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Book of Danu : Poetograph 355 (Hyperborean Opening)

Arthur trudged a strong path through the fresh morning snow, with Ruby, his Red Wolf,  running wildly all about him, creating wonderful zig-zags across the straightness of his furtive, sullen walk, that left more of a trench than a trail on the unscored, virgin ground.

His mood was a bit heavy, much like the dark, windy mists that obscured the view of his mountain meadow, his Vale of Danu, and Danu herself, the mother mountain serving as his Guardian Apu.

Dutifully and daily, Arthur went to his place to pray; a circle of white Faery flags that cleansed the air as well as his spirit as they stood purely and bravely against the ravaging of time and elemental forces.  Even in their ragged form, they inspired a regal feeling and brought Arthur’s mind roundly and firmly into thoughts regarding the business of his day.

First, and always, GRATITUDE escaped Arthur’s lips, even in times where his human confusion led to feelings of physical or emotional exhaustion while the Grail Magic fought to renew the human form of his present inheritance and conjuring.  Ever was there the SUCCESS of true COMMUNION with the Spirits and Deities Arthur invoked and saluted for their contribution to his continuing mythical story.

On this particular morning, Nature again revealed Her comprehension of their interaction by Her processing of a wonderful display of Elemental coordination.   As if on cue from a Hollywood director somewhere off-screen, the dark mists which blanketed the valley began to swirl and blow in Arthur’s direction.  It was as if the mother-mountain wished to see Arthur, too, and was blowing the mists away with her mighty lungs.

Up above, the God of the Sun and one of the masters of music, Apollo, met those whirling winds with his flaming rays, revealing the undulating vibes of those swirling mists like New York disco lights.  Suddenly, blue skies instead of gray promised to win the battle for the day in the Northwest Pacific woods.

Arthur was impressed, as ever, before the still-revealing natural splendor, and took several long moments in silence to appreciate such a created answer to his morning invocations.

Emboldened by the display, Arthur decided to PLAY, and he called upon Apollo to fill him with the power of a skywalker that day.

Presto! Bam! Kram! KaZOOM! Arthur grabbed his ass, his MOON! Noticed that his form was rounding, his balls got heavy, soon he was sounding like a pleasure train in his fleshy domain! “Let’s race this body! I feel no pain!” Arthur said to no witness but those furling flags.

“Whatever pain fills our bodies, doesn’t all seem to be there naturally.  I’m certain that behind our maladies are certain kinds of mentalities; that a shift in attitude seems to remedy.” The grail magic was working on his mind as well as his body, and the proverbial “uphill walk in the snow” was an exercise in ecstatic liberation.

By the end of the walk, which had not taxed Arthur in the slightest despite the most vigorous pace he reserved for New York City streets, his mind and body were put to balance and his heart went towards the love of his wife and the labors of his day.

The heaviness Arthur was feeling was somewhat celestial in its meaning.  There was Saturn squaring everything, truing all things without rushing. This clashed with Arthur’s springtime spirit, that seeks for pleasure in each instance. And with Neptune still in retrograde, the lack of details had our king dismayed.

“My voice, I know, you constantly polish. The mead of Giants I have relished.  It heals my heart to sing! But how much more shall I strive to furnish the fortune that thrives, from the blessings of our ring?”

In other words, Arthur felt very rich and grateful for all he created through his use of natural magick in this churning moment of space-time, but at the same time, felt the limitations of human existence that his grail magick had come to heal. When would the Stars reveal the work they’ve been hiding?

The Hyperborean Gate that opened before Arthur that morning was a sign, sure and certain, that his answer would be soon arriving.  Through that portal was an Empress-like, Phoenix energy, stepping out into the world like a little girl walking in the summer sun.

Something Fun had begun!

Unlearning 1.0 (A Day Out of Time)

One of the most interesting ideas that I had not considered until my awakening had to do with the function of time.  Since my schooling began at the age of five, then on through college and my working career, so much of my consciousness had become dominated by clocks, calendars, schedules, and deadlines.  Being a very successful achiever in my unawakened state, I took pride in my time management skills and my ability to function in what Dr. Jose Arguelles dubbed “the technosphere”.

But as I made the transition from working for mortals to working for The Sidhe and the Earth, time has taken on a much more pleasant, but mysterious meaning, that I never knew possible.  That change began sometime in 2003, when I read the aforementioned doctor’s book, Time and The Technosphere, which was one of the more popular early books about the then approaching “apocalyptic” date of Dec. 21, 2012, widely promoted as the “end” of the Mayan Calendar.

Since the writing of that essay 11 years ago, I still find myself in resonance with some of the concepts he presented.  For example, I think the idea of a 28 day, 13 moon calendar is an excellent starting point for the building of a “planetary consciousness” based on the principles of order and harmony.  The idea is even more appealing because of the feminine character of the Moon.  As the world evolves away from the patriarchal dominance of the Yewish Masons and the Khrestian and Muslim belief systems, so too, will the dominance of sun worship begin to recede to its proper proportion among the other Beings in our celestial firmament.  Humankind will experience balance on the inside as it consciously practices this temporal readjustment.

I want to make it clear that I am not endorsing an ultimate model of time at this juncture.  The new Aeon is still very much in its infancy stages, and will be so for a few hundred more years.  It is quite possible that our entire understanding of TIME, as well as the levels of dimensions and densities it courses through, will expand in a unique way unknown to all previous epochs.  Life does indeed flow in cycles, but no cycle is exactly like another, such is the wonder and beauty of eternal imagination and existence.

It should also be noted here that, at the time of the earlier writing, I was caught up in the propaganda of Peak Oil; the idea that Earth’s fossil fuels were running out and that mankind was facing a very grim future based on the scarcity of energy resources.  I have long ago disavowed myself from such thinking, and I caution the reader to consider doing the same.  Scarcity is a trick of the Yewish Druids, nothing more.  The coming future, for those who embrace the awakening majesty of it, will know no limits of energy like we do today.  It remains one of the chief scandals of our time that we allow certain members of the population to charge us fees for the delivery of energy and resources that belongs to us all by birthright, especially when you consider that public money is often involved in investing and subsidizing the procurement of it and the supporting infrastructure for its delivery.

Beyond all these considerations, the greatest change in regards to TIME that has occurred in my own conscious awareness through the years of my divine transformation is just how deeply personal it is.  When one embraces the TRUST necessary to live a divine life, then time becomes much more intimate, even more than the menstrual cycle might be to a sensitive woman.  There is a right time for things to happen, and a season for sowing, reaping, resting and reflecting.  I am now at the beginning of a new cycle in my own life.  Bringing awareness to this has taught me much about patience and communication.  It is an essential course of understanding on the road to self-mastery.

Perhaps you are wondering about my own personal take on the 2012 event, now that it is in rearview mirror?  I did not ever think it would be the “end of the world” in the sense of a biblical Armageddon as depicted in Hollywood dramas and end time madness.  But I did imagine it to be magically significant.  Quetzecoatl is the Meso-American equivalent of the Thrice Great One, Hermes, also known as Thoth-Tahuti, the grand architect of the Giza pyramids and other ancient works of wonder.  His influence on Mayan culture is not insignificant, nor would any system of counting be so, either.

There was a shift that did occur during that time.  I felt it very powerfully.  It almost killed me...and I was prepared for it!  My entire living reality was destroyed beyond repair.  I entered the new Aeon a broken beggar in the eyes of the material world.  But what soon became evident to me was that my consciousness was undergoing a powerful experience of initiation and resurrection.  I have emerged from that trial as a new and powerful Being, more divine than ever before, and with greater capabilities to be of service to my fellow man.  The threshold of 2012 is still rippling through all elements of this world and will be a destructive force to those who choose to remain in their ignorant condition.  The ones who are awake are learning very quickly to surf its currents.  For those who are still awaiting the end of the world, it is coming to them.  I, however, am on the road of a very wonderful beginning.  It is my hope that those who visit this website become architects for the new world with me.  I intend on having a grand time long into the future!

Peacemakers Party to a Different Vibe


(07/25/03)   All over the world on Friday, July 25th, those committed to a more peaceful world will be doing a very powerful thing…celebrating!  While many of us who are locked into the daily nightmare of presidential and prime ministerial deceptions occurring on the world stage feel disgusted and disempowered, the dedicated bearers of a new time in human history will be dancing to an encouraging beat.

What I am describing here is the popularly increasing ritual called the Day Out of Time, a celebration of the transition from one year on the Mayan Calendar to the next.  While similar to a New Year’s type event, the Day Out of Time and the Mayan Calendar represent a much more significant understanding of human nature and its place in the universe.

For those not familiar with the Mayan Calendar, much can be learned by reading the works of Dr. Jose Arguelles, or going to the Foundation for the Law of Time’s website (www.tortuga.com).  In essence, the principle of the idea is that humanity is out of sync with the rhythms of life.

According to Dr. Arguelles, we live in what is known as the technosphere. This is a world governed by the artificial 12:60 time construct of 12 months, 12 hours on the clock face, 60 minutes, 60 seconds, etc.  The overall effects of living in such a vibration are easily witnessed in our daily lives.  The earth is choked with massive population explosions aided by a technological drive for more and more production.  The technology itself does little to enhance the quality of life on the planet.  While destroying ecosystems worldwide, humans have also become slaves to their machines instead of vice versa.

The final result of such a system can only be its collapse upon itself, which Dr. Arguelles has dubbed the necrosphere, the dead planet. Clearly, humanity is firmly on the road to this reality.  If one takes out all the possible doomsday scenarios associated with sacred scriptures, channeled alien communiqués, prophetic warnings et al, and looks merely at the accepted scientific evidence, it is becoming increasingly clear that human civilization as we know it will be all but extinguished within the next 20-60 years.

Chief among these scientific indicators is the peak oil crisis. The world has already produced as much oil as it ever will.  We are now on the countdown of rapidly declining reserves while the demand for oil continues to increase.  Measures to withdraw the world from its addiction to oil are too late in the making, but their efforts may barely help to slow the decline.  It is easy to predict wars of escalating magnitude in the short term future once you understand how much oil means to developing and industrialized nations.

The technosphere has also ravaged the Earth to the point where safe sources of drinking water and fertile soil for food production are nearly exhausted.  What is left is being bought up by the multinational corporations, who will seek to protect their elite controllers first while also profiting from the high proceeds of selling basic resources to starving and desperate people worldwide.

With such a grim future just shortly up the road, how is it that Dr. Arguelles and the Foundation for the Law of Time encourage the world to celebrate on July 25th?  The answer lies in humanity’s ability to choose another path.  While the necrosphere seems unavoidable, the noosphere is still a very real probable future.

What is the noosphere?  Dr. Arguelles describes this world as one where humanity once again aligns itself with galactic time.  It would be a culture of worldwide harmony because humans would be in touch with earth’s planetary consciousness and our greater dimensionality.  By consciously aligning our lives to the rhythm of the sun, moon and stars, the planetary culture would develop abilities and knowledge that would enable us to steer clear of our dire technological future and head instead toward greater global stewardship.

The challenge for those dedicated to this 13 moon calendar movement is to get humanity to accept a change in our perceptions of time before it is too late.  By Dr. Arguelles’ estimate, that leaves humanity with one more year to make the switch.  If the global consciousness has not been changed significantly to accept a 13:20 time scale by 2004, then its destruction will be all but assured by the infamous Mayan date of December 22, 2012.

The Institute of Unlearning applauds the efforts of Dr. Arguelles and the Foundation for the Law of Time.  While the Institute does not necessarily agree with all of their conclusions, it does congratulate them on making the perception of time a central focus for the raising of human consciousness.  Our concepts of past, present and future are simply outdated when weighed against the multi-dimensional nature of human consciousness.  Nor do our concepts of time reflect the correct concept of vibrational densities.

The current Gregorian Calendar, and its predecessors in the Julian and Babylonian versions, have been the subtlest yet most insidious tools of human suppression for millennia.  Not only has it tied us to an unending cycle of work for our societal overlords, but it has programmed us to see the world in a very limited way.  That vision has benefited the few for far too long.  The recognition of a perception of time, whether Mayan or otherwise, that empowers the many is an idea whose time has come…perhaps in the nick of time?

 Whose Life are You Living?