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A Magician, A Shaman and A Gardener Conspire to Break Up Donald Trump’s New World Order

On the Shores of The River of Lost Souls, New Mexico Colony – What do you get when you put a Magician, A Shaman and a Gardener together in one of the Four Corner’s Land of Enchantment?

WYRD TV™! That’s What!

This fourth episode in exploring the Invisible Nature of Reality from open, lighthearted and practical points of view features the debut of LIVING THE MAGICKAL LIFE with ALANA & ARTHUR.

During the show’s opening segment, Alana Blusol and Arthur Patrick Danu explore the magickal aspects of their recent name changes from Oksana Zielinski and Patrick Michael Mooney.

In the show’s second half, Patrick interviews gardener Judy Siekerk, who has been creating an artful, fun and lively garden for nearly a quarter of a century. Together, they explore the lessons of magic in ordinary, everyday life.

During the interview, Judy and Patrick performed a spell to reverse the New World Order that Donald Trump cast into existence during his trip to Israeli-controlled Saudi Arabia.

You can see it all in the episode below:

One of the immediate effects of the spell was realized only a few days later, when , during the heliacal rising of Sirius, out of the womb of The Great Mother came this latest manifestation to support humanity’s wishes for a Human-Friendly Future:

As the mainstream media continues to lose the script of an already failed plot, it will only be  a matter of time before the structures we have all relied on for living give way to either more positive or more negative systems of organization.

ALANA & ARTHUR.COM stands ready to serve and empower those in communities all around the world who seek to nurture a way forward into the future that empowers our ancient memories of Eden or a Golden Age.

There was a time when magick walked the Earth and it was not feared, but welcomed.  The accomplishments of those societies are only now being close to matched by our present age.  There is now a call and an opportunity to bring our own worlds into BALANCE.

The successful result of such work is JOY. Timeless, Unreasonable JOY.   Out of the balance of the holy three-way love between Man, Woman and Sidhe, comes the multitudinous , orgasmic explosion of THE MANY.  It impregnates us with the mystery of THE ONE.

And this divine riddle can only be solved with THE HEART.


Unlearning 1.0 (UN-Paralleled Lunacy!) Happy 14th Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary to Unlearning.org!  14 years ago today, I published my first essay to the digital, online universe.  The world has not come a long way in that time, but I sure have!  The retrospective piece I have in line with this singular, artful anniversary focuses on the lunacy orchestrated by the powers behind The United Nations, whose chief aim is to dismantle its purposely flawed structure in favor of the crowning achievement of their New World Order.

Back then, in 2003, the globalist manipulators were not in striking distance of their stated goals, even though their plans had become well known on the internet by then.  Today, not only are the architects of fascism in striking distance of their ultimate victory, but most of the world seems to be happily aiding and abetting the construction of a worldwide, global tyranny.

I must confess that this is the biggest surprise of my entire life!

To many, it would be a heart-breaking surprise…like learning that a beloved friend had suddenly passed tragically, or yet another of your favorite Game of Thrones character met death in a most unsatisfying way.

I admit to almost being felled by such a stroke myself, back in 2013, when a jury of my peers turned their backs to me and walked out of the courtroom when presented with clear evidence of a controlled demolition at the World Trade Center complex on 9/11/01.

This was in the backyard of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, by the way, close to his legacy University that harbors the traitor who wrote The 9/11 Commission Report, Mr. Zelikow.

I had to go through a lot of spiritual contortions, transformations, exhortations and sexy undulations to finally recover from the shock of the betrayal I felt toward my human family, especially the freedom loving fascists of North America.

During that time, the palpable presence of The Invisible came to me like medics and friends and helpers and companions that I had longed to know and experience in this physical world of mortal flesh.  In many ways, I was experiencing the lavish, abundant, healing love of my Mother-Father, especially in the form of their ever-guiding Sisters Three, who have weaved, and continue to weave, for me, the richest life beyond all imagination.

My fortune has been based on one thing only…my unyielding love for Truth.  The Gods, instead of tormenting me through the terrors of this world, polish me instead. I have made mistakes in judgment and errors in calculation on this divinely co-created journey, yet I was still delivered to enlightenment and the visions that all prophets know in their highest glories.  I have been found worthy, after first counting myself as such, and all abundant blessing has come to me as a result.

It has been my aim and my joy to want to steward and share this abundance with those who are less fortunate than myself.

But then I was taught that no such BEING truly exists!

Each of us is born with an inner chamber, a secret cache of resources that is uniquely and exquisitely designed to perfect the joy in each individual’s life path.

I can’t speak as to what will make YOU want to unlock that treasure trove inside of you.  For some, it is simply a matter of time.  For others, it will be a matter of choice.   All I know is that when you open it…if it truly is the real thing inside of you, and not the false ambition planted there by hidden agendas or perverted programming…then you will UNLEASH IT.

In that moment, the fabled Kingdom of Heaven is yours forever!

 Enjoy! Do not let the suffering of others pull you down.  That is their joy… by choice!

As I  now enter the fifth year of my Decade of Love musical campaign, my LOVE for life, even in the unfolding, laughable madness of a human world on the brink of World War III (at the most) and the implosion of the former USA (at the least), I am completely absolved as to the worries of this world.

Never has it been more clear that YOU are choosing LIFE just as much as I am.  You are responsible for your own joy, whether you accept that or not.  That most people choose to reject this most obvious and empowering truth has karmic consequences for each of us and the collective.

I make my choices for a joyful, human-friendly future! I know many more of you are now willing to do the same. Hopefully, I’ll meet a few of you along the way on this beautiful journey I am traveling.   If not, my joy will suffer no diminishment.

Praise BE for what will BE!

When I wrote the essay below, Cuba was still Communist and the borders between our two countries were controlled tightly.  Now, Cuba is opening itself to exploitation from the capitalist side of life again, and there are already signs of that malignancy festering on the Cuban psyche and on the island.  Despite all this, love is still possible there and everywhere!

China has used much of the early 21st century to adequately demonstrate that it can’t make anything properly.  That might play into the USA’s hands when it comes to a possible war breaking out, because maybe a lot of their nukes will turn out to be duds!

But it only takes one to give humanity a terrible black eye.  If we’re not smart enough to pull us back from this manufactured, theatrical brink of Armageddon and into a future that does not have self-inflicted suicide as an ever-present defense strategy, then we simply will allow another round of human life and “civilization” to expire without the collective fulfillment of God’s eternal promise.

No Biggie…we’re all eternal beings.  Nature always promises and provides a fresh start…even to the best worlds!

There’s a beautiful way to a global society where human freedom is deeply rooted everywhere.  It’s not through the United Nations, and it’s not through their engineered steps to a New World Order.

The way is within, for you to see it.  It’s a centralized plan acted out in a decentralized way.  It uses Love for inspiration and synchronous linking of timely projects, woven by sets of hands more delicate than the finest painter or surgeon and fulfilled in its destiny with the most satisfying ardor.

What more enchanting choice lies before you?

UN-Paralleled Lunacy!
United Nations and United States Both Exposed as Frauds

(11-5-03) – By a vote of 179-3, the United Nations this week reiterated its call for the United States to remove its embargo on impoverished Cuba. The vote revealed the largest majority yet on this issue. Even though the vote has no binding power on the United States, it clearly illustrates once again that the US is as much a rogue state as any that it names on its war against terrorism. It also demonstrates that the United Nations is nothing but a dog and pony show, giving the people of the world another spectacle which distracts them from the truth that no government truly represents their interests.

Policy officials in the US will argue that the embargo against Cuba is necessary because it is still a communist country. Its close geographical proximity to the southeastern seaboard also makes the nation a legitimate threat to US security. Lost in the gobbledygook of this sophomoric political reasoning is the fact that Castro’s Cuba is even less of a threat to the US than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was. The island nation has long been impoverished under communist rule.

The blatant hypocrisy of US policy surely must be seen in relation to its dealings with still communist China. Long recognized as a serious violator of human rights, China was welcomed as a most favored nation trading partner in the confusing months following the September 11th attacks. China is also at odds with its rebellious colony, Taiwan, a powder keg waiting to explode for some decades now. The US has a long standing agreement to defend Taiwan from Chinese aggressions, which has been a sticking point in Sino-US relations. If any communist nation is a true threat to US interests, it is China and not Cuba.

The lesson for unlearners to see in this particular aspect of the drama is that US interests, or any other national interest for that matter, is merely a smokescreen used to disguise corporate and financial interests. China, with its enormous population of several billion, is the grand prize of future capitalist conquest. Not only can its workers be exploited to work for less than slave wages, the totalitarian government in China can imprison dissenters without challenge and without notice. In other words, communist China is a capitalist’s wet dream.

The second lesson waiting to be understood is how the apparent powerlessness of the UN will be used to signal its death and call for its replacement. Twice this year the United States has thumbed its nose at this representative world forum. First, it acted unilaterally in invading Iraq after Colin Powell’s plagiarized and falsified testimony of Iraq’s WMD stockpile and program. Now it continues to laugh at the UN as the Cuban people continue to suffer under the weight of heavy sanctions, which Cuba’s foreign minister has labeled as genocide. The UN’s recent endorsement of the Iraq invasion further implicates it in its spinelessness and in the scam against humanity.

Those who are now marching for peace around the world are wasting their time by appealing to the United Nations. Its voting structure is undemocratic as any of the five bully nations on the Security Council can veto the largest majority. It is clear to see why the US and other nuclear nations are concerned with nuclear proliferation. Besides being a threat to world “peace”, any new nuclear power is a threat to the control paradigm which now rules the planet. Until the power structure of the UN recognizes the equality of all member states, nuclear or not, it will continue to stink of the corporate elitist dung it was built upon.

Another world storm is indeed brewing and the UN is powerless to stop it. True champions for peace will prepare themselves for the coming changes by not being manipulated when the engineered instability of global chaos emerges. No longer ruled by the fear which government and media controllers manufacture, enlightened humans will be able to use the chaos to craft a world of simpler and humbler principles.

One may wish that the impending destruction could be avoided but we have slept too long for that to be a possibility. We have failed to remove the covers of nationality, economy, religion and history that have warmed our uneasy dreamtime. Throw them off now we must if we are to gain our clear heads and chart a new day. While United States and United Nations may parade around like self-important peacocks on the global stage, History will one day write that United Spirits suddenly emerged and took control of the roost. The peacocks were chickens after all.



The Unlearning Channel is proud to present, for the first time on its own media platform, the internet story of the millennium that too many alternative news networks have been afraid to report on these past four and a half years.  Like the other breaking news stories covered by the stalwartly intrepid IOU, the netcast™, RAPTURE CANCELLED has faced a wall of media censorship, not unlike the blue wall of silence often found in corrupt police departments all across this friendly globe of ours.  Is there any other kind of police department these days, in the land that ignores the truth about 9/11 and its continuing genocide so freely and gleefully?

In honor of this year’s Solstice, we can think of no better time to introduce a message of such earthly and immortal importance.

In 2001, Patrick Michael Mooney, still a devout Catholic and working in the field of secondary education, smelled bullshit around the former United States Government’s official story about the terrorist events of 9/11/2001.

“There’s no way the Patriot Act could have been written in response to 9/11 if it had been an authentic response to the events of that day. It would have taken at least a year to write a law like that, if it had been an authentic response to a surprise event, because at the time the law was introduced, a crime scene investigation hadn’t even been carried out, yet we were all hot and bothered to start orgasming bombs all over the Middle East and getting our hands on premium Afghan opium. Larry Silverstein admitted a controlled demolition of Building 7 on national television, yet he was never brought in for questioning by the authorities, who were already committed to sell the world the age-old story of white aggression, “Look! The DARKIES DID IT!”

Thoughts like these raced through Mooney’s mind.  He felt the RESPONSIBILITY to see this event accurately. His students would be asked to FIGHT and DIE in a conflict that could be much worse than Vietnam (and is now looking potentially much worse than WW II). Were there other potential ways of seeing this event more honestly and turning it into something POSITIVE for the futures of his students and his world?  Mooney then decided that this would be the mission of his Soul.

Meanwhile, the war against the “sand niggers”, as racist and murderous US soldiers call the religiously and socially oppressed of The Middle East, began.  A devilish fifteen years later, the continuing and escalating carnage is normalized, like a sad and boring Reality TV show.  And everyone is looking the other way like none of this is going on, even with thousands of our servicemen committing suicide each year because they are so ashamed inside of their souls at what YOU are asking them to do for this rotted husk of what used to be a country. Think on that as your military jets fly over your stadiums and joyless holiday gatherings this year.

We like to jump right into the DARK SIDE of things pretty quickly, don’t we?  Well, just relax and hang on a second, because at the bottom of every dark pool, in the center of every swirling dark patch of the Yin-Yang, is the brightest, most singular light in the universe. It is a wormhole to the brighter side of living where GLORY is EVERYWHERE, and therefore, it is to be found NOWHERE in particular.

This is the wavy, wondrous side of life where everything is so GOOD for you that there is hardly a YOU to care at all.  It is a magnificent place where all your needs are taken care of, and there is plenty of everything for everyone, so there is very little competition for anything, except for events that create even more joy for the participants and the communities that occasionally come together to enjoy them.

This is the briefest of descriptions of what The Kingdom of Heaven is truly like; a mustard seed of prose that will unfurl into a blossoming beauty within your Soul, if you will give the thought your time, consideration and loving attention.

This was the course of action followed by Mr. Mooney, when he left his teaching position so as to not compromise his Soul’s integrity. He prayed to Jesus, his model and mentor for a wonderful human life, devoutly, one final time, before his life was changed forever, and the course of humanity, therefore, forever altered, too.

“Dear Jesus, I want you to tell me who the fuck you are! Please! Man to Man, Son of God to Son of God, Brother to Brother, Friend to Friend. Whatever the TRUTH is, I can take it!”

Like an actor pulling off a disguise after a performance, Jesus lovingly disappeared before Patrick’s eyes, and before him stood all the PAGAN representations of the SAME STORY.  These stories existed THOUSANDS of years before the supposed birth of any singular, “only-begotten” SAVIOR, as did the claim to there being MANY SONS of God.

Mooney had to accept the fact that his religious faith was not unique, that its claims to authenticity were mere fraud, enforced more by point of the sword and the soul-crushing power of human law than by the light of divine reason in Man.

It was then that Patrick heard the thunder in his heart roar loudly, and MIGHTY THOR’s voice echoed in his Soul.  From that point on, He consciously embraced the journey to his own immortality and became a Christ in his own deliciously sexy and unique fashion. It took just over a decade for him to do it, and for anyone who is interested in seeing what that kind of life is like, there are many examples, clues, and markers all over the place; left behind by members of The Invisible College to steward the courageous to their own divine memory and mortal destiny. This is ultimately the recognition of one’s presence in The Kingdom of Heaven.

In 2011, Mooney commemorated this important turning point in his Soul’s evolution with the debut of RAPTURE CANCELLED, a unique and enlightening interview with Jesus H. Christ, recorded somewhere in astral realms of what Robert Monroe used to called “The Interstate”. It’s a place where all kinds of useless and useful thoughtforms and Intelligences abound, created from patterns of human living, memory and other forces not yet fully understood by the mortal creature.

Whether this netcast™ is useless or useful to your own life’s journey will depend upon what you are looking for!

Since the netcast™ first appeared on the internet, it has enjoyed thousands of views.  How many, exactly, is hard to tell, because Google and YouTube have been purposefully rolling back the hit counts reported on their sites, as a psychological tactic to make viewpoints such as ours seem unpopular and on the fringe of reality, as well as to discourage the efforts of truth tellers everywhere.

Such a tactic alone already proves and attests to the power of the information available here. Discovering your own divinity is the greatest fear your controllers have, which is why they feel the need to constantly surveil you; in order to steer you away from the very happiness you are looking for. They hope you will give up the search and join the rest of the teeming masses that have given their Souls over to The Machine.

Viewers have often written in, wondering what the “H.” in Jesus’ middle moniker stands for.  There can only be two possible meanings, and scholars are hotly debating it right now in the halls of universities where the Dead Sea Scrolls are poured over like your favorite porn site.

The first is “Harvey“, a name traditionally associated with a powerful Irish spirit known as The Pookah, and is often seen as a giant WHITE RABBIT, which often leads a serious person to ENLIGHTENMENT, but through very strange, confounding and ultimately HUMOROUS ways.  Native American traditions translate “Harvey” into “Heyokah” and sees him as a COYOTE.  Modern humans associate the H with “Hookah“, as getting stoned is a really cool way to connect with Jesus.

The other school of scholarly research suggests the H stands for “Helios“, as the story of Christ is merely an analogous way of teaching the behavior of The Sun to the ignorant.  After all, the sun is seen every day to walk on water, constantly raises the dead to life each and every year, and brings wealth and prosperity to all, especially to those who hate “him” most.  It travels through twelve or thirteen signs of the zodiac each year, like the number of Apostles who followed Christ.  Also, like God, none may live without it.  And the Sun does not require your belief in it to do its work.

According to the IOU, both schools of interpretation are correct. Christ is indeed a fantasy, whether it is a good or harmful one is left up to your discretion.  God is also present in the Sun and it is appropriate for humans to see a divine presence in that too, as well as on this beautiful Earth, our friendly neighbor The Moon, all of our benevolent or wayward neighboring Planets, and our distant relations among all the Stars.  We must never forget, no matter how wonderfully real the MATERIAL WORLD appears to be, that there is an undefined space left for something called THE IMAGINATION.

Christ is ultimately a story in our collective imagination about FREEDOM.  Why do we remain constantly tied to interpretations of this perennial mythology that lead us to suffering, war and death in the most horrible of ways?  Why not really see and experience for yourself the Good News that those stories most certainly do contain?

Do you feel worthy enough to receive such good news in this lifetime?

The forces that oppose your freedom are what the world calls EVIL or SATANIC.  Its purpose is to distort everything in creation until you are so INTERNALLY SURE OF YOURSELF that none of its lies can degrade your Being.  Like a lotus, you rise out of the muck YOU PLANTED YOURSELF IN.


As the sun begins to rise on a new year for you, may it also mark the dawning of a NEW LIGHT for MANKIND.  The internet has helped mankind discover a lot of ANCIENT wisdom. Will we have the modern common sense to use it?

As a White Wizard in the service of The Sidhe, it is our pleasure to present to you, on its proper stage, the internet story the entire world has been waiting thousands of years for.  But like Christ taught, only those with ears to hear will understand what is being said.  For the rest, the laugh is on me or you!  As long as we’re LAUGHING, that’s a great step in the RIGHT direction for humanity!



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Patrick Michael Mooney – Eye Without a Face (Billy Idol)

Dale of Silvermoon, CO colony –  Durango artist and Human Ambassador to The Sidhe, Patrick Michael Mooney, issued a formal statement of “congratulations” to The Illuminati on the occasion of their successful conquest of planet Earth, with a remastered spell from his Decade of Love (2012-2022); a uniquely whimsical look at the phony war on terror in this raunchy karaoke cover of Billy Idol’s Eye Without a Face.

“After Aeons of skulking around under the cover of secrecy, blackmail, and government-sponsored murder, it is quite apparent by the conditions of things now out in the open on this planet that the implementers of the New World Order have succeeded in achieving their long-standing goal of a global society controlled by the hands of an elite few.

Furthermore, they did it without a shred of any kind of democratic practice, but rather achieved what many considered to be impossible through centuries of dedicated practices in pedophilia and black magic, unswervingly serving the royal aristocracies, demented themselves by swimming in centuries of retarded blue blood.

Even with people wide awake today to the fact that 9/11/01 was an inside job, aided and abetted by the Israeli Mossad and the criminal financial networks centered in Switzerland, many refuse to take course-corrective actions that would return the planet to a path of peace and prosperity.  The REAL death toll created by mercenary armies of the former United States Government in and around The Middle East is now approaching the levels of phony Holohoax numbers, and there is barely a peep on the sheeples’ mouths, or the fluttering fart of a thought about it.

How such a state can be orchestrated in what is apparently an information age is even more remarkable, for one would think that the prosperity, abundance and happiness that only the TRUTH can provide would be an incredibly superior and seductive alternative to the achievements so proudly boasted of an on display by the so-called illuminated masters of our race.

The brilliance of their designs are everywhere!  Racially segregated cities and countries, where the darker populations are pushed into criminal classes rife with poverty and disease!  Classes of white people, circumcised, vaccinated and fluoridated into brutal, servile stupidity to televisions, touch screens and any other voice of authority besides their own.  Women everywhere unconsciously bringing babies into these conditions; to be preyed on time and again by vampires in white coats, official badges and religious frocks.  One potentially golden moment of living after another traded away for a piece of paper or a few more hours of mindless entertainment.  So many fruitless choices to make in the brilliant gardens of Kubla Khan!”

Mooney’s karaoke cover of Billy Idol’s Eyes Without a Face was recorded and produced in 2013, when Patrick first appeared on The Muppet Show, achieving a life-long dream in one of the least watched episodes of all time.  “Fozzy the Bear had gotten sick because he was stupid enough to get one of those free flue shots they offer in the local pharmacies.  Thank Goddess he didn’t die, but he was down for the count and Kermit had no one available to cover his slot on the show.  It was then that I seized the opportunity and pitched my concept of A Decade of Love to him.  He looked at me kind of sideways, but agreed to give me a shot, if only because he doesn’t like his swamps being polluted by chemtrails, corexit, and Congress,” Mooney recalls.

Despite the low ratings, Patrick was pleased with his performance.  He’s happy to point out that Statler and Waldorf, the two judges who lord over The Muppet Show from their balcony on high, gave him their nods of approval, a feat that Fozzy, even in his vaccine-weakened state, could not elicit from his televised tormentors.  “I wish they would vaccinate the internet with Mooney’s video!” Waldorf shouted.  Statler roared in agreement, “Yeah, then maybe this New World Order would get the flu, and drop dead!”

Eye Without a Face also marks a unique turn in the evolution of music history, for it is the first time ever that a karaoke cover artist broke through into the mainstream on a stage as big as The Muppet Show.  “To share a stage that so many talented artists have graced through the years is, once again, an accomplishment that was not in my mind when I began the Decade of Love.  I simply wanted the world to stop killing each other, to start smoking and ingesting more plant medicines, and to create a system of finance where money is a public utility and not a private commodity.  Anything that comes on the way to that is just gravy, however tasty and delicious it is,” lauds Patrick.

However many more wonderful musical accolades are in Mooney’s future, he reminds himself to stay humble and that each performance is a prayer as well as a magical, sacred, spiritual duty.  “Cliff High from Half-Past-Human fame inspired my idea for this video after I listened to one of his predictive linguistic computer models mention that a pile of shit could be used to summon a black hole from Sirius that would suck The Illuminati through a wormhole back to Niburu, where they would all be processed through special education classes for retarded immortals, “Mooney recounts.

“The celestial program is called No God Left Behind, where at-risk deities; those who fail to demonstrate the competent stewarding and administration of life-bearing planets in the Galaxy, are made to endure the lessons of their doings and undoings as mortal subjects with complete ability to feel everything until childish and immoral behavior is remanded to the power of self-control.

After all, every god and goddess worth praying to knows that the greatest of all treasures to be had within the mortal life, as well as the immortal one, too; is to love, allow and commune with the many waves of weavings wound through all existence by the Sisters of WYRD, themselves the most artful, all-knowing and wisest allies of the One SHIMSELF.

By flattery and the power of our all-encompassing illusion, the surface reality will come to eventually reflect all the DREAMS that you INSCRIBE into it.  Such is the WILL of LOVE that spins on the WHEEL of BALANCE!

So be not fraught at what these New World Gangsters created!  In their doing so, you can see how to UNMAKE IT.  In this way, they have been your teachers.  I certainly recognize them as mine, and thank them for their tutelage!

It is with great love and joy in my heart that I share the highest aspirations of my Soul with my ever-loving, friendly human family!”

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Magic, Manifestation & The Income Tax…A Lesson in Human Power (10th Anniversary Re-broadcast)

Dale of Silvermoon, Colorado Colony – The year 2005 was a very important one to me. I was almost four years into a great battle for human freedom, which began as soon as I awoke to the former US Government’s lies about the events of September 11th, 2001. I had fled from the areas hemorrhaged by those attacks, as well as all the people in my life who still gave credence to the propaganda myth that was now openly enabling genocide, both at home and abroad.

I had managed to recreate my life in the colony of Virginia to a more joyous version than the one which had been discontented, but asleep to the causes of that discontent. Once I had become awake, I continued to gather information about the nature of NATURE, which is really an outward way of saying that I was on a monomaniacal journey into understanding the divine mystery of ME.

In order to ascend to the magical, conceptual, erotic, and mystifying heights that I have now so far achieved in this life, I was required to engage in a love affair with Death Herself. This was no morbid display of life, like the sad-looking Goths some of the younger generations employ, nor was it a banal love for what was dark and ugly, like the obsessive fascination with vampires and zombies still surprisingly in vogue. I did not engage in any rituals of witchcraft or black magic. I simply welcomed Death into my awareness of living, for so many of my beloved human family had already entered the world of Shades. Who was I to think this could not happen to me, at any moment, ESPECIALLY IN THESE TREACHEROUS TIMES?

Death became my greatest lover, fucking and sucking me and bending me in all kinds of kinky ways until I finally grasped and remembered my own immortality and trisexuality in this life. The journey was every bit as orgasmic as it sounds, moreso even, for words can’t ever translate the taste of my cock or the wetness of my lover’s pussy, nor quench your thirst like the waters of Her Holy Grail can.

But back in 2005, I was only beginning to understand the way that was unfolding. I had not yet tasted the Grail. I could still be lied to and was becoming aware of my own ability to lie to myself. Still, in a world of the blind and fearful, even foggy vision is much better than where I had been. What saved me and held me during those days, and every day really, is the fact that my heart in this life is truly innocent, meaning that it’s chief pursuit is always after the Divine. Despite my own shortcomings, I had to continue to proceed forward so that I might share what I was discovering for the benefit of my human family, especially those in my beloved America.

Back then, I believed that most Americans, if they knew the TRUTH about the way the federal and state governments purposefully misrepresent the income tax to them, would then quickly correct that error, to their great financial and social benefit, and therefore also remedy the problems of despotic fascism that were then emerging everywhere.

In July, I returned to New Jersey, once again donning the persona of a teacher and giving one of the finest lectures of my life. There, I shared everything that I had learned about the manipulations that create the illusion of the modern world, and how to break free of them. I invited many on this joyous path, but found few willing to engage me or the material seriously. The amount of fear that surrounds the topics that I bring forward for attention is truly powerful.

You will most likely have to get used to that sense of rejection from others if you are going to make it to the worlds I am walking in now. In truth, the pain never really goes away, like Frodo’s lost finger or the wound still felt in his heart by the rending of a Morgul blade. It is my love for humanity that makes it so. This feeling is more bittersweet than tragic as my years go on, for I know what I am experiencing is ultimately in store for all of you, whether it is in this lifetime or not.

What my efforts eventually encountered, unfortunately, in the years to follow, was the death of The United States of America in early 2013, a befitting 100th anniversary present to the international financiers and crown aristocracies who plotted the USA’s demise magically longer ago than that, but whose mortal wound was certainly inflicted back in 1913, when the Yewish Druids legitimized usury to the detriment of freedom once again with the inception of The Third Bank of the United States, aka The Federal Reserve.

You see, if America is truly a Republic, she needs people to actually know what that is and how that operates, if she is to remain free in more than just name only. But the USA is shockingly ignorant as a people, especially in regards to their own history, rights and laws. No matter how well one can legally or morally argue a valid and defensible point of view, what good can it do in front of a corrupt judge or a jury dumbed into ignorance and submission by fear and television?

So why announce a re-broadcast of what was ultimately a failed political attempt to engender the rebirth of liberty in this country? Because the video is much more than that! Now that America is dead, you can watch the video again and see how it actually happened, if you have the courage in your hearts to do so. It is also an excellent teaching on the basic principles of magic that are continually employed against you, the actual target of all the dark magic at play in the world.

Because of the knowledge presented in this video, and the COURAGE I had to walk my own talk, I was awarded with the GREATEST LIFE that money can’t buy! This is not an exaggeration. Regardless of what the future will hold for me, each and every year I have lived in the service of Truth and Magic has yielded ever-increasing harvests of happiness and joy.

The only desire I have left in this life is to share the joy I am living with the world. Even though the world is swamped with stories of fear and terror, those who tune into the offerings of this website and Rainbow Bridge Studios will find the resources to reconstruct their worlds into more truthful, cooperative and harmonious versions.

In 2003, I publicly stated that the greatest ambition I had in life was to achieve SATISFACTION, so that when Death takes me, I leave this life without the feeling of having “missed” something. This video points the way to that ultimate victory. I lovingly encourage you to consider it’s contents while you still have time.





Patrick Michael Mooney – The Magus Speaks

Patrick Michael Mooney - The Magus Speaks
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An Open Letter to Tom Brady, Four Time Super Bowl Champion, NFL God still writing his own legend, and perhaps, the last, best chance for TRUE PEACE that Humanity has ever had.

Dear Tom Brady,
Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a Son of Pan, the oldest God of most Ancient Man and a friend to the Human Race. Despite the unfriendly propaganda leveled against Him for the past Aeon, I assure you that my Father still has a tremendous hard-on for the world, and so do I!
We’re not the only ones, though. I first heard Randy Newman say that particular phrase…in this life. You can hear it in his music; so proud and forceful and joyous!…like a very happy penis should be! My most favorite track of his is God’s Song, even moreso when I heard it sung live by the Broadway belle, Donna Lynne Champlin, many magical moons ago, right about the time you began emerging into our collective consciousness as a true legend in the making.
I’m not going to butter you up by regaling your incredible story of heroic accomplishments in one of the greatest games ever invented on this planet, which you helped to transcend into a global, cultural phenomenon, through the sheer excellence of your talent. There are plenty of quality sportswriters doing that. I write about the DIVINE things in life. And so I turn to you out of CONCERN, from one god to another.
I keep reading all of these stories on the internet about your deflated balls! If there’s any issue a kindred spawn of Pan can successfully heal, it would be those relating to a sad sack!-) That’s what you’ve looked like on TV lately, with all those cameras flashing, and the Twittles tweeting, and the endless sounds of questions and analysis being verbalized, broadcasted and transcribed into digital dittys for the NSA to peruse when it isn’t too busy watching porn, manipulating financial markets, or protecting peadophiles and mass murdering terrorists.
I know what you must be thinking. This doesn’t feel RIGHT to you. This is not the life you IMAGINED when you set it out in your mind to become the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL. You didn’t bust your cute ass ALL THIS TIME, to be treated like you are being treated now. All the INCREDIBLE moments of sheer athletic precision and competitive WILL that certainly echoes your idol, the also-immortal Joe Montana, and which left us equally breathless, are now taking a backstage because your followers have come to doubt you and the quality of your CHARACTER, like you are a mere “conjurer of cheap tricks”, as my good friend, Gandalf, likes to jibe.
This is the second time in your still-storeying career that you have come under scrutiny for CHEATING. What was it that George W. Bush once tried to say, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?” Some people just love to tear down the gods! You aren’t the first one this has happened to, and you won’t be the last. It’s part of the process of being immortal. 
And because you are immortal, you will eventually RESURRECT yourself, certainly on the field when you return after your four game vacation (err…suspension). Most of your loyal subjects love you for what you do THERE, between and across the lines of numbered white chalk; your role as Achilles, throwing deadly accurate spears for the dynastic war machine of Bill Belichick‘s calculating construction and filling the coffers of the kingdom of Kraft.
But what I’d like to do for you is to up the ante of the game a little bit here, and give you a genuine opportunity to take your story, your game, and this world to a “whole ‘nother level“, as the trite sports cliché goes.
I want to put you in the center stage of the greatest Sports and Spirituality spectacle since Pat Tillman‘s assassination by his own country and Cassius Clay‘s conversion to the immortal Muhammad Ali and his refusal to enter the draft and wasting his god given talents on the Vietnam War for the Bush family’s control of the opium trade. You deserve the magnitude of this honor, and here’s the part where you get to see why.
A long time ago, celebrated author Neale Donald Walsch, in one of his Conversations with God trilogy of books, presented an analogy of humanity being in trouble as the result of its current and past choices and that we were at a point well under the infamous “two minute warning”.  By the looks of things back then, and almost certainly right now, we are obviously losing the game. One of those famous miracle comebacks only sports can seem to produce is certainly required now. That got me thinking and visualizing and imagining this scenario:
Let’s say the deficit TEAM HUMANITY is facing is 11 points, and we need to score a touchdown, get the two point conversion after the touchdown, successfully perform and recover an onside kick, and manage to nail a 49 yard field goal because a penalty had pushed us back to the edge of our kicker’s best range…who’s moment of truth feels just like Scott Norwood‘s in Superbowl XXV… just to get the contest to overtime! You only have 1:06 seconds left on the game clock, no timeouts left, and are starting your drive on your own 9 yard line.
There’s a swirling wind due to HAARP weather modifications (perhaps influenced by high volume digital betting against humanity’s favored outcome). The crowd is a bit hostile because we’ve been playing well below our divine potential for quite some time now, and they also had to witness another hollow occult ritual/ halftime show celebrating the obnoxious glory of dubstep and NWO fascism, which added a disturbing kick to this year’s GMO laced beers. After all, we have not done anything politically significant in the name of freedom, justice and human happiness since JFK was sacrificed in Masonic fashion on the home turf of “America’s Team”.
The opposing defense is professional, fierce and intimidating, every face a “Mean Joe” Greene, a Dick Butkus, a Reggie White…a “LT” (no name required). Every move of theirs explodes with the controlled rage and fury of Mike Tyson before he met Buster Douglas. After every tackle you find yourself under a pile of Warren Sapps. Even the referees, supposedly human themselves, seem to have twitchy fingers and a phallic desire to blow on their whistles. Emotionally, this is Mel Gibson’s version of Braveheart and the battle of Stirling Bridge on human growth hormone (coincidentally also talking place on 9/11…1297).
So, here’s one of the greatest sports questions about football that a guy can come up with, and maybe one of the best philosophical debates since Aristotle began to distort the Logos into a perverted dualism and discard the wisdom of great men like Empedocles:
With humanity facing almost total certain defeat, and by “defeat” I mean
a loss of freedom with an increasingly brutal and harsh form of totalitarian control over nearly every important choice of your life and livelihood for as long as your are usefully functional to your ruling oligarchs,
which quarterback in NFL history would you want to lead the greatest, most thrilling comeback of all time?
And by comeback, I really want to emphasize the joy of the best orgasmic explosion and release you could ever feel in your aroused bodies, vibrating your beautiful forms and souls into a blissful, joyful and forgiving appreciation for all of life.
I can’t wait to hear the answers that are to come. To get the debate rolling, I’ll offer you my thoughts on this very important question, and why I want Tom Brady to be that guy.
I have to begin by acknowledging that there were some other very worthy candidates for the position, beginning with Tom Brady’s childhood idol, Joe Montana. Perfect in all four of the Superbowls he played in, Joe Montana was cool under pressure and surprisingly resilient for his very small frame. But he had Jerry Rice to throw to. Tom Brady has made his fortune and fame in a very workmanlike fashion, without dominant runners or long-lasting deep threats like Randy Moss. It seems almost every win of importance by his teams comes down solely to what Tom Brady does. Were it not for the WYRD Sisters dishing Tom a little humble pie in the form of Eli Manning every few years, Tom would be the undisputed winner of this question.
But I did think of Eli, too. Certainly not his brother, Peyton Manning, whom I love with great appreciation, but can’t overlook the marks against him in big games, many of them against Tom himself. Eli might have gotten the nod if I needed just one pass to throw, at the last second, and there was a group of friendly refs who won’t call holding penalties and my receivers had magnets in their helmets. But that isn’t this scenario.
Seeing the way through this comeback will require sustained, focused and driven determination, something Tom Brady has demonstrated time and again, even after a horrific leg injury knocked him out for a year during the prime of his career and everyone began writing his professional obituary.
Russell Wilson crossed my mind. Man is he something to watch. But I can’t call him a quarterback yet. He’s more than that, but what? Time will tell…if we make it. If he audibled out of his Seahawk’s last play call of Superbowl XLIX and handed off to Marshawn Lynch, or sneaked it in himself, he may very well have gotten the nod.
Big Ben” Roethlisberger is a close call for me, too, after all, we are going up against really big competition and I love the way he moves through it all, like an ancient Celtic Giant dominating a very rough game of hurling. His pass to Santonio Holmes in Superbowl XLIII was pure magic, as has been most of his career. Even though better days are still ahead for him, he has dimmed at times and is still measured against Brady, not the other way around, at least for now.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to go through every quarterback I can remember and evaluate their worthiness for this almost impossible endeavor. But there a few more thoughts.
You know I would be remiss if I didn’t consider Tim Tebow for this apocalyptic football scenario, but he is still in the process of going through his own resurrection right now. I give him credit for his unabashed love of the divine, which is truly a necessary component in any winning outcome, but we’ve got to be willing to see how our religions continue to divide our human family instead of bringing us together. I’ll have you somewhere on the bench, Tim, just for the sheer power of your guts.
I didn’t forget Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman or John Elway, perhaps the greatest comeback quarterback of the entire lot. Nor would it be fair to discount the great Warren Moon or Steve Young. But despite the obvious celestial echelon of these and other legends not mentioned, going back to Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, the eloquent Joe Theisman and the entertaining Fran Tarkenton, I have to consider one very important factor that excludes you all.
My son has never seen you play.
As much as I can talk and sing of all of your glories, Tom Brady is the one he has chosen to cheer for as he happily serves pizza at our local restaurant during football seasons. That the owner of the Pizzeria is from New England and a devoted fan of the Patriots surely has had some influence on his decision, but it really is a choice I can’t argue with. Tom Brady has been a picture of quarterback excellence for more than a decade and is certainly a worthy role model to emulate and cheer for.
But there’s that character question again. No doubt, all the other names have character flaws, too. We are human. It is the battle of good and evil within our own hearts that push and pull us to root for our heroes and the way they overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. We all wish that for ourselves and we celebrate it when we see YOU do it, because it means some kind of victory is possible for ourselves in this very challenging life, too, if only we will believe in ourselves and work hard for the results we desire.
So, what’s the first play call of this comeback that I need Tom Brady to execute with the precision of a professional at the top of his game? What strategy am I asking of the man whom life on this Earth has blessed with an opportunity for glory that will even outshine his indisputably brilliant pro football career, and outrageously successful private life?
I need you, Tom Brady, of San Mateo, California, drafted in the sixth round out of Michigan and who has become the undisputed leader of a team called The New England Patriots to fire another shot heard round the world!!!
Over the past five months, there has been a completely ridiculous amount of attention given to the scandal encircling you now called “Deflategate”.
I think it would be extremely helpful to our human family at this moment in time if you would use the platform afforded to you by your success to tweet a simple and loving message to all of humanity. Something like this:
“I sure wish people would spend as much time investigating the terror attacks of 9/11/01 as they did wondering whether I played with my balls the wrong way! Let’s grow up, everyone! Our future and the future of this planet can’t go forward until we find out what really happened on that day. I can’t pretend my country’s open participation in genocide is less important than my career anymore. God Bless you All!”
You do that, Tom, and I promise you that your time on Earth will lead to an eternal road of glories that make all of your Superbowl victories and MVP awards seem like forgotten toys from your early childhood.
Do you have enough love and respect for all the patriotism that stands behind your game, and all the hard working people who are telling their sons to grow up and be just like you, or in the very least are holding you up as a worthy figure of admiration?
I believe in you, Tom Brady. You even have a purely American sounding name. You represent, in your singular person, the very look and feel of the American Dream. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t respect the best of what America has to offer these days. Nor should they. We’ve been taking a belligerent dump on this world for well over the course of our entire history, for sure within most of the 20th century, and obviously so over the course of your professional career, falling far short of the freedom we keep saying we are all about…or the 1% that keep advertising to us that we are all about.
I don’t believe you are just a flashy smile and good looks and no character. I saw the way you held yourself together during the last Superbowl, wondering if the WYRD sisters were going to weave you out of your long-sought achievement still one more time, yet again in dagger like fashion, with a circus catch from Jermaine Kearse echoing the Mickey Mouse magic of Brandon Tyree and Mario Manningham.
But the angel Malcolm Butler came to your rescue, just the way other angels are now pouring out of the woodwork to help humanity in this most dire time of need. You would certainly be risking everything in your decision to help humanity in the way I’m proposing, but please consider that over two million people in IRAQ, and many tens of thousands more in Gaza, the Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere are drowning in the blood caused by American bullets, aided largely by the propaganda of US government lies surrounding the events of 9/11.
Like the Holocaust and Global Warming, certain topics of worthy investigation are being continually shut down by the mainstream media in an attempt to install a technocratic fascism over the very people who love you and made you what you are today. I have a problem with that. I hope you do, too.
What would be the end result of such a terrific tweet from you, Tom Brady? I believe it would be peace. America still has within its soul the power to end our conquest for empire with very PEACEFUL and LAWFUL means. But if our freedoms of speech, assembly, due process, and other divinely appointed treasures are not protected, especially by those who benefit most from them, what course would a man have but to engage his oppressors with all the natural force that the Goddess imbues us with?
That’s a situation that sounds a lot like Ragnarok to me, the ultimate and bloody worldwide battle of good and evil. So if you decide to pass on this incredible offer to raise your game to the highest stakes for life on Earth, and the very freedom that created it all in the first place, then I have nothing left to do but to offer your exalted position to the man who I know can lead humanity through an all out brawl like that.
Terry Bradshaw, get loose!”
Patrick Michael Mooney
Human Ambassador to the Sidhe


POST SCRIPT (added 4/19/17)

It was entertaining to see some of the highlights from Super Bowl 51, where Tom Brady allegedly achieved his dream of becoming the G.O.A.T. at the quarterback position in professional football.

I say allegedly because to anyone who was awake and watching the circumstances of that game, it was clearly a case of FRAUD.

With an incredible, improbable, and stunning Julio Jones catch near the 20 yard sideline in the closing minutes of the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons had CLINCHED a super bowl victory.  All they had to do was run out the clock, forcing New England to burn all of its remaining time outs, and then kick a field goal to go up on New England by 11 points.

Even if they had missed the field goal attempt, Brady would have had to lead his team down a shortened field for a touchdown and 2 point conversion with very little time left on the clock.

Instead, Kyle Shanahan, Atlanta’s offensive coordinator at the time, and league MVP Matt Ryan, Atlanta’s quarterback, ran three plays that took very little time off the clock and resulted in Atlanta loosing yards and having to punt the ball away, giving Tom Brady plenty of time to engineer his fixed comeback.

This scenario was the equivalent of of a chess player refusing to declare checkmate when  clearly the game has been won.  The Atlanta Falcons violated the most fundamental play calling rules of football that even a young child would understand, all so that the globalists could have their ballboy become a phony legend, so he can serve the establishment all the better when his playing days are over.

The questions about Tom Brady’s character have been answered for me for all-time.  However great his skills, numbers and accomplishments, he stands up there now like a professional wrestler and not a professional athlete.  He didn’t write his own legend, it’s been scripted for him like a Vince McMahon spectacle.  As time goes on, it will only appear more phony and hollow.

Just like the rest of America these days.

Unlearning 1.0 (The Genetics of Fear)

Are we the products of our Nature, slaves to our genetic compositions; or are we the results of Nurturing, able to influence the direction of evolution via the power of choice?   This is one of those fake Aristotlean choices the system programmers would have us debate from time to time.  They don’t care which side you choose, just as long as you choose a side, and immediately cut off the foregone option, or their advocates, from any semblance of rational discourse or respectable treatment.  Both options can make a good case for the residency of your mind, but then there’s always that saying about the grass being greener on the other side singing softly in the quiet spaces of your uncertain mind.

As long as there’s grass somewhere, it can’t be all that bad!  A good smoke and a roll in the outdoor sunshine would mean that the chemtrails haven’t killed off all semblance of the kind and simple life just yet.  By Goddess, that’s a good reason to celebrate!  So is the fact that there is still time to transcend the debate and see for yourselves what the solution is.

I had an inkling of the solution when I first wrote the earlier piece below.  Over 11 years later, I am here to affirm, for certain, the path of Joy in creating the greatest life that you can only begin to imagine right now.

That joy must be cultivated in the fires of Truth in order for it to be pure, instead of the vain pleasures that pass for happiness here but turn to dust under apocalyptic light.  You can’t find this Joy and deny that a genocide is going on right now.  You can’t find this joy by pretending the chemical spraying of the atmosphere is somehow good for us.  You can’t find this joy by vaccinating an entire generation into autism, or marching them into churches or schools, or sending them off to debt slavery (higher education).  You certainly can’t find this joy by letting your life slip by in front of the television.

The groundbreaking research for which Dr. Bruce Lipton advocates is truly remarkable.  It says that fear is located in the epigenetic layer of our cells, that part of our structure designed to receive and interpret signals from the outer environment that then signal the nucleus to express the behavior for proper mutation .  Place healthy cells in a life supporting environment, and they thrive.  Place the same cells in a toxic environment, and poor health results.  And if there’s anything to note about that, it is that environments can be manipulated.

So we turn once again to the field of magic.  Magic is the language of controlling perception and interfacing with the environment, nothing more.  It is shrouded in fear and danger, hidden behind spooky rituals and arcane tomes because there is a POWER to it.  Those who understand it, yet are fearful of their own natures, prefer to have less competition, lest they be exposed in their unimaginative mediocrity.  Those who are at peace with themselves wish peace to all others and would therefore share the knowledge of the road that led them to such a fantastic state of existence.  That is what you have here, with this website.

I postulate that the epigenetic layers of the human cellular structure can be influenced through non-technological means, such as the conscious use of magical thinking and ritual and the ancient, worldwide, indigenous practices of shamanism.   On the journey to my own divine kingdom, I have experienced both practices and give them a very strong endorsement.

To place the future of human evolution into the hands of unbalanced beings is a very dubious proposition, yet it is the one currently in favor by your psychopathic leadership structures, and those still interested in being led somewhere.  They are the ones programming the machines that will soon be regulating you through all the phases of your life, if you let them!

How can you be sure of their expert authority, guidance, or vision?  They are ones shooting false flag terrorism all over the world’s ass like cum from a hung pornstar!  They are the ones telling you GMOs and vaccines are healthy!  They are the ones who would have you believe that all your problems are just the results of your poor little genes, on an accidental world where your existence doesn’t mean shit anyway.  You want those people to be the architects of your transhumanistic paradise?

For those who choose the road of unlearning, and make the tough journey through fear into the world of the magical unknown, there is a prize to be found that no manner of artificial intelligence can ever functionally or efficiently process…pure and simple joy;  priceless to those who behold it, satisfying beyond all measure for those that come to know it!

Humanity’s Mighty Struggle to Evolve


8-19-03 – “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” These famous words of former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt are still revered for their power to inspire people to rise above the challenges of their environmental circumstances. Those who know the true history regarding Roosevelt’s presidency and the Depression and War he presided over will see those words as empty political pandering. The plain fact of the matter is that Roosevelt got it wrong. Fear need not be feared but rather understood. For some cutting edge scientists, understanding fear begins in our genes.

According to the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton and others, what determines a whole host of genes to express themselves in one way or another is not the genes themselves, but the environment they are exposed to. This breakthrough research contradicts the zealously defended scientific dogma that human traits are determined solely within our genes and that we are at the mercy of heredity.

The central premise of this concept comes from studying the biological make-up of cellular organisms and the latest quantum theories. What modern research is discovering is that all structures, from the atom to our greatest galaxies, are held together by forces or fields that are not in and of themselves “solid” structures. The solid structures that arise all around us, both organic and inorganic, exist simply because these fields create a “space” in which light particles may express themselves in varying densities of vibration.

From this position, the formations evolve from single atomic structures all the way up the chain as the measure of “consciousness” or “awareness” increases. Evolution then, is not properly the study of species and how they developed, but the study of consciousness manifesting itself in ever increasing states of complexity.

Such an understanding has the potential to turn “traditional” science and medicine, for starters, on its head. That the established order will resist such an understanding for years to come is without question. Too many minds have been brainwashed by their textbooks or silenced through the fear of losing research grants and academic reputations. Finally, the protection of profit margins must be chief concern of pharmaceutical giants that fund the studies which endorse the dumping of toxic medications into our biological systems.

The truly liberating principle emerging from this research is that genetic expression is controlled by factors related to our environment, both in its actual structure and how it is perceived by the individual. As far as perceptions go, it is being discovered that fearful or stressful perceptions limit growth and ultimately lead to a body’s breakdown, while perceptions of love and joy can bring the most dynamic forms of healing and growth to an individual.

When reflecting on this point, one must be impressed with how far the human being has come. Geologist Bill McGuire, writing in his book A Guide to the End of the World, Everything You Never Wanted to Know, tells the story of a truly traumatic history of geological violence unleashed upon humans for hundreds of thousands of years. If you believe that human existence and civilization extends farther back from that, the lesson is even more enlightening.

Humans have lived through ice ages, floods, tsunamis, asteroid impacts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes, not to mention sharing the planet with other species that sought us out as prey. If the research of Dr. Lipton and others is correct, then it is clear to see why humans act in such fearful ways even to this very day. This fear in not encoded into our genes, but exists on the surface of our genes in the protein sheaths that cover the DNA. Fear is encoded in the epigenetic layer of our chromosomes.

The promise of this discovery is that this encoding does not need expensive genetic manipulation to remedy itself. Simply by expanding our environmental perception of who we are, the fearful signals of our environment can be muted and positive, joyful signals can be created to induce optimal states of living for us all.

Here then, is yet again, the great challenge for unlearners everywhere.  Can we as individuals and then collectively as a species engineer environments that promote joy instead of fear?  Can we remove the thought forms, behaviors and social/political/economic structures that do not serve the agenda of joy?  Such thinking would not only render the War on Terror obsolete, but would relegate much of the monumental suffering on this planet to nothing more than a bad memory.

Perhaps this was and is the greatest challenge of the evolutionary spirit in human form; can we transcend the apparent “solidity” of our physical nature to realize that we are not indeed our bodies, but the field that surrounds it?  If we can transcend it, then what messages would we like to, perhaps for the first time in our history, CONSCIOUSLY send into that field?

Joy may, in the final analysis, not do a blessed thing to lengthen the human lifespan.  Then again, it may be the single simplest means for doing so.  Whatever the case, the benefit of joy seems to be the satisfaction of a life well lived, regardless of its duration.  There seems to be nothing sadder than a life that was spent in the confines of fear and sadness, watching one dream after another fall into the wastebaskets labeled COULD HAVE, SHOULD HAVE, and WOULD HAVE.  May the answer to the question at the end of this editorial be one that is filled with joy!

Whose Life are You Living?