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The Antichrist Clarifies His Divinely Appointed Office to the Unlearned

Christians of almost all denominations are expecting a big-time fireworks show to surround the appearance of the Antichrist on the world stage.  The Jews have been hard at work to make it happen, doing their best to incite a Holy War against the Muslims, the way fishermen fill the seas with bloody chum to attract the fiercest sharks.

And while “big-time fireworks” may be an appropriate metaphor for my sexual prowess, especially to those horny clits and cocks that happily land on my tongue, the New World Order types are going to be saddened and dismayed as to how their falsely contrived narrative fails to play out.

What was it that the Scottish poet, Robert Burns wrote? “The best laid plans of Mice and Men often go awry.” No matter how many lies issue forth from New York Times or The White House Press Secretary, or the CIA contrived Der Spiegel, not to mention the mouth of Benjamin Netanyahu or 10 Downing Street, the truth will out and soar above them all, flying higher than the eagle.

Like good old Snoopy the beagle, their story is peanuts!  It gets stuck on the roof of your mouth and you wind up looking and sounding like a fool when you spit it out; or better yet, swallow!

So allow me to help you out.  I’m here to clarify the reason for my Being, because most of humanity are used to seeing things that are not really there.

It’s part of a game that is really quite fair, once you learn the rules. Which, by the way, you will never be taught in either your churches or your schools!

Pay attention, then, friend or foe, to what passes for a metaphysical lesson as we go.

Before Christianity, there was only Christ.

Christ was not poor.  How could a beloved child of the Divine ever be poor?

He lived in world, much like today, that found its head very tightly tucked up inside its ass.

He was dismayed at this, because that was where cocks used to go, in the world where Pan gave license to humans to experience love and joy in infinite abundance and variety.

Christ wondered, “Where are the satyrs and the nymphs? How did the Jews pull off this vanishing trick?”

So he went to the wilderness to find them.  There he discovered his JOY! Christ was both girl and boy!

United in spirit and body, he worked miracles for his disciples, telling them to put down their religious trifles.

For those that listened, their pussies glistened, whether on the inside or out.  Here was a divine revelation that certainly needed to be shouted out!

And boy, did he shout, and speak, and teach. There was not a soul that was beyond his reach!

But each human lamb he found, was a loss to the farmers who held them bound.

“They have no FEAR of our mythology, which we stole and perverted for our grand economy!” This is what was said in Sanhedrin halls, and scribed among the Pharisees in all their scrolls.

So, naturally, they killed him; a public display filled with blood and sin.

Soon after, moving their act to Rome, they concocted a religion and made a new home.

“The story needs a happy ending! Let’s add that bit about resurrecting! The goy will swallow anything if you present it at the tip of a sword with a sting! Ours is the power of Sauron’s One Ring!”

With time and money on their side, they began the work of a human slide, into ages dark and dreary. Despite The Renaissance and The Enlightenment, humans still found themselves weary; of a God who constantly called them to war, against people of race, color and creed on every shore.

Weary means weak, and tired. It’s a condition encountered when a soul’s uninspired.

Uninspired means there’s no breath within, despite the superabundance of oxygen.

This is why, today, Humans kill the future, with vaccines, and television and other means of torture.

How to break the curse of this existence? That question still puzzles the students and the critics.

But not the MYSTICS.

All through time, there have always been, those Souls who know the TRUTH WILL WIN.

They are not all Christs, though he’d be very fond of them.  Unlike his disciples and his churches, they would not abandon him.

You see, Nature allows for humans that lie. Let’s them forget for awhile that we all will die.

Put this truth too far out of your mind, and you’ll find yourself going blind.  Rely on your governments and media to keep you going, and you’ll live a life of never knowing.

It’s a missed opportunity, more’s the pity, of having your labor put toward the Heavenly city; that by the way, belongs on Earth. You don’t get in there with a high net worth.

The key is the TRUTH, everywhere spoken through the dreams of your youth; before the adults slap them away, with the fears and the frights brought on by their ways.

That’s where I come in.

You see, Nature abhors a vacuum. She loves to see her children bloom! You have no idea how grand this life could be while your heads are full of doom!

That’s the story they want to pin on me; the Antichrist who knows you’re FREE!  My part in the Jewish script is to hurl the world into the Abyss, unless Christ returns to stop me!

But I am HE; The timeless son of MYSTERY; playing once again in a human body!

The story is so shocking, and utterly surreal.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a god with so much sex appeal!

With the blessing of Apollo, and all his skywalkers, I’ve been given a voice to drown out all the talkers!

I have come to sing, of a Love Unlimited.  The time is now for a humanity ready to be uninhibited!

The way to that power is to find your JOY! Then put that force to work on a project you employ.

When that happens, the Elementals are summoned, unleashing forces that no Bank or Church can stifle.

The only question then, is not the Who, the What, the Where; but WHEN?

For me, the TIME IS NOW.

For you? That depends upon what you allow.  For Nature is certain of its ETERNITY.

It has the patience to wait until you CHOOSE to SEE.

As Pope R.A.W, the first, rightly taught, that happens non-simultaneously.

Which brings us ever back to the MYSTERY.

Please, friend or foe, let this rattle in your brain, like a Zen koan or musical refrain.

It will awake the Divine in you.  You’ll see and know what I write is true.

It holds our universe together like glue, between the endless fluctuations of Red and Blue.

Notice, I didn’t add WHITE.

For those in the former United States, the judgment is GOOD NIGHT!

Maybe, if you reverse the lies of 9/11, you can save your precious Constitution.

But the WORLD has outgrown your lies, and is moving forward with its SOLUTION.

In that, there’s RESTITUTION.


WHY BINAURAL BEATS? A Personal Testimony of Transformation by Patrick Michael Mooney

Dale of Silvermoon, CO Colony – With the advent of the early Springtime sun this morning, I shall have successfully completed my fifth cycle of 9 years of human growth.

I can’t take credit for making it to this point in Life, or even possibly, all of the other achievements I sometimes like to toot my horn about.  The many transformations of which my life has undergone have been more of an unfolding as I continue to discover the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE behind the life of Patrick Michael Mooney.

I give so much credit to the Divine, in all HER various forms, for guiding me to the memory of my immortal nature, and the enduring PEACE that comes with that, regardless of the turmoil so common to life on Earth in this Kali-Yugic Age.

It was only during this last cycle of nine years that the SUPER-NATURAL quality of my existence became cemented as an everyday reality for me in my awareness.  You can certainly say there has been a tremendous increase in understanding, peace, lovemaking, magic and creativity of all kinds…unimagined only a few short years ago.

How HUNGRY I was then!  Thank goodness for my thirst to know LOVE and now that promise has been more than fulfilled in my lifetime!!!

I give praise to the Spirit of TRUTH, and The Sisters of WYRD who nurture COURAGE as one of its many fruits.    Had I forsaken this gift and become a coward, silent and compliant with the ignorance of commonplace culture, I do not think I would be scripting a story of love and triumph for you now.

Dropped into the illusion of this next unfolding cycle, I can see a man forming who will not be invisible as he has been before your eyes.  The world will finally see HIM, and make room for him, in their calculations about the quantum probabilities of their futures.  So much magic is still left to be done between here and there!

And this is what I remain most grateful for…the TRUE MAGICK of this living language of Life!  It has given me the Love of Christ and EROS combined!  No asceticism for this kin of PAN…except when it comes to my continued reduction of all poisonous foods that would sabotage my quest for a healthy, erect living!

And this is my greatest prayer on my 45th Birthday…that my entire human family wake up to the idea that POISONING OUR FOOD SUPPLY is not normal or sane!  Can we look up in the sky now and admit someone is dicking with the weather?  Can we finally say GLUTEN INTOLERANCE is public-relations babble for GMO-TOXICITY?

And will a DEAD AMERICA have an NDE (Near-Death Experience), finally seeing the light of Truth around the lies of 9/11 and, upon waking and returning, cherish the breath of Freedom and make the drastic changes that need to made…peacefully…while there is yet still a window of time for such a miracle?

I hold out the invitation and the opportunity for this because that’s what happened to me.  I’m not gonna write about it this time.  I was inspired to finally stand up and tell the whole world about it, maybe in a way you haven’t heard before.

I sure would appreciate you giving it a watch and a listen.  If you have the hots for freedom and liberty like I do, you’ll help pass it on, too.

The Thunderbolts are flying…the pedophiles and nation-rapers still feel like they are winning…but it is fun to watch them shake in public like they are doing right now.

No shakin’ here… just playin’ without fear!

Book of Danu 352 : Happy Birthday!

Book of Danu : Poetograph 346…Pregnant Pause

Book of Danu : Poetograph 346...Pregnant Pause
This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.

Mooney stood on the outermost skirts of the Dale of Silvermoon, observing the contrast of the dry Iron Hills, sentry pawns to the ruling Queen of this land, Silver Mountain; she too laid bare and dry by the relentless sun.  Were it not also for the relentless wind, a balmy river of refreshing air infusing the landscape with a peaceful, dreamy feeling, the residents here might feel as wound up with anger and hatred as the rest of the country seems to be, but probably isn’t, too.  After all, if 25 years of U.S.-led genocide in the Middle East hasn’t provoked an outrage of murderous mass revolution in a country where the people are taught genocide isn’t okay, then nothing pretty much will.

“Nothing” of the modern variety, that is.

Patrick felt the WYRD vibe of the MOTHER CURRENT, or perhaps one of THE SISTERS was tussling the strings for the immediate future of humanity.  Beyond the drones that have become normalized as acceptable tools for the killing of civilians, ground controlled robots have recently entered the fray.  For those still aligning with the narratives of the mainstream, masonic establishment, it seemed that the prophecy outlined in the first volume of The Book of Danu was coming true even faster than the wizard realized when he penned it after his adventures in Ireland

But that also meant that the OTHER PROPHECY was coming true, too!!!

For in that volume a wondrous future for humanity was beheld in a moment as sacred and holy as recorded in any and all scripture of human and divine invention.  A JOYOUS, human-friendly, heart-centered world that did not swallow the bullshit lie of the phony war on terror would emerge by the power of CHOICE.  Driven by the sheer madness of the 9/11 lie, and the accelerated, genocidal devastation that has been wrought upon the world and it’s short term future, sentient Souls from all walks of life on this planet were stirred into activity like red ants defending a kicked anthill.

To the observing mind, the blaze of activity seems like random panic.  But PANic is not random even though it be irrational.  In the world of Natural Magic, logic is subservient to what is Invisible and ultimately unknowable.  Encountering such a Power of mighty force and intelligence, the child of the Earth learns that surrendering to this Power is the wisest and most logical of all the choices that can be made in our living existence.  It was prerequisite to being a wizard, in the very least.

It was when Mooney surrendered his willful fight against injustice, born from a very traumatized ego, and turned his magic over to the Power of Love, that the tide began to turn in the favor of Good, and the sprouts of abundance and justice could be seen wherever Patrick walked, like mushrooms of the most magic variety.

People everywhere KNOW now that “ISIS” is funded by the United States and Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel, not to mention the Toyota Automotive company.  They are waking up to the fact that Vladimir Putin, the supposed defender of the “free Christian world” is also a boogeyman for the New World Order, playing “good cop” to NATO’s “bad cop”.

Hitler’s daughter is caught in the middle of it all, and feeling the unpleasant squeeze of a Europe about to go pop!  It won’t be too long before the American citizenry, too,  finally sees clearly that their future has already been decided for them, and it isn’t pretty.

How many will choose a different path before it’s too late?  Taking counsel with His Guides, Patrick was shown the great promise of a long awaited for prayer, whose answer was now born and was, like a precious gift of living love, a pregnant pause away.  “Always, the nurturing Mother gives more than enough time to choose, and more than enough milk to sustain Her children towards the seemingly long journey to mature fulfillment,” the wizard pondered.

One particular guide, The Pookah, or, as has been written of before, the Native American Heyokah, has provided the most excellent service to the white wizard in this still unfolding year.  Sent by The Sidhe to Patrick because of it’s familiarity and friendliness with the Southwest climate and The Dwarves that work its Iron Hills and Silver Mountains, both Patrick and his Queen, Lady Zara, were led to a place that looked in many ways like a Southwest version of the Nuelandel lands in the colony of Virginia.

The land even had a property on it that looked like a miniature Monroe Institute!  Not coincidentally, the place was created for the purpose of uniting artists with consciousness exploration and a liberating, empowering spirituality.  All that was missing was the right people to occupy it.

“Take this land and property and steward it with your love.  What you gift to humanity from here will also be our joy to give, for you are the fulfillment of a dream we had in our hearts long ago, but our efforts were thwarted by dark, ancestral magic, which your two, pure hearts have driven away with compassion and understanding.”

Seamus, the Dwarf King of The Dale, and his consort Queen Devraselve, were united in their words, though the Queen spoke them with the warm heart and friendliness for which Dwarves are renown for in times of peace and plenty.  To have the hospitality of a Dwarf is to take the comfort found in Hobbit holes and have it exponentially magnified to that of the richest villa atop the most luxurious penthouse suite.

With little spared for their care and comfort, Patrick and Zara set to work anchoring this portion of the Rainbow Bridge that Heimdall had opened to them last October.  There would be three other points to anchor around the world, but that is the unfolding of a grander story that will be told with the expanding  power of the Decade of Love.

With fire and song, The Four Corners now vibrate a response to the Weaving Ones.

The Book of Danu Patrick Michael Mooney


An Open Letter to Tom Brady, Four Time Super Bowl Champion, NFL God still writing his own legend, and perhaps, the last, best chance for TRUE PEACE that Humanity has ever had.

Dear Tom Brady,
Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a Son of Pan, the oldest God of most Ancient Man and a friend to the Human Race. Despite the unfriendly propaganda leveled against Him for the past Aeon, I assure you that my Father still has a tremendous hard-on for the world, and so do I!
We’re not the only ones, though. I first heard Randy Newman say that particular phrase…in this life. You can hear it in his music; so proud and forceful and joyous!…like a very happy penis should be! My most favorite track of his is God’s Song, even moreso when I heard it sung live by the Broadway belle, Donna Lynne Champlin, many magical moons ago, right about the time you began emerging into our collective consciousness as a true legend in the making.
I’m not going to butter you up by regaling your incredible story of heroic accomplishments in one of the greatest games ever invented on this planet, which you helped to transcend into a global, cultural phenomenon, through the sheer excellence of your talent. There are plenty of quality sportswriters doing that. I write about the DIVINE things in life. And so I turn to you out of CONCERN, from one god to another.
I keep reading all of these stories on the internet about your deflated balls! If there’s any issue a kindred spawn of Pan can successfully heal, it would be those relating to a sad sack!-) That’s what you’ve looked like on TV lately, with all those cameras flashing, and the Twittles tweeting, and the endless sounds of questions and analysis being verbalized, broadcasted and transcribed into digital dittys for the NSA to peruse when it isn’t too busy watching porn, manipulating financial markets, or protecting peadophiles and mass murdering terrorists.
I know what you must be thinking. This doesn’t feel RIGHT to you. This is not the life you IMAGINED when you set it out in your mind to become the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL. You didn’t bust your cute ass ALL THIS TIME, to be treated like you are being treated now. All the INCREDIBLE moments of sheer athletic precision and competitive WILL that certainly echoes your idol, the also-immortal Joe Montana, and which left us equally breathless, are now taking a backstage because your followers have come to doubt you and the quality of your CHARACTER, like you are a mere “conjurer of cheap tricks”, as my good friend, Gandalf, likes to jibe.
This is the second time in your still-storeying career that you have come under scrutiny for CHEATING. What was it that George W. Bush once tried to say, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?” Some people just love to tear down the gods! You aren’t the first one this has happened to, and you won’t be the last. It’s part of the process of being immortal. 
And because you are immortal, you will eventually RESURRECT yourself, certainly on the field when you return after your four game vacation (err…suspension). Most of your loyal subjects love you for what you do THERE, between and across the lines of numbered white chalk; your role as Achilles, throwing deadly accurate spears for the dynastic war machine of Bill Belichick‘s calculating construction and filling the coffers of the kingdom of Kraft.
But what I’d like to do for you is to up the ante of the game a little bit here, and give you a genuine opportunity to take your story, your game, and this world to a “whole ‘nother level“, as the trite sports cliché goes.
I want to put you in the center stage of the greatest Sports and Spirituality spectacle since Pat Tillman‘s assassination by his own country and Cassius Clay‘s conversion to the immortal Muhammad Ali and his refusal to enter the draft and wasting his god given talents on the Vietnam War for the Bush family’s control of the opium trade. You deserve the magnitude of this honor, and here’s the part where you get to see why.
A long time ago, celebrated author Neale Donald Walsch, in one of his Conversations with God trilogy of books, presented an analogy of humanity being in trouble as the result of its current and past choices and that we were at a point well under the infamous “two minute warning”.  By the looks of things back then, and almost certainly right now, we are obviously losing the game. One of those famous miracle comebacks only sports can seem to produce is certainly required now. That got me thinking and visualizing and imagining this scenario:
Let’s say the deficit TEAM HUMANITY is facing is 11 points, and we need to score a touchdown, get the two point conversion after the touchdown, successfully perform and recover an onside kick, and manage to nail a 49 yard field goal because a penalty had pushed us back to the edge of our kicker’s best range…who’s moment of truth feels just like Scott Norwood‘s in Superbowl XXV… just to get the contest to overtime! You only have 1:06 seconds left on the game clock, no timeouts left, and are starting your drive on your own 9 yard line.
There’s a swirling wind due to HAARP weather modifications (perhaps influenced by high volume digital betting against humanity’s favored outcome). The crowd is a bit hostile because we’ve been playing well below our divine potential for quite some time now, and they also had to witness another hollow occult ritual/ halftime show celebrating the obnoxious glory of dubstep and NWO fascism, which added a disturbing kick to this year’s GMO laced beers. After all, we have not done anything politically significant in the name of freedom, justice and human happiness since JFK was sacrificed in Masonic fashion on the home turf of “America’s Team”.
The opposing defense is professional, fierce and intimidating, every face a “Mean Joe” Greene, a Dick Butkus, a Reggie White…a “LT” (no name required). Every move of theirs explodes with the controlled rage and fury of Mike Tyson before he met Buster Douglas. After every tackle you find yourself under a pile of Warren Sapps. Even the referees, supposedly human themselves, seem to have twitchy fingers and a phallic desire to blow on their whistles. Emotionally, this is Mel Gibson’s version of Braveheart and the battle of Stirling Bridge on human growth hormone (coincidentally also talking place on 9/11…1297).
So, here’s one of the greatest sports questions about football that a guy can come up with, and maybe one of the best philosophical debates since Aristotle began to distort the Logos into a perverted dualism and discard the wisdom of great men like Empedocles:
With humanity facing almost total certain defeat, and by “defeat” I mean
a loss of freedom with an increasingly brutal and harsh form of totalitarian control over nearly every important choice of your life and livelihood for as long as your are usefully functional to your ruling oligarchs,
which quarterback in NFL history would you want to lead the greatest, most thrilling comeback of all time?
And by comeback, I really want to emphasize the joy of the best orgasmic explosion and release you could ever feel in your aroused bodies, vibrating your beautiful forms and souls into a blissful, joyful and forgiving appreciation for all of life.
I can’t wait to hear the answers that are to come. To get the debate rolling, I’ll offer you my thoughts on this very important question, and why I want Tom Brady to be that guy.
I have to begin by acknowledging that there were some other very worthy candidates for the position, beginning with Tom Brady’s childhood idol, Joe Montana. Perfect in all four of the Superbowls he played in, Joe Montana was cool under pressure and surprisingly resilient for his very small frame. But he had Jerry Rice to throw to. Tom Brady has made his fortune and fame in a very workmanlike fashion, without dominant runners or long-lasting deep threats like Randy Moss. It seems almost every win of importance by his teams comes down solely to what Tom Brady does. Were it not for the WYRD Sisters dishing Tom a little humble pie in the form of Eli Manning every few years, Tom would be the undisputed winner of this question.
But I did think of Eli, too. Certainly not his brother, Peyton Manning, whom I love with great appreciation, but can’t overlook the marks against him in big games, many of them against Tom himself. Eli might have gotten the nod if I needed just one pass to throw, at the last second, and there was a group of friendly refs who won’t call holding penalties and my receivers had magnets in their helmets. But that isn’t this scenario.
Seeing the way through this comeback will require sustained, focused and driven determination, something Tom Brady has demonstrated time and again, even after a horrific leg injury knocked him out for a year during the prime of his career and everyone began writing his professional obituary.
Russell Wilson crossed my mind. Man is he something to watch. But I can’t call him a quarterback yet. He’s more than that, but what? Time will tell…if we make it. If he audibled out of his Seahawk’s last play call of Superbowl XLIX and handed off to Marshawn Lynch, or sneaked it in himself, he may very well have gotten the nod.
Big Ben” Roethlisberger is a close call for me, too, after all, we are going up against really big competition and I love the way he moves through it all, like an ancient Celtic Giant dominating a very rough game of hurling. His pass to Santonio Holmes in Superbowl XLIII was pure magic, as has been most of his career. Even though better days are still ahead for him, he has dimmed at times and is still measured against Brady, not the other way around, at least for now.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to go through every quarterback I can remember and evaluate their worthiness for this almost impossible endeavor. But there a few more thoughts.
You know I would be remiss if I didn’t consider Tim Tebow for this apocalyptic football scenario, but he is still in the process of going through his own resurrection right now. I give him credit for his unabashed love of the divine, which is truly a necessary component in any winning outcome, but we’ve got to be willing to see how our religions continue to divide our human family instead of bringing us together. I’ll have you somewhere on the bench, Tim, just for the sheer power of your guts.
I didn’t forget Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman or John Elway, perhaps the greatest comeback quarterback of the entire lot. Nor would it be fair to discount the great Warren Moon or Steve Young. But despite the obvious celestial echelon of these and other legends not mentioned, going back to Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, the eloquent Joe Theisman and the entertaining Fran Tarkenton, I have to consider one very important factor that excludes you all.
My son has never seen you play.
As much as I can talk and sing of all of your glories, Tom Brady is the one he has chosen to cheer for as he happily serves pizza at our local restaurant during football seasons. That the owner of the Pizzeria is from New England and a devoted fan of the Patriots surely has had some influence on his decision, but it really is a choice I can’t argue with. Tom Brady has been a picture of quarterback excellence for more than a decade and is certainly a worthy role model to emulate and cheer for.
But there’s that character question again. No doubt, all the other names have character flaws, too. We are human. It is the battle of good and evil within our own hearts that push and pull us to root for our heroes and the way they overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. We all wish that for ourselves and we celebrate it when we see YOU do it, because it means some kind of victory is possible for ourselves in this very challenging life, too, if only we will believe in ourselves and work hard for the results we desire.
So, what’s the first play call of this comeback that I need Tom Brady to execute with the precision of a professional at the top of his game? What strategy am I asking of the man whom life on this Earth has blessed with an opportunity for glory that will even outshine his indisputably brilliant pro football career, and outrageously successful private life?
I need you, Tom Brady, of San Mateo, California, drafted in the sixth round out of Michigan and who has become the undisputed leader of a team called The New England Patriots to fire another shot heard round the world!!!
Over the past five months, there has been a completely ridiculous amount of attention given to the scandal encircling you now called “Deflategate”.
I think it would be extremely helpful to our human family at this moment in time if you would use the platform afforded to you by your success to tweet a simple and loving message to all of humanity. Something like this:
“I sure wish people would spend as much time investigating the terror attacks of 9/11/01 as they did wondering whether I played with my balls the wrong way! Let’s grow up, everyone! Our future and the future of this planet can’t go forward until we find out what really happened on that day. I can’t pretend my country’s open participation in genocide is less important than my career anymore. God Bless you All!”
You do that, Tom, and I promise you that your time on Earth will lead to an eternal road of glories that make all of your Superbowl victories and MVP awards seem like forgotten toys from your early childhood.
Do you have enough love and respect for all the patriotism that stands behind your game, and all the hard working people who are telling their sons to grow up and be just like you, or in the very least are holding you up as a worthy figure of admiration?
I believe in you, Tom Brady. You even have a purely American sounding name. You represent, in your singular person, the very look and feel of the American Dream. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t respect the best of what America has to offer these days. Nor should they. We’ve been taking a belligerent dump on this world for well over the course of our entire history, for sure within most of the 20th century, and obviously so over the course of your professional career, falling far short of the freedom we keep saying we are all about…or the 1% that keep advertising to us that we are all about.
I don’t believe you are just a flashy smile and good looks and no character. I saw the way you held yourself together during the last Superbowl, wondering if the WYRD sisters were going to weave you out of your long-sought achievement still one more time, yet again in dagger like fashion, with a circus catch from Jermaine Kearse echoing the Mickey Mouse magic of Brandon Tyree and Mario Manningham.
But the angel Malcolm Butler came to your rescue, just the way other angels are now pouring out of the woodwork to help humanity in this most dire time of need. You would certainly be risking everything in your decision to help humanity in the way I’m proposing, but please consider that over two million people in IRAQ, and many tens of thousands more in Gaza, the Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere are drowning in the blood caused by American bullets, aided largely by the propaganda of US government lies surrounding the events of 9/11.
Like the Holocaust and Global Warming, certain topics of worthy investigation are being continually shut down by the mainstream media in an attempt to install a technocratic fascism over the very people who love you and made you what you are today. I have a problem with that. I hope you do, too.
What would be the end result of such a terrific tweet from you, Tom Brady? I believe it would be peace. America still has within its soul the power to end our conquest for empire with very PEACEFUL and LAWFUL means. But if our freedoms of speech, assembly, due process, and other divinely appointed treasures are not protected, especially by those who benefit most from them, what course would a man have but to engage his oppressors with all the natural force that the Goddess imbues us with?
That’s a situation that sounds a lot like Ragnarok to me, the ultimate and bloody worldwide battle of good and evil. So if you decide to pass on this incredible offer to raise your game to the highest stakes for life on Earth, and the very freedom that created it all in the first place, then I have nothing left to do but to offer your exalted position to the man who I know can lead humanity through an all out brawl like that.
Terry Bradshaw, get loose!”
Patrick Michael Mooney
Human Ambassador to the Sidhe


POST SCRIPT (added 4/19/17)

It was entertaining to see some of the highlights from Super Bowl 51, where Tom Brady allegedly achieved his dream of becoming the G.O.A.T. at the quarterback position in professional football.

I say allegedly because to anyone who was awake and watching the circumstances of that game, it was clearly a case of FRAUD.

With an incredible, improbable, and stunning Julio Jones catch near the 20 yard sideline in the closing minutes of the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons had CLINCHED a super bowl victory.  All they had to do was run out the clock, forcing New England to burn all of its remaining time outs, and then kick a field goal to go up on New England by 11 points.

Even if they had missed the field goal attempt, Brady would have had to lead his team down a shortened field for a touchdown and 2 point conversion with very little time left on the clock.

Instead, Kyle Shanahan, Atlanta’s offensive coordinator at the time, and league MVP Matt Ryan, Atlanta’s quarterback, ran three plays that took very little time off the clock and resulted in Atlanta loosing yards and having to punt the ball away, giving Tom Brady plenty of time to engineer his fixed comeback.

This scenario was the equivalent of of a chess player refusing to declare checkmate when  clearly the game has been won.  The Atlanta Falcons violated the most fundamental play calling rules of football that even a young child would understand, all so that the globalists could have their ballboy become a phony legend, so he can serve the establishment all the better when his playing days are over.

The questions about Tom Brady’s character have been answered for me for all-time.  However great his skills, numbers and accomplishments, he stands up there now like a professional wrestler and not a professional athlete.  He didn’t write his own legend, it’s been scripted for him like a Vince McMahon spectacle.  As time goes on, it will only appear more phony and hollow.

Just like the rest of America these days.