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FREE DOWNLOAD of BINAURAL FLIGHT by Rainbow Bridge Studios

Experience Binaural Beats for yourself with a short ride on our BINAURAL FLIGHT by Rainbow Bridge Studios.

Dale of Silvermoon, CO Colony – Binaural Beat virtuoso, Patrick Michael Mooney, has just released his latest audio creation, BINAURAL FLIGHT by Rainbow Bridge Studios as a FREE digital download, which you can acquire by clicking on the image below:


Mooney released this statement about his latest promotion;

“Even though binaural beats have been present in the awareness of popular culture for over 50 years now, there is still a lot of ignorance out there as to what they are and how they can be of service to the human individual.

I created BINAURAL FLIGHT by Rainbow Bridge Studios with these people in mind.  When you download our recording and listen to it with a pair of stereo headphones, you will receive a brief introduction into the art and science of binaural beating.    The real fun part comes after that, when you put your mind at rest and allow the beats to do their thing on you.

It’s a very relaxing and gentle process that I take you through.  There are lots of free binaural beat recordings all over the internet these days, but I don’t know if I’d trust my brain and psyche to just anyone that can post on YouTube.

I had my training in the experience, creation and understanding of binaural beats by working with the best binaural beat organization on the planet, The Monroe Institute in Faber, VA.   By the time my tenure was finished with them and their parent company, Monroe Products, in 2011, I was recognized as having presented a body of work every bit as good as their founder, Bob Monroe.  I am happy to have my name attached to such a legacy, because the wealth of experience I gained about the nature of reality while working there and attending the Institute’s programs was the best education about life I ever received from any place claiming to be of higher learning.

So when you listen to a binaural beat recording from Rainbow Bridge Studios, you can feel confident that you are listening to the very best the binaural beat world has to offer.   Our highest goal is to present to the world recordings that have the true potential to help you activate the very best of your innate abilities that came with you when you were born.  Like a seed, all you need is good soil and the right amount of love to steward the life of your dreams.  Our Binaural Beat Technique™ is very good water for the tending of the seeds within your Psyche.

Enjoy this free gift, however and whenever it comes to you.  May it serve you well at the most appropriate time.”

Rainbow Bridge Studios is committed to stewarding a human-friendly future into manifestation for all humanity.  Your support of our endeavors is deeply needed and appreciated.

Rainbow Bridge Studios

Just Dropped In (from The Big Lebowski)

Take a Ride through The Dude's Mind as he explores his Condition!
Take a Ride through The Dude’s Mind as he explores his Condition!

There are some movies that stick with you simply because they express the pure madness of life so artfully that the end result is a transformational sanity.  This was and is the case for me in regards to The Big Lebowski, one of the array of cinematic masterpieces from the talented Coen Brothers.

The show stealer of the movie, for me, was the musical interlude of the Dude’s imagination that I cover in this music video (with a very deserved honorable mention to John Turturro’s Jesus).  My jaw dropped to the floor when I learned that Kenny Rogers sang the Mickey Newbury hit earlier in his career.  Kenny Rogers was a very positive musical influence on me as a child growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s.  I could not imagine him singing this song, at first, because it was a big departure from the “country” Kenny I grew up with.

But what really fascinates me about this song is that it has shamanic power, which is why it is included in my Decade of Love magic spell.  Kenny Rogers would later go on to become a country music legend.  His drummer during those years, Byron Metcalf, later transformed himself into a popular musical shaman.  I had the privilege of collaborating with him on a number of projects during my days working for Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute, enhancing his recordings with binaural beats and setting up an experiential program he brought to the retreat center in central Virginia.

At that time, I was not yet singing, just learning the craft of audio, music and video production.  When my own transformation into an Artist, White Wizard and Ambassador to The Sidhe began to break through the cracks in my evolving psyche a few years back, I grabbed onto this this song and have been singing it with joy ever since.

In 2012, my betrothed, The Faery Queen Zara Heimdal, embarked on a transformational journey of her own to study with Peruvian Shamans.  It was a journey from which she almost did not return.  Such is the way of magic and shamanism.  You don’t get the rewards and benefits unless you are willing to go through the Door of Death. 

Before my beloved departed, I recorded a musical concert for her, so that she could hear and feel the love I have for her in the absence of my physical presence.  I included this song in the concert, because it simply fits beautifully for those types of occasions.  Needless to say, there came a moment during the journey when listening to that song contributed to my Queen’s own evolution of her beautiful soul.  I am grateful that we have a love that nourishes the greatest aspirations of our Beings.

So it is with great pleasure that I present to the world my latest musical creation.  Beyond it’s purely entertainment value, there is a mythology in it that speaks directly to the Soul.  If you are committed to The Good, The True, and the Beautiful, you may just find the first (or next) step to your own gloriously unfolding dreams.  Beyond all of society’s conventions and restrictions, there stands The Dude…true to himself, he abides in the simple joys of life and rolls with the challenges as expertly as any Kung-Fu master.

Kudos also to the entire cast of that movie, with special respects to the recently late, and very great, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  It is hard to say what makes a movie a “cult classic”, as The Big Lebowski surely is.  But I would venture to say that magic has more than a little something to do with it.  So here’s to your own sense of magical love and power.  May it unfold in your own glorious resurrection as surely as The Spring renews all life from deep within the love of The Mother.

Drop In to the video below…and enjoy!