courage…and Beyond)

Anniversaries are another aspect of the Time Loop we find ourselves in.  When living a good and righteous life, these commemorations mark the passage of our GROWTH as viable, organic beings whose creativity knows no bounds.  When living a corrupt and disingenuous life, anniversaries remind us of of just how FROZEN and hard-headed we have become.

2014 marks 25 years since the massacre at Tienanmen Square.  China has not progressed forward in the quarter of a century that has followed.  She has become more “westernized”, which simply means that they have become more sophisticated at covering up their crimes against against humanity and the environment.  The digital revolution that came of age during this time continues to serve the controllers; less so, their people, and many Chinese remain in fear of their government to this day, a reminder that technological progression is not a true indicator of consciousness evolution.

America, during this same span of time, became a whore to China.  We promised not to aid the people in their quest for human freedom and dignity because we needed them to loan us money and sell us tons of poorly made “goods” to finance our debt-ridden economy.  The sellout was popularly accepted by a dumbed-down America, who still fail to realize that the Chinese model of government is more closely in-line with the emerging New World Order than the rapidly dying American tradition of constitutionally protected human freedoms.

Yes…the Dali Lama is taken out of mothballs every now and again to meet with Hollywood celebrities and US “presidents”, but these are token demonstrations of political, public-relations manipulation, nothing more.

In the time since the earlier essay below was posted, I have seen signs that more and more people are understanding the very important lesson that CHANGE MUST COME FROM WITHIN.  Just as George W. Bush woke my ass up, due to his utter evil and stupidity, so has Barry Obama woken up an entire generation of young people through his outright and arrogant lies about “hope and change”.

How much longer humanity will need to remain in the dysfunctional and detrimental conditions we allow for ourselves, I can not predict.  I write in the hopes of speeding up that process.  What seems apparent to me is that we all must face a moment in our lives that looks like…and, more importantly….feels like the iconic image of courage and truth posted along with this essay.

One must be willing to stand up to adversity, all alone, if necessary, if one is to ever have the hope of gaining the love, joy and beauty that is ever present in THE ETERNAL KINGDOM.  Doing so performs a magical Feng-Shui on your soul that harmonizes your individual make-up to a creation of divine perfection and harmony.

Kinesiology teaches that the body knows TRUTH at least as well as reason does.  I can’t say that I am completely convinced of this methodology, as I have seen many practitioners of this method abandon it in their own lives.  They remain as clueless about the world they live in as most other humans they claim to have an advantage over.  To be sure, the method is sullied by many distortions of the New Age movement.

I have found that truth is most clearly seen by those who have found an AIM to their life and have resolved to manifest that goal or direction with all the forces at their muster.  They are willing to risk all because that is the price for the highest Love you can imagine.  I like that as a definition for the word “courage”, and wish you an abundant outpouring of it as you gather the strength for your own life’s challenges.

Calibrating Your Consciousness


(07-11-03)   It goes without saying that the overall level of human consciousness on this planet is very low. We are a people that constantly make war on each other, allow countless thousands to starve daily, rape even billions more with monetary policies that turn us into the virtual slaves of a commanding few, and destroy our planet with the recklessness of young children who believe their parents will simply replace everything they damage. It also goes without saying that there are those who profit greatly from our situation and would like to keep it that way. Only by raising our collective consciousness can we liberate ourselves from these infantile ways.

In his book Power vs. Force, Dr. David Hawkins outlines a potentially advantageous tool for helping humans climb the spiral staircase of consciousness evolution. Based on years of scientific research in the field of applied kinesiology, the book promises to give the reader the only tool he or she will ever need to determine the truth of anything. That tool is the human body.

By learning a fairly simple technique, the human body can receive answers from a universal matrix of information, regardless of the individual’s personal knowledge on a subject. While the application of such a technique has unlimited potential in its uses, its primary value is seen as giving humans access to their truth. If knowledge is truly power, then this technique may be one of the most empowering tools yet discovered.

Of even more interest in the book is a chart that enables the reader to calibrate their level of consciousness. For the first time perhaps, humans may have an easy and immediate way of assessing their own growth progress. Such knowledge can save humans an extraordinary amount of time and energy in reaching their desired state of being.

For example, one can look to see how certain emotions are present in one’s life. Emotions serve to not only move energy throughout your system, but can also influence perspective and create “attractor fields” that draw matching energy into one’s life. Lower level emotions such as pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame ultimately influence perceptions that allow for self-destruction and the destruction of others. It should be no surprise that the super majority of consciousness on this planet dwells in these emotional ranges.

On the other hand, the emotions of courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace and enlightenment create positive perceptions that support the self and others. For unlearners, finding ways to increase these emotions in our lives must become the paramount personal quest. Here may be all the power that is needed for humans to break free of our dangerous and destructive ways and to create a system where the abundance of this planet can be universally enjoyed.

It should be noted here that the Institute of Unlearning does not endorse Power vs. Force in its entirety. Besides being a member of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Dr. Hawkins makes some political and economic observations that can be kindly described as naïve and suspiciously described as misleading. Given that the book is dedicated to easily discovering truth, such observations should raise the eyebrows of unlearned readers and cause them to consider the potential motivations of the author.

With that being said, there are certainly parts of the book that are inspired writing. Even more inspiring was the shared bit of information about the progress of human consciousness evolution. After wallowing at 190 for centuries (on a scale of 1 to 1000), the collective consciousness on this planet jumped to 207 in the past decade alone.

This tremendous leap into life affirming perspectives (above 200) should encourage unlearners everywhere.  It may be that this leap had nothing to do with our own personal efforts at all and merely reflects the changes going on in this part of the universe. Many are already familiar with teachings relating to this point in human history and our place in the aeons of time so this editorial will not delve into those areas.

In any event, this is yet another signal that the days of human oppression are nearing an end. To be consciously aware during this time will certainly be an invaluable human experience. Summon your courage and your power.


Whose Life are You Living?

(For those of you who are familiar with Dr. Hawkins work, this editorial calibrated at 539 on the scale, while the author currently calibrates at 475.)

Unlearning 1.0 (DeMOCKracy)

In olden times, seeing into the future was known as the gift of prophecy.  The prophet rarely spoke his or her truth for the joy of telling it.  Normally, that Truth presented his Tribe or her Nation with the picture of a very uncomfortable future if the collective direction of the society was not changed.  That many prophecies of doom and gloom often come to pass is not really a testament to the divine powers of the prophet.  It is a testament of what happens when we don’t listen to the warnings from people that have demonstrated love and integrity in our lives.

The essay below is definitely prophetic.  The conditions described have come to pass.  What remains undone, unmanifest, is the moment when, collectively, people are ready to step out of that time loop and back into their own sovereign, temporal realm. 

I could spend another few paragraphs laying out what the next 10 years will look like if behaviors continue in their present fashion.  But I’m not interested in that future anymore.  The warning has been given.  You already know what to expect.

My future, from the moment of that prophecy, has been one of deeply unfolding deliciousness.  No relationship with the divine could ever be less than this.  In gratitude, I sing praises to all Creation and continue to mark the way for others to negotiate and navigate on their own terms.  This is work enough for me.

The collage above this post really says it all, for anyone still needing a wake up call in America.  The leaders of the Nazi Party that created Hitler’s Third Reich are the same people who created Stalinist Communism and every other form of Fascism in the world today.  They are the DemoCROOKS and RepubliCONS of today’s WWE-style of polarizing politics.  They remain uncaptured for the crimes of World War II, and given the time to continue their plotting, are about to take the game global with a celebratory World War III.

I know a much grander world is possible.  We could have been on the way to that world 50 years ago, but we did nothing when they killed the President of Camelot.  We let them drag our dreams for the future into Vietnam, where we genocided them with great help from Monsanto.

We could have been on the way to that world in the early 90s, after the end of the phony Cold War.  But we did nothing as they ratcheted up the phony war on Drugs and began to believe the new charade called the War on Terror.  A new region of brown people has been chosen for genocide, and Monsanto has expanded its killing agenda to the entire global theater.

Instead of assassinating a president, they bought off the presidency and killed the Constitution.  I have touched its dead corpse with my own hands and seen it with my own eyes.  It nearly drove me to suicide, to see the dreams of our ancestors felled so easily by such an obviously blatant lie as the government’s version of 9/11/01.

But Death, in the magic mind, is transformation.  With all the vestiges of my American Self burned away, I was reborn and transfigured to my divine state; purely human and unblemished in my own kingdom.  I see now across the vista of this world that I am not the only one lifted to this splendorous glory.  Our work, in many unconscious ways, is becoming coordinated and timely, like the blossoming of Springtime blooms.

This is encouraging.  In honor of the great liberation that is happening, partly through the agency of cannabis cultivation sweeping the colonies and the world, I would amend my use of “radiation” as a healing analogy in the essay below and substitute it with Hemp Oil. My sympathies to any of you still dealing with that barbaric modality.

This is a great visual reminder of the choice as it lays ahead for you.  Death will one day meet you on that road.  Would you prefer she greet you in a lab full of insane people, profiting from the poisoning of your body on the way out?  Or would you meet her as a budding leaf, taking Her fruits and ingesting them into your body, creating an access channel for the healing love of goddess and god to prepare you well for the next journey?

One is the road of mockery; the other, a journey to clarity.  This is the most important election of all.

Western Governments Fail to Offer Meaningful Choices

(04-07-03)   It is almost time for Americans to once again become numbed by the endless stream of sound bytes and attack ads that have become so commonplace in modern politics. The Democrats will try to find someone with more personality than Al Gore this primary season and the Republicans will seek to enhance the already sizeable “war chest” of the current Terrorist-In-Chief.  While the grand spectacle may stir patriotic feelings and convince most Americans that the framework of democracy works, those who are unlearning will no longer fall for a show that insults their intelligence.

You see, most people are under the impression that because one is offered choices, that must mean that one is free. What is not grasped from this rationale is that choices are offered. In other words, freedom comes from someone else’s determination of what is possible. A closer look at the American system, and the systems in other Western democracies, will reveal that there is very little difference in the end result of the multitude of choices we have the “freedom” to make.

For instance, there is a strong likelihood that Senator John Kerry will garner the Democratic Party’s nomination to run for president in 2004. His role in investigating the Iran-Contra Affair will be trumpeted as an example that he is a “man of the people” who will fight against the roguish Republicans who are ruining this country with their reckless foreign and economic policies. What will not be highly publicized is his membership in the very elite Skull and Bones fraternity. This is the same fraternity that the current president is a member of.  A cursory research of this organization will reveal that the interests of the “common man” are of little consequence to its members. The modern aristocracy will continue to take care of its own.

Even if we indulge the wildest populist imaginings by getting Congressman Dennis Kucinich into the presidency, there is little reason to believe he can make a difference. The most well intentioned politician would be surrounded by schools of shark-ish bureaucrats, lobbyists, and policy makers from the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. These unelected representatives slavishly serve the corporate globalist agenda to which all modern governments are now subservient.  Any progressive legislation would be critically sabotaged before it got to his desk to be signed into law.

In Europe, it remains to be seen whether the Bildeberger, Mr. Blair will survive another major election in the United Kingdom. But Britons can be rest assured that their next prime minister will not reverse the trend towards greater submission to the European Union.

In France, Germany, Spain, Greece and everywhere else democracy is said to flourish, you can be sure that the common man will continue to feel the tightening of the global economic pinch and that the gap between rich and poor will increase in width and depth.

Critics of this editorial will most likely voice the argument that even if such observations are true, citizens of democracies enjoy personal freedoms that can not be found in countries run by totalitarian dictators. Such a myopic viewpoint has forgotten the lessons of history, where one “great” republic after another devolved into a repressive society and anarchy once its people no longer cared for its collective progress. If the election season reminds us of anything, it is that dictators are always good at staging grand spectacles of little substance.

Furthermore, the trading of true freedom for treats from our corporate oligarchs demonstrates a spirit worthy of animals and not humans. To sell short your divine inheritance only causes the dark cancers of ignorance and fear to grow collectively among us all. While the light of unlearning may provide effective radiation treatment for such a malady, we all would be much better off if we took the preventative measures of growing knowledge and truthfulness in our very souls.

The Institute of Unlearning can not endorse voting in “democratic” societies where the menu of possibilities is read to the voter. As long as such systems are in place, unlearners everywhere must agree that they are TOO SMART TO VOTE. Until there is a society where humans dictate the terms to the governments that serve them, we must encourage each other to spend our energy and resources freeing ourselves from the life draining machinations of this desperately dying worldview.

Whose Life are You Living?