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Spell 057 : Arthur Patrick Danu Performs A Grateful Rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen sounds like a very old dragon who had eaten far too many humans in his mythical diet.  You are what you eat, as the saying goes.  His voice carried a despondency of a love left behind enemy lines, with no hope of ever making it back to the front, and his loved ones, alive.  There was no heroic sense of self-sacrifice, just the heavy realization that comes in the end when you discover that you are alone and that there is no one else to love you, and you don’t like your own company on top of that.

How deep the man, and the artist, actually was, or still is, I can’t say.  All I can reflect on is how an artist’s works impact on me, and whether I allow it the power to alter my own reality.  Despite being alive for the prime years of his celebrity, I can only perhaps remember the echo of Leonard’s voice, that hot dragon breath, murmuring somewhere in the subconscious of this body I’m still adjusting to.

Consciously, Alana introduced him to me a few years ago, saying that he was one of her favorite singers.  Like a lot of women, his deep voice, however melodic or not as you might find it, is also a big turn on sexually.  In the world of vibrations, the low notes get the juices flowing and the booties moving.

My wife’s birthday gave me an excellent opportunity to invoke this song’s magick into the Decade of Love (2012-2022).  Even though there continues to remain visible signs of growth and healing all around me, there was also a consequent dimming of the light all along the social fabrics of human contact as this very poisoned year unfolded, especially to those caught heavily in the made for TV reality.

We are at the point where we are being threatened with nuclear war as equal to any other time in world history.  Inside of me, I can tell you how incredibly unafraid I am.  My life is music, and lovemaking, great meals, natural vistas and wrestling matches with my dog, Ruby.  I take counsel with Gods and wolves and stags and eagles.  Mountains listen to my prayers and trees support me like a child holding onto a mother’s leg.

The news that rankles the world doesn’t rankle our lives because it is easy to see how fake it all is.  It is not based in Truth, so destruction is always the end route, and it comes as a surprise to all except those  who introduced their venom into the collective conscious out of fear or subservience to things imagined to be more powerful than oneself.

In the dimming of such light, the dragons of human desolation appear, driving souls deeper into the caves of buried human despair and fear.

“There is no god.  There is no hope.  There is only the Wall.  My den.  My cave.  You are the coin I am going to sit on with my fat belly, even though I have no need of it, because Nature orders this as the price for Human arrogance.” The Dragon says!

“You war with the Devil, yet he is God’s Holy Angel, and you pretend that YOU are not in REBELLION!  The command is to LOVE your ENEMY!  Pray for those who PERSECUTE YOU!” The Dragon counsels!

“Can you not find JUSTICE in the persecution? Do you trust in the plan of a God who is All-wise, All-seeing, All-knowing? Do you not have faith in God’s invincible power, and those of the Angels who remain loyal to his command?” The Dragon Questions?

“What victory could a mere LIGHT BEARER have against the sword of Michael or what wound could a Lucifer make that a Raphael could not heal? What concert at the crossroads could be won by Satan when Gabriel’s horn has had the center stage?

Drive out all fears!  I don’t know if Leonard did or not…at least not yet.  After all, Earth connects all of humanity on some general resonance of empathy, which is why we turn to the Muses for solace and insight.

I admit to knowing the deep, dark places of my soul.  We are all being called collectively, now, to take a look into the darker workings of our social constructs and realities.  All this talk about the Deep State is a trap to keep you looking out there for the invisible problems when the real problems are within your perception.

Apollo and his Hyperboreans are now among the droll human mix.  There’s a stirring going on in the collective deep that’s calling the trapped souls to see that they are valued as gold, and now is the time that they are being called forth to be spent!

Will you throw your talent into the mix for what the future will be?  Or is a nuclear winter the only reality you can foresee?

In the face of failure, each of us is blessed with the most golden coin of all; a brand new day!  If those days already have love and good works valued into them, the greater the intrinsic worth, and the increased value when we spend them well.

I’ve spent my days well.  I can never despair, as an Anti-Christ, I know Lucifer’s place in the PAN-theon of of the Odin-sleep and Brahma’s beautiful breathing.  When the weight of music, such as Leonard’s, crosses my ears, I give glory that my God has created such a vast stage and range for the life force to know and express itself so artfully.

So, Happy Birthday, dearest Wife of the new name; and to our new life in the Pacific Northwest.  Deep prayers of love for all my readers and viewers wherever you are in space time, as you find this.

Many Hallelujah’s to you! It’s what the Angels do!