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Unlearning 1.0 (UN-Paralleled Lunacy!) Happy 14th Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary to Unlearning.org!  14 years ago today, I published my first essay to the digital, online universe.  The world has not come a long way in that time, but I sure have!  The retrospective piece I have in line with this singular, artful anniversary focuses on the lunacy orchestrated by the powers behind The United Nations, whose chief aim is to dismantle its purposely flawed structure in favor of the crowning achievement of their New World Order.

Back then, in 2003, the globalist manipulators were not in striking distance of their stated goals, even though their plans had become well known on the internet by then.  Today, not only are the architects of fascism in striking distance of their ultimate victory, but most of the world seems to be happily aiding and abetting the construction of a worldwide, global tyranny.

I must confess that this is the biggest surprise of my entire life!

To many, it would be a heart-breaking surprise…like learning that a beloved friend had suddenly passed tragically, or yet another of your favorite Game of Thrones character met death in a most unsatisfying way.

I admit to almost being felled by such a stroke myself, back in 2013, when a jury of my peers turned their backs to me and walked out of the courtroom when presented with clear evidence of a controlled demolition at the World Trade Center complex on 9/11/01.

This was in the backyard of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, by the way, close to his legacy University that harbors the traitor who wrote The 9/11 Commission Report, Mr. Zelikow.

I had to go through a lot of spiritual contortions, transformations, exhortations and sexy undulations to finally recover from the shock of the betrayal I felt toward my human family, especially the freedom loving fascists of North America.

During that time, the palpable presence of The Invisible came to me like medics and friends and helpers and companions that I had longed to know and experience in this physical world of mortal flesh.  In many ways, I was experiencing the lavish, abundant, healing love of my Mother-Father, especially in the form of their ever-guiding Sisters Three, who have weaved, and continue to weave, for me, the richest life beyond all imagination.

My fortune has been based on one thing only…my unyielding love for Truth.  The Gods, instead of tormenting me through the terrors of this world, polish me instead. I have made mistakes in judgment and errors in calculation on this divinely co-created journey, yet I was still delivered to enlightenment and the visions that all prophets know in their highest glories.  I have been found worthy, after first counting myself as such, and all abundant blessing has come to me as a result.

It has been my aim and my joy to want to steward and share this abundance with those who are less fortunate than myself.

But then I was taught that no such BEING truly exists!

Each of us is born with an inner chamber, a secret cache of resources that is uniquely and exquisitely designed to perfect the joy in each individual’s life path.

I can’t speak as to what will make YOU want to unlock that treasure trove inside of you.  For some, it is simply a matter of time.  For others, it will be a matter of choice.   All I know is that when you open it…if it truly is the real thing inside of you, and not the false ambition planted there by hidden agendas or perverted programming…then you will UNLEASH IT.

In that moment, the fabled Kingdom of Heaven is yours forever!

 Enjoy! Do not let the suffering of others pull you down.  That is their joy… by choice!

As I  now enter the fifth year of my Decade of Love musical campaign, my LOVE for life, even in the unfolding, laughable madness of a human world on the brink of World War III (at the most) and the implosion of the former USA (at the least), I am completely absolved as to the worries of this world.

Never has it been more clear that YOU are choosing LIFE just as much as I am.  You are responsible for your own joy, whether you accept that or not.  That most people choose to reject this most obvious and empowering truth has karmic consequences for each of us and the collective.

I make my choices for a joyful, human-friendly future! I know many more of you are now willing to do the same. Hopefully, I’ll meet a few of you along the way on this beautiful journey I am traveling.   If not, my joy will suffer no diminishment.

Praise BE for what will BE!

When I wrote the essay below, Cuba was still Communist and the borders between our two countries were controlled tightly.  Now, Cuba is opening itself to exploitation from the capitalist side of life again, and there are already signs of that malignancy festering on the Cuban psyche and on the island.  Despite all this, love is still possible there and everywhere!

China has used much of the early 21st century to adequately demonstrate that it can’t make anything properly.  That might play into the USA’s hands when it comes to a possible war breaking out, because maybe a lot of their nukes will turn out to be duds!

But it only takes one to give humanity a terrible black eye.  If we’re not smart enough to pull us back from this manufactured, theatrical brink of Armageddon and into a future that does not have self-inflicted suicide as an ever-present defense strategy, then we simply will allow another round of human life and “civilization” to expire without the collective fulfillment of God’s eternal promise.

No Biggie…we’re all eternal beings.  Nature always promises and provides a fresh start…even to the best worlds!

There’s a beautiful way to a global society where human freedom is deeply rooted everywhere.  It’s not through the United Nations, and it’s not through their engineered steps to a New World Order.

The way is within, for you to see it.  It’s a centralized plan acted out in a decentralized way.  It uses Love for inspiration and synchronous linking of timely projects, woven by sets of hands more delicate than the finest painter or surgeon and fulfilled in its destiny with the most satisfying ardor.

What more enchanting choice lies before you?

UN-Paralleled Lunacy!
United Nations and United States Both Exposed as Frauds

(11-5-03) – By a vote of 179-3, the United Nations this week reiterated its call for the United States to remove its embargo on impoverished Cuba. The vote revealed the largest majority yet on this issue. Even though the vote has no binding power on the United States, it clearly illustrates once again that the US is as much a rogue state as any that it names on its war against terrorism. It also demonstrates that the United Nations is nothing but a dog and pony show, giving the people of the world another spectacle which distracts them from the truth that no government truly represents their interests.

Policy officials in the US will argue that the embargo against Cuba is necessary because it is still a communist country. Its close geographical proximity to the southeastern seaboard also makes the nation a legitimate threat to US security. Lost in the gobbledygook of this sophomoric political reasoning is the fact that Castro’s Cuba is even less of a threat to the US than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was. The island nation has long been impoverished under communist rule.

The blatant hypocrisy of US policy surely must be seen in relation to its dealings with still communist China. Long recognized as a serious violator of human rights, China was welcomed as a most favored nation trading partner in the confusing months following the September 11th attacks. China is also at odds with its rebellious colony, Taiwan, a powder keg waiting to explode for some decades now. The US has a long standing agreement to defend Taiwan from Chinese aggressions, which has been a sticking point in Sino-US relations. If any communist nation is a true threat to US interests, it is China and not Cuba.

The lesson for unlearners to see in this particular aspect of the drama is that US interests, or any other national interest for that matter, is merely a smokescreen used to disguise corporate and financial interests. China, with its enormous population of several billion, is the grand prize of future capitalist conquest. Not only can its workers be exploited to work for less than slave wages, the totalitarian government in China can imprison dissenters without challenge and without notice. In other words, communist China is a capitalist’s wet dream.

The second lesson waiting to be understood is how the apparent powerlessness of the UN will be used to signal its death and call for its replacement. Twice this year the United States has thumbed its nose at this representative world forum. First, it acted unilaterally in invading Iraq after Colin Powell’s plagiarized and falsified testimony of Iraq’s WMD stockpile and program. Now it continues to laugh at the UN as the Cuban people continue to suffer under the weight of heavy sanctions, which Cuba’s foreign minister has labeled as genocide. The UN’s recent endorsement of the Iraq invasion further implicates it in its spinelessness and in the scam against humanity.

Those who are now marching for peace around the world are wasting their time by appealing to the United Nations. Its voting structure is undemocratic as any of the five bully nations on the Security Council can veto the largest majority. It is clear to see why the US and other nuclear nations are concerned with nuclear proliferation. Besides being a threat to world “peace”, any new nuclear power is a threat to the control paradigm which now rules the planet. Until the power structure of the UN recognizes the equality of all member states, nuclear or not, it will continue to stink of the corporate elitist dung it was built upon.

Another world storm is indeed brewing and the UN is powerless to stop it. True champions for peace will prepare themselves for the coming changes by not being manipulated when the engineered instability of global chaos emerges. No longer ruled by the fear which government and media controllers manufacture, enlightened humans will be able to use the chaos to craft a world of simpler and humbler principles.

One may wish that the impending destruction could be avoided but we have slept too long for that to be a possibility. We have failed to remove the covers of nationality, economy, religion and history that have warmed our uneasy dreamtime. Throw them off now we must if we are to gain our clear heads and chart a new day. While United States and United Nations may parade around like self-important peacocks on the global stage, History will one day write that United Spirits suddenly emerged and took control of the roost. The peacocks were chickens after all.


Book of Danu : Poetograph 348 : A Worthy Reflection

Book of Danu : Poetograph 348 : A Worthy Reflection
This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.

Today, I made another significant step in the evolution of this incredibly enjoyable life.  I deleted from my list of bookmarked sites within my browser, the last and best repository of insightful information and analysis about the unfolding madness of human current events.

I won’t mention what site it was.  There are so many like that site on the internet these days, pretending to know what’s what, yet never able to lead their readers anywhere but endlessly following THEM (the global troublemakers) on a treadmill of obvious bullshit, seen through a set of eyes growing weary with despondency for the future, or bitter and cranky about the interminable evil that simply, will not EVER stop.

My life is becoming far more important than the world I had been earnestly trying to alert through my media publications and creations.  The people of this world now have all the information for a lifetime of happiness within a keystroke.  If people, instead, choose to choke on their own ignorance while swimming in a sea of Truth, then so be it.  The Devil never steals his due.  It’s given to Him freely.

The more I employ my own divine magick to the ends of life and liberty, I have been able to successfully find and create my own happiness.     It is no longer a pursuit for me.  In 2013, it became a journey that required me to leave America behind, to leave my old life behind, and to ultimately leave history behind.

With each passing moment, I breathe the air of a world that Christ called His Kingdom, that Tolkien called his Shire, that I and others call the Faery Realms.  It is a succulent and enervating breeze that flares my nostrils and fills my lungs with peace and quiet power.  It makes my cock and balls heavy with vital, sexy potency.  It makes me smile the smile of a woman satisfied; as well as that of the warrior who has finally found the peace he was fighting for.

Do you know the humbling awe of being heard by Nature, and furthermore, being answered by Her?

What other experience or knowledge or power could deliver a person out of the bondage of any condition?

My life is a lifting up now.  I see the future more clearly and it is not all death and destruction, my friends.  But a great many things have yet to be destroyed…including your fears about Death.

Make love to Her!  Understand that Her purpose is to love you into immortality.  She will kill and murder and destroy any part of you that is not worthy of the DIVINE LIFE that you hold dear in your heart.

Be clear with your fears and watch them disappear!

How brave are you willing to be for the cause of Love?

The intensity of your bravery will be matched in the feeling of your victory.  Do you imagine Love would send you on a goose chase with no hope of reward?  That’s the Devil’s business, whose major purpose is to challenge the strength of your commitment to TRUTH at every turn.

Blessed be the day when you can tell your adversary,

“Enough! You have served me well.  My foundations have been tested by the Architects of Eternity and have been found worthy. From now on, I build my works to the glory of my friends among the gods in peace and joy.  Trouble me no longer, but trouble the world to your heart’s content, knowing your efforts are never in vain when serving the divine vanity.”

I am rich in hugs and happiness and health.  My treasures are the smiles and laughter of my wife and the endearing way Ruby greets the sameness of each day with an eager and playful excitement.  My joy is watching the worthy unfolding of my reflections among the Gods and Elementals, masters of surprise to this joyous form  I currently inhabit.

Blessed be for ALL that is.  I welcome this time of coming abundance.  May I thrive in it as well or better than I thrived in the world of scarcity and lack.

Unlearning 1.0 (Playing The Waiting Game)

I can not stress enough how important this post is to the future of your own happiness.  When I first scripted the earlier post featured below, back in August of 2003, American and British troops were just settling in to their genocidal duties of wiping more brown people (“sand niggers”, as our “heroic” troops call them) off of the face of the Earth.  Even though war criminal George Bush had only recently staged his infamous “Mission Accomplished” sitcom for the retards that watch Fox News, there was a palpable feeling across the internet that something much, much worse was on the way.

Being still very young in my own awakened reality, I remember playing the game of other internet pundits, trying to “figure out”, or predict, just what the next major calamity might be.  This avenue of exploration was not pursued for the pleasure or sake of “being right”.  It was simply undergone for the reason of survival.  Forewarned is forearmed, the old saying goes.

Luckily, my Spirit was bright enough and strong enough to not let this mindset take hold over the course of my life.  Were evil men and women plotting the destruction of human happiness and our best aspirations for the future?  Yes, of course.  They are still doing it.  They have been doing it for a much longer time than any of our lifetimes, combined, can remember.

What I wanted to caution my readers about back then, and once again now, is this:

Too much of the so called “alternative media”, and this goes from the top tier of David Icke and Jeff Rense, all the way down to excellent “personal blogs” like the venerable Les Visible, have their publishing agendas driven by a running commentary of critiques on the mainstream media and the powers that be.  In my opinion, this is not an empowering strategy, because they are still allowing the mainstream forces, to which we are all opposed and who have been thoroughly outed as liars and worse, to still be given the time and attention of which they are no longer worthy.

It baffles me that they all make the clear and salient point of just how fraudulent the enemy is, and yet they continue to create links on their site that point you to those VERY SAME SOURCES!  Those mainstream sites then get a continued audience, or even a boosted one, which only helps to keep their advertising revenues up and running their businesses as usual.  How is that helpful, I continue to wonder?

Furthermore, all of the focus given to these evil bastards and bitches creates a terrible fear in the very audience we are trying to empower.  What will empower them is useful information that will help them to become free, rather than highlighting how much they are repressed.  Instead, there is the perpetuation of a state in which many people feel awake, but too scared to really act proactively for their own freedom, like frightened rabbits, who at least have the good sense to move away from what threatens them!  There has been a collective quaking on the internet for well over a decade now, wondering what the next dangerous shoe to drop will be.

A large number of shoes have dropped since 2003…growing genocides in Africa, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, and The Ukraine…Climategate…Vaccinegate…Chemo-Radio-Cancergate…Ebola…The Global Recession and impending “reset”…Fukushima…Cold War 2.0…Common Core…GMOs…the fakery of WikiLeaks and Ed Snowjob…paedophilia in the British Monarchy…Police State Brutality.  I’m sure I could go on, but why?

I often wonder what the course of the future would be if each of these sites united to form a network of cooperating partnerships driven to CREATE our own agenda of praiseworthy news that paid no attention at all to the mainstream media, other than to report how successful we all were at diminishing their influence and driving those rats back into their sewers.  Do any of them have a measurable criteria of how successful they are becoming other than gaining an audience share or being able to sell more media?

For my part, I have reached out to all the above and more for the past 11 years, trying to get them to champion the work of Peter E. Hendrickson of losthorizons.com.   Peter, and many tens of thousands of Americans, have been battling to dismantle the fascist police state in America through the peaceful and lawful measures of promoting very useful information about the Federal Income Tax and the U.S. Constitution.  But the alternative media has failed Peter Hendrickson, his stalwart compatriots, and the freedom they all say they are in the business of protecting in the first place.  I have said it before and I will say it again;

“Peter Hendrickson’s book, and his own family’s personal story of human courage, is a story more important in these times than the gospels of Jesus Christ, or any other sacred scripture. “

If the alternative media is truly serious about charting the course for a new and human-friendly world, it needs to make every effort to make sure this man’s work is known everywhere both in and beyond America.  The telling of Peter’s story illuminates the proper relationship between a human being and his servant government, and restores the blessings of liberty to your own soul and those who follow in your posterity.  Immediately, the proper means for the public to take control of the government become readily apparent.

Many of the alternative sites fail to suggest an avenue of escape from the New World Order, other than to repeat some New Age babble about “raising your vibration” or “spreading the word”.  I think we’ve all had enough of those methods.  The agenda for evil is far more advanced now than it was 11 years ago.  Is the purpose of the alternative media simply to chronicle the lies of our times while we all peck away at our keyboards from various locations of this technological, planetary gulag?  By Danu, say it ain’t so!

Fortunately for me, I heeded my own advice.  I drove deeply into my own Soul as I confronted the evil of the world around and within me.  I now proclaim joyously that I have achieved the highest states of divine love and human freedom, and because I was not held back by my fears, I discovered so many new and wonderfully amazing experiences that they would seem like pure fiction to those who remain uninitiated by  their willingness to act proactively in the cause of human freedom.  No amount of money can ever quantitatively or qualitatively measure this eternal and lasting treasure I own.  I have become the world’s wealthiest man without having a dollar or a line of credit to my name.

I will continue to endeavor to present to the world what I call a NEW WORLD OPPORTUNITY, through the writings of The Book of Danu and the spell-making Decade of Love.  It is the reason why I was born into this world.  It only took me 13 transformational years to find it.  If I had remained scared and afraid of the New World Order and all the dark agendas highlighted above, I should never have found it.  “Seek ye first the kingdom of HEAVEN, and all else shall be granted unto you.”

But it IS there for the finding!  This is my witness and prized contribution to our collective human family.  The only thing that would magnify that incomparable happiness even further is to impart the way to that joy for all of you.

What’s Next in the Grand Plan?

(08-01-03)  Even though the Pentagon’s “Terrorist Futures Market” is not likely to get off the ground because of public shock at such a proposal, the truth is that many are already invested in trying to predict the next big collapse.  Beyond predictions, we all have a feeling that something more is in store.  Depending on who you are talking to, the predictions have decidedly different external outcomes, but there is one underlying theme to them all.  The world “as we know it” must die.

For the Illuminati controlled corporate elite, the end they desperately crave is a fascist, police state, one world government where the majority of the surviving population exists in a state of overt slavery.  They needn’t worry that the Pentagon’s proposed futures market won’t see the light of day. They have been profiting from one man-made disaster after another for centuries.  To this day, the names of those who have gotten extremely wealthy off of “put-options” placed just prior to 9/11 have yet to be released to the public.  Furthermore, every single recession and depression in history was a manufactured opportunity for the elite to consolidate more wealth.  The same will happen again when the global economy totally collapses in the near future.

The fundamentalists of the three major religions all pray for the destruction of this world so that their own brand of peace can be instilled on the planet.   As long as one is willing to live by their scriptural codes, which includes the worship of their god, in their way, one is more than welcome to stick around.  Everybody else will have to be killed in a great climatic battle between good and evil. Even believers who take a less literal approach to their faith ultimately succumb to a “our way is the best way” philosophy, which only antagonizes souls and moves everyone further away from the peace they supposedly desire.

Those in New Age belief systems pray for a supposed deliverance by “space brothers” or a grand vibrational sweeping of the planet that will automatically transform the entire population into peace loving beings. Those who don’t jive with the vibe will simply be reincarnated elsewhere in the galaxy, or in another dimension. Death through “Earth changes” is the most predicted form of transformation.

Even those who think of themselves as more “grounded” and pragmatic must be able to see the writing on the wall.  As previous editorials have pointed out, the world’s energy, food and water supplies are at levels dangerously out of proportion with the still expanding population (editors note – I no longer hold this position.  We have true solutions to all these problems if we exercise the WILL to do it).   Further still, the willingness to change direction to policies that would alleviate some of these problems is severely lacking.  It is as if all the earth is gleefully marching to its doom.

With the entire planet so deeply desiring an end to the madness we have presently created, it should be no surprise that this is exactly what we will be getting.  It is only a matter of time before the collapse begins to accelerate into unmanageable proportions.

The challenge for unlearners in this most opportunistic of times is the releasing of all fears.  It is fear that many of the above groups are counting on to be present when the changes become dramatic. When one is afraid, one is easily manipulated and taken away from their core truth and power.  Your energies will then be directed to creating a world that someone else desires and not what you want. We all must be on guard for these deceptions.  It is this very process that created, and still creates to this day, our world of suffering and unbalanced resource management.

The process that this Institute calls “unlearning” is basically the process of facing your fears.  Life, in all of its grand potential, is a many times frightening thing.  We on Earth have forgotten who we are and where we came from.  It is because of this that we have wandered blindly through the aeons, easily manipulated by those who knew the truth about our history.

To release your fears requires an intensive, introspective journey that spans the course of your life.  Because we have sought truth in external features, we have carved a shallow existence for ourselves, one that will be easily swept away.  The time to go within is now, before the “next big thing happens”.  Happen it surely will…we’ve been “banking on it” all along, one way or the other.

Whose Life are You Living?