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Unlearning 1.0 (UN-Paralleled Lunacy!) Happy 14th Anniversary!!!

Happy Anniversary to Unlearning.org!  14 years ago today, I published my first essay to the digital, online universe.  The world has not come a long way in that time, but I sure have!  The retrospective piece I have in line with this singular, artful anniversary focuses on the lunacy orchestrated by the powers behind The United Nations, whose chief aim is to dismantle its purposely flawed structure in favor of the crowning achievement of their New World Order.

Back then, in 2003, the globalist manipulators were not in striking distance of their stated goals, even though their plans had become well known on the internet by then.  Today, not only are the architects of fascism in striking distance of their ultimate victory, but most of the world seems to be happily aiding and abetting the construction of a worldwide, global tyranny.

I must confess that this is the biggest surprise of my entire life!

To many, it would be a heart-breaking surprise…like learning that a beloved friend had suddenly passed tragically, or yet another of your favorite Game of Thrones character met death in a most unsatisfying way.

I admit to almost being felled by such a stroke myself, back in 2013, when a jury of my peers turned their backs to me and walked out of the courtroom when presented with clear evidence of a controlled demolition at the World Trade Center complex on 9/11/01.

This was in the backyard of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, by the way, close to his legacy University that harbors the traitor who wrote The 9/11 Commission Report, Mr. Zelikow.

I had to go through a lot of spiritual contortions, transformations, exhortations and sexy undulations to finally recover from the shock of the betrayal I felt toward my human family, especially the freedom loving fascists of North America.

During that time, the palpable presence of The Invisible came to me like medics and friends and helpers and companions that I had longed to know and experience in this physical world of mortal flesh.  In many ways, I was experiencing the lavish, abundant, healing love of my Mother-Father, especially in the form of their ever-guiding Sisters Three, who have weaved, and continue to weave, for me, the richest life beyond all imagination.

My fortune has been based on one thing only…my unyielding love for Truth.  The Gods, instead of tormenting me through the terrors of this world, polish me instead. I have made mistakes in judgment and errors in calculation on this divinely co-created journey, yet I was still delivered to enlightenment and the visions that all prophets know in their highest glories.  I have been found worthy, after first counting myself as such, and all abundant blessing has come to me as a result.

It has been my aim and my joy to want to steward and share this abundance with those who are less fortunate than myself.

But then I was taught that no such BEING truly exists!

Each of us is born with an inner chamber, a secret cache of resources that is uniquely and exquisitely designed to perfect the joy in each individual’s life path.

I can’t speak as to what will make YOU want to unlock that treasure trove inside of you.  For some, it is simply a matter of time.  For others, it will be a matter of choice.   All I know is that when you open it…if it truly is the real thing inside of you, and not the false ambition planted there by hidden agendas or perverted programming…then you will UNLEASH IT.

In that moment, the fabled Kingdom of Heaven is yours forever!

 Enjoy! Do not let the suffering of others pull you down.  That is their joy… by choice!

As I  now enter the fifth year of my Decade of Love musical campaign, my LOVE for life, even in the unfolding, laughable madness of a human world on the brink of World War III (at the most) and the implosion of the former USA (at the least), I am completely absolved as to the worries of this world.

Never has it been more clear that YOU are choosing LIFE just as much as I am.  You are responsible for your own joy, whether you accept that or not.  That most people choose to reject this most obvious and empowering truth has karmic consequences for each of us and the collective.

I make my choices for a joyful, human-friendly future! I know many more of you are now willing to do the same. Hopefully, I’ll meet a few of you along the way on this beautiful journey I am traveling.   If not, my joy will suffer no diminishment.

Praise BE for what will BE!

When I wrote the essay below, Cuba was still Communist and the borders between our two countries were controlled tightly.  Now, Cuba is opening itself to exploitation from the capitalist side of life again, and there are already signs of that malignancy festering on the Cuban psyche and on the island.  Despite all this, love is still possible there and everywhere!

China has used much of the early 21st century to adequately demonstrate that it can’t make anything properly.  That might play into the USA’s hands when it comes to a possible war breaking out, because maybe a lot of their nukes will turn out to be duds!

But it only takes one to give humanity a terrible black eye.  If we’re not smart enough to pull us back from this manufactured, theatrical brink of Armageddon and into a future that does not have self-inflicted suicide as an ever-present defense strategy, then we simply will allow another round of human life and “civilization” to expire without the collective fulfillment of God’s eternal promise.

No Biggie…we’re all eternal beings.  Nature always promises and provides a fresh start…even to the best worlds!

There’s a beautiful way to a global society where human freedom is deeply rooted everywhere.  It’s not through the United Nations, and it’s not through their engineered steps to a New World Order.

The way is within, for you to see it.  It’s a centralized plan acted out in a decentralized way.  It uses Love for inspiration and synchronous linking of timely projects, woven by sets of hands more delicate than the finest painter or surgeon and fulfilled in its destiny with the most satisfying ardor.

What more enchanting choice lies before you?

UN-Paralleled Lunacy!
United Nations and United States Both Exposed as Frauds

(11-5-03) – By a vote of 179-3, the United Nations this week reiterated its call for the United States to remove its embargo on impoverished Cuba. The vote revealed the largest majority yet on this issue. Even though the vote has no binding power on the United States, it clearly illustrates once again that the US is as much a rogue state as any that it names on its war against terrorism. It also demonstrates that the United Nations is nothing but a dog and pony show, giving the people of the world another spectacle which distracts them from the truth that no government truly represents their interests.

Policy officials in the US will argue that the embargo against Cuba is necessary because it is still a communist country. Its close geographical proximity to the southeastern seaboard also makes the nation a legitimate threat to US security. Lost in the gobbledygook of this sophomoric political reasoning is the fact that Castro’s Cuba is even less of a threat to the US than Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was. The island nation has long been impoverished under communist rule.

The blatant hypocrisy of US policy surely must be seen in relation to its dealings with still communist China. Long recognized as a serious violator of human rights, China was welcomed as a most favored nation trading partner in the confusing months following the September 11th attacks. China is also at odds with its rebellious colony, Taiwan, a powder keg waiting to explode for some decades now. The US has a long standing agreement to defend Taiwan from Chinese aggressions, which has been a sticking point in Sino-US relations. If any communist nation is a true threat to US interests, it is China and not Cuba.

The lesson for unlearners to see in this particular aspect of the drama is that US interests, or any other national interest for that matter, is merely a smokescreen used to disguise corporate and financial interests. China, with its enormous population of several billion, is the grand prize of future capitalist conquest. Not only can its workers be exploited to work for less than slave wages, the totalitarian government in China can imprison dissenters without challenge and without notice. In other words, communist China is a capitalist’s wet dream.

The second lesson waiting to be understood is how the apparent powerlessness of the UN will be used to signal its death and call for its replacement. Twice this year the United States has thumbed its nose at this representative world forum. First, it acted unilaterally in invading Iraq after Colin Powell’s plagiarized and falsified testimony of Iraq’s WMD stockpile and program. Now it continues to laugh at the UN as the Cuban people continue to suffer under the weight of heavy sanctions, which Cuba’s foreign minister has labeled as genocide. The UN’s recent endorsement of the Iraq invasion further implicates it in its spinelessness and in the scam against humanity.

Those who are now marching for peace around the world are wasting their time by appealing to the United Nations. Its voting structure is undemocratic as any of the five bully nations on the Security Council can veto the largest majority. It is clear to see why the US and other nuclear nations are concerned with nuclear proliferation. Besides being a threat to world “peace”, any new nuclear power is a threat to the control paradigm which now rules the planet. Until the power structure of the UN recognizes the equality of all member states, nuclear or not, it will continue to stink of the corporate elitist dung it was built upon.

Another world storm is indeed brewing and the UN is powerless to stop it. True champions for peace will prepare themselves for the coming changes by not being manipulated when the engineered instability of global chaos emerges. No longer ruled by the fear which government and media controllers manufacture, enlightened humans will be able to use the chaos to craft a world of simpler and humbler principles.

One may wish that the impending destruction could be avoided but we have slept too long for that to be a possibility. We have failed to remove the covers of nationality, economy, religion and history that have warmed our uneasy dreamtime. Throw them off now we must if we are to gain our clear heads and chart a new day. While United States and United Nations may parade around like self-important peacocks on the global stage, History will one day write that United Spirits suddenly emerged and took control of the roost. The peacocks were chickens after all.


Spell 050 : Arthur Danu – Stuck in the Middle with You (Stealers Wheel)

For many millions of people, the 2016 Presidential Election is the political equivalent of Hulk Hogan going up against Andre the Giant way back in Wrestlemania III, when I was still masturbating to porno magazines that had not yet found the courage to show full oral copulation or penile penetration.  Those were desperate and fun times, just like the present moment.

Caught in the illusion and sadness of this spectacle, which truly indeed has the larger world very frightfully worried and afraid, will be the millions of people who are once again actually duped into feeling good about participating in this obvious, lawless charade.

They will be angry beyond recompense when either side feels that they have become the victims of the globalist fraud America has been exposed to be.   In Great Britain, the government is busy dodging allegations of pedophilia at the highest levels, all the way up to the “powerless, ceremonial, culturally vital” Crown.  The Clinton email scandal has tipped the iceberg of America’s participation in this global network of baby fuckers and nation rapers.  If it goes and delves as deeply as they’ve done in Britain, well…let’s just say that this country, and certainly the present culture, is not disarmed from expressing itself in ways that are surprising and shocking beyond belief.

Those sins and many more are about to be poured out into the open of the collective conscious.  Even the wide open yet unopposed sins of poisonous child vaccinations, genital circumcisions, chemtrailing and the outright political and financial theft of the working classes are about to be perceived with a new clarity of vision that has not been here, on this planet, in a long while.

Why is it coming now?   Why this moment in time?   Why will the Collective be largely unable to kick these problems down the road into an autistic future afraid of emotional turbulence?

Because it will clearly be seen that war has been made upon mankind.  This war is the war that has echoed in our minds and souls from a very long time ago.  It is a war of a broken heart, destroyed planets, misleading ambitions and confused sexual identities.  It is a battle fought in lost histories and in the highest temple sanctuaries.  It is a Gordian knot binding the Soul as the Dragon of Fire coils in preparation of unleashing its elemental fury upon its hopeless, time-bound captive.

The human mind can only take so much pressure before it cracks.  The Earth will fracture along with it, as well any semblance of the political bonds that has held the nation states together.

To the globalist agents that read my screeds, what I’m describing to you sounds like porn to them.  This is what they have been fantasizing about for centuries.  Their orgasm is a nuclear explosion, or as many as the gods of destruction permit them to get away with.

And who are the Gods of Destruction?

Why YOU, of Course!!!

It is YOU who have permitted things to get to the condition that they are in now.     I’ve watched this country ignore the truth about 9/11 for 15 years now.  This country is currently in an up-rage over the amount of Black people being killed by police and the influx of Muslim and Mexican refugees being brought into our borders.  But no one seems to be in an up-rage over the millions of people we’ve blasted to oblivion over the past decade, or even the continued, outright assault on our future through the forcing of vaccinations on our children.

We have chosen to be monsters instead of the children of gods, only the mirror that we are looking into just hasn’t cracked yet.

Stuck in the Middle with You is another note sang in the service of cracking that mirror.

I’ve written already about the fact that there is no true difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both willing servants of Israel and the ongoing slaughter of the Middle East, as well as the continued extortion of the American people through the Income Tax and Obamacare.

But ultimately, there’s got to be room for me to inject some joy and levity into this story, and I’ve got to thank the body-blasting cast of Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass crew for adding so much visual excellence to the background of my sonic sorcery.

So what is the good news in all of this?

The Truth is getting easier to see!  Once seen, CORRECTIONS can be made!  I once heard a wise sage say that 50% of wisdom is FUCKING UP!  The other 50% is in actually making the correction so that one no longer lives in error.

So there’s plenty of room for forgiveness, which is a very delicious and divine experience to perceive and receive!  I have forgiven the world for 9/11 and the whole host of other crimes I’ve been exposing and railing about for the last 15 years.  At the same time, I’ve been aggressively changing my ways so that I live in more alignment with NATURAL DIVINE WISDOM.

That has brought me the greatest love of all, and a vision of a truly abundant future as exciting as the American Dream once felt in the heart of people who felt REAL PRIDE in being an American.  I used to be one of them.  But now, I AM so much MORE!

A Kingdom of Heaven should feel no less than that, and certainly more, yes?

The possibilities for changing the present state of things in a peaceful and organized way are as great as they have ever been.  I have to thank what the internet has called the forces of evil, the NWO, or the Illuminati, or whatever cool-sounding name there is for the circle-jerking committee of human enslavement, for that achievement.

That’s right.  They’ve consciously built a technological framework for your continued enslavement, and they really haven’t even begun to tighten the screws yet, when you see what we’re truly capable of doing to each other.

But in that moment before the signal to begin the Artificially Intelligent future of their design, the Monkey King gets to throw a wrench in the works, or at least moon you in the face with a loving celestial fart.

Spell 050 has a bit of that whiff to it, too.  Praise goes to Stealers Wheel for the song and to Quentin Tarantino for its introduction into my consciousness.  The song obviously worked well in the movie, and I think it has found a higher octave of expression as the chosen theme song for the 2016 selection not yet elected.

So, we can either crack the egg and hatch a new, human-friendly future, where we take the wisdom of our collective experience and apply it towards a world that has no borders and is filled with humans who view each other as common relations instead of enemies and rivals for scarce resources…or…

We can continue to allow the frequently unaccountable and disjointed narrative of reality that we’ve all been on since JFK decided to fake his assassination and go underground with his degraded depiction of Camelot.

The Universe, as an expression of eternal love for the struggles of mankind, has created the life of Patrick Michael Mooney cum Arthur Danu so that you at least have THE CHOICE about the kind of world you’d like to go to.

Voting in the 2016 election is a lever that signals continued treason in the degradation of our human future.

Voting for artists and visionaries who are using their divine talents in the service of joy and a greater expression of humanity signals to the universe that you are now ready for that instead.

By the way, this same wisdom applies to other countries, equally suppressed by ignorance, horrific political representation and cultural perceptions that are showing themselves to be no longer necessary.

May I count on your vote today?

Vote Now!

Unlearning 1.0 (Shouldering the Burden…The $43 Million Dollar Blowjob)

“Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” lamented the tortured soul of king MacBeth.  I once read a fascinating book a few years back called Howard Hughes, Hell’s Angel by Darwin Porter (Blood Moon Productions, 2005) that seemed to dramatically saturate the highest aspirations of modern living with this  keen insight of Shakespeare’s.  For nowhere is the insignificant folly of our human existence so commonly paraded before us as in the many acts of war.

During the 1930s and 40s, the Bush Crime Family and their banking buddies in Wall Street, along with the British monarchy and the world’s press, had built up and then vilified Adolf Hitler’s Nazi war machine, serving them up to the world as the “evil du jour”.  Meanwhile, the genocide of millions by forced starvation in the Ukraine by the USA’s good friend, “uncle Joe” Stalin, hardly got a mention in the tabloids of those times.  The story of the slaughter of “six million Jews”, was quietly in the works in the back lots and studios of Hollywood, but the people were not sufficiently traumatized to accept this mind control propaganda without question just yet.

Along came Poland and Pearl Harbor, and about 80 million or so lives were flushed down the drain as a result of the money power’s shenanigans over the course of the next six years.  World War II was sold as the ultimate conflict between good and evil, and the victors of that mighty struggle came to be known as America’s “greatest generation”.

It should be no surprise, then, that one of the greatest blowjobs in history occurred during that time, too.  Porter’s heart-wrenching book relays a sordid tale of American history that shows a deep hatred of the common man by both the rich and our government’s “elected” officials .  During those war years, many Americans were forced and coerced into paying the Federal Income Tax for the first time in their lives.  The passage of the 16th Amendment back in 1913 did not begin to fill the Federal coffers as its architects had hoped.  Some Americans still had smarts and knowledge of the laws back then, and knew that the Constitution strictly forbade any tax on the private earnings of all Americans.  But when war came to America in the 1940s. many of them volunteered their freedom and earnings, for what they thought was a short while, by lining up en masse to pay the “Victory Tax” on which the modern 1040 form was based.

In this era of sincere sacrifice and privation, many Americans saw everyday items become rationed, so as to better serve the war effort.  But for playboy billionaire Howard Hughes, call-girl and eventual “first lady of television” Faye Emerson and FDR’s infamous son, Elliot, World War II became a golden opportunity to fleece the public for personal gain and glory.

Despite being rejected years ago by Washington, Hughes sought to increase his own prestige, and that of his company’s by “winning” a competition for a rich government contract to provide a reconnaissance plane for the war effort.  But rather than standing on the merits of technical aviation or the manufacturing capacity of Hughes Aviation, Howard Hughes sought to buy his way into the contract and made Elliot the willing target of his twisted tactics of persuasion.

Hearing from Johnny Meyer, a night-club owner and Hughes associate, that Louisiana-born aspiring starlet Faye Emerson gave the best blowjob ever, Hughes personally put that claim to the test, asking Faye to felate his famously large bisexual schlong.  She ambitiously agreed.  After swallowing or being splashed with his cum, Howard would say of Faye that only Hollywood movie star Tyrone Power had better technique than the many who had already gone down on him.

As Elliot Roosevelt’s Washington delegation was wined and dined by high priced call-girls during their official business trip, they kept up appearances by pretending to be interested in the plane Hughes had built and Washington had rejected years ago.  The D-2, which became the XF-11, was personally recommend by Elliot Roosevelt and eventually Hughes was awarded a contract to produce nearly 100 planes for the price of $43 million dollars.

In reality, the order would never be filled, save for one or two prototypes, because Hughes Aviation never had the capacity to deliver those planes on time, and the Army-Air Force brass at the time knew it.  But nepotism reigned supreme, and the son of the president got his wish.  Elliot also acquired Faye Emerson for his wife, but their marriage was not a happy one, despite her highly regarded cocksucking skills.  She slashed her wrists at one point in their marriage, and, surviving, eventually divorced him.

After the war, Howard’s life continued its path of degradation and madness.  Elliot faced a scandal over his doings before the Congress, but like all connected rich people, escaped without any criminal repercussions.  Faye Emerson enjoyed great popularity in the world of early television.  Some say the “V” in “TV” was also a nod to her plunging neckline, which helped her to earn the nickname “first lady of television”.  There is also the rumor that the Emmy Awards were named after her, but the truth is that the name derives from a term for an earlier piece of tube technology used in television cameras.

Now $43 million dollars is a lot to pay for a blowjob, and there is no doubt that this money could have served many useful purposes during a time of war or peace.  But as the history of our successive administrations clearly shows, never let a silly thing like truth or high-minded principles guide the actions of this or any nation.  Humans apparently love to be lied to, fleeced and fucked over any which way we can, which is why we keep surrendering our minds and authority over to the idiot box and the voices that speak from them.

This is just another artful way of saying nearly the same thing I did 12 years ago, in the article you find below.  As long as human beings continue to live unthinkingly, and without heart, there will always be those Angels of Hell ready to take your money, your power, your dreams of a happy life, and turn them into a sport or fancy for their own base needs and desires.  We truly do get the governments we deserve, and until you choose The Kingdom of Heaven, you shall have nothing but War and Terror, whether that be Obama’s ISIS army or some greater horror yet to be unleashed on the screaming and dying of this world.

How Long Will Humans Tolerate Idiotocracies?

(9/12/03) – American politicians have been bemoaning the costs of the poorly reasoned aggression against Iraq for the past several months.  Knowing that reconstruction of the country will cost much more than the $87 billion president Bush has asked for, the once haughty US is now asking other developed nations to share in the “burden” of bringing westernization to the Middle East.  Absorbed in this game of humble comeuppance, many humans may miss the greater objectives behind these global events.

It is clear to many around the world that the United States is the apparent “bad guy” in the Middle East. Our unilateral policies have alienated former allies and displayed a greed for oil that easily drowned out our rhetoric about democracy and world security.  The events of September 11th, 2001 can no longer be expected to generate sympathy or empathy from the world.  We have used up much of our emotional collateral and good graces.

The extent of ill-feeling towards the US government that is growing in the world must not be overlooked.  Before the Iraq invasion, a Time magazine poll in Europe showed more people viewed George Bush as a threat to world peace than Saddam Hussein.  Books that allege the US masterminded both the 9/11 attacks and the oil and drug motivated manipulations in the Middle East are best sellers over there, too.  It would not be unreasonable to suggest that many, not just Arabs, would now cheer if the US were to suffer yet another catastrophe at the hands of unnamed terrorists.

For the majority of humans who have not yet unlearned, this is exactly the attitude that the power elite wants to foster around the globe.  It is a worldwide manipulation that focuses problems on national identities, and not the true powers that run them from behind the scenes.  The same powers that built up the United States over its history will soon be ready to destroy it, once the nation has outlived its usefulness.  Many can already hear the ticking time bomb of an unprecedented economic collapse.  Once that happens, how long until anarchy and chaos reign as other countries attempt to fill the power vacuum created by our demise?

Unless humans everywhere wake up to the game en masse, the coming chaos will be used as a call for greater centralization of power on a global scale.  The beneficiaries of such a system would be the same ones responsible for causing the collapse in the first place.  With a stronger governing system in place, the theft and abuse of the poor will accelerate to unprecedented proportions.  The sad reality is that many will sheepishly agree to these most inhumane manipulations.

With the fall of the US Empire, many may briefly feel “safer” that a major threat to world peace has been properly handled.  However, it will only be a matter of time before humans realize that they have been duped again.

As long as we continue to govern ourselves by the same power principles of debt-based currency and cultural superiority, the many on this planet will continue to exist for the benefit of the few.  One conflict after another will be engineered because the root cause for human unhappiness will not have been addressed.

Unlearners must continue to strive for the day when democracies are not always considered to be good simply because they are democracies.  A more enlightened approach would require that results be delivered, not merely promised, before a system is deemed “good”.  This would save the world a lot of heartache.  As the famous economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said, “Under Communism, man oppresses man. Under Capitalism, it is just the opposite.”

Until such a day, all governments, no matter what their political leanings, are merely idiotocracies.  As the wealthy nations pretend to shoulder the burden of “corporatizing” the globe, it is the people who truly shoulder the burden of misguided perceptions that allow these crimes to occur unchallenged in the first place.  The universal laws of Allowance and Like Attracts Like guarantee that things will not change on this planet unless we exorcise the idiot within.

Whose Life are You Living?