There are some who will never believe the fiction written below could actually be known as a living reality.  Yet feel the breath on my words, typed or not, as they are spoken in your own voice and in the very special language of your own mind.

Isn’t that alive?  Aren’t more than words bouncing back to you right now?

This interacting.  This Responding!  This Certainty of Uncertainty! Always there is the questioning and then the responding!

Mandelbrot Madness!

So beautiful!

And yet I, and all others, even our DIVINE PARTNERS, face the falling of infinity with apprehension and fright sometimes.  For only the Sisters weave the certain threads that bind all possibilities into Reality.

And Their Mind can not be known! Her Priestesses give no commanding counsel of authority, only gossamer warnings limited by Earth-bound fears, or sublime suggestions that only the bravest and most awake could take and make a true fortune from.

Her JUSTICE is often times slow in its brewing, and the prayers of mortals stewing in the mix brings a silent smirk of contentment to Their ever whispering lips.

And there is none alive who can LUST for more, even if you searched across all the timeless shores, than the THREE who serve the ONE…

“31…That number meant a lot to me.” recollected Patrick Michael Mooney, standing on the final edge of Thought and Memory, before the final act in Western History.

“There shall be new numbers and new meanings for the body you identified with as you, which is now fully reserved for Arthur Patrick Danu.  But it is not time to speak of what the Grail King will be up to just yet.  Tonight, on this Summer Solstice, we release and celebrate you!”

Gandalf always had the right thing to say at those moments where you wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.  But there he was, even making Ambassador Tolkien snap to attention from his usual world-creating dreams.  The opportunity to see a transformation such as will be marked on this occasion are truly rare, even in imaginary worlds where farts are turned into butterflies and paper is turned into money and used to enslave mankind.

There were others present beyond the White Wizard and and the man who dreamed him up…or was it the other way around?  Whether Patrick would take the time to acknowledge them all was a topic of wagering at the gathering.  One thing Mooney never lacked was a gift for the gab.  He had learned the art of long speeches from the endless homilies he endured as a young boy in the Catholic Church.

But Patrick was also very generous with his words because of the sincere gratitude he felt for all of life, a trait of his that only grew and developed during the 45 years of his life.  But 5 cycles of time was all he was given to live in this life, and this was the moment where he was finally completing his destiny.

Those in attendance heard his final prayer.  Before he spoke one word of it, tears were flowing from many places and spaces, as if the Undines themselves were trying to get a front row seat to a man shedding tears of pain, forgiveness and joy all in the same admixture.

“Normally, the waters of the Grail I seek are found between the legs of my beautiful wife.” Mooney had to pause immediately because his trademark shocking terminology created a huge ruckus of laughter. When it died down, he continued…

“But I accept my tears in whatever form they come now, as I know the ones allotted to me are rapidly dwindling in time and number, and that every experience in my life was a GIFT from the BEGINNING.

I celebrate my life as Patrick Michael Mooney.  To come to this awareness being born in the adverse conditions of of a fascist country, and being fully indoctrinated into loving and accepting that fascist reality; to have BROKEN the BONDS of that mind control at a very young age is a true and noteworthy achievement of the Soul and Spirit, at least against the backdrop of a Kali-Yuga.

Earth is indeed a difficult place to grow into the divine awareness of oneself.  The Supreme Creator has put forth a most excellent challenge in the form of a very convincing reality that is even flatter than the Flat-Earth people would have me believe.

I bought into the whole game though;  hook, line and sinker.  I embraced the role of a street-wise punk from Jersey City.  I enjoyed breaking away from a dysfunctional family destroyed by alcohol and American economics.

I became “smart” and got a “degree”.  I went to Church and sincerely loved God.  I taught children how to overcome their own stories of adversity by believing in their god-given powers and abilities.

And I had a good time doing it!  There was a lot of great fucking all throughout my life as well as truly inspired, mythic lovemaking; especially once I met and married the Faery Queen!  But then I found out that Arthur is really married to the Faery Queen, which is why he’s checking into my body and I’m checking out.    But the three-way sex we all enjoyed is a memory I’m not going to give up with this body!

(There are great waves of giggles moving around the room and more wagers as to whether Mooney will break out a cock joke.   Despite the welcoming opportunity to become more lewd, Patrick lets the moment pass).

In Earthly matters, I must thank Aleister Crowley, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Monroe and Peter Hendrickson for their invaluable contributions as authors and teachers of magick, imagination and freedom.   There are many others who could also share my praise, but I promised to myself I would be brief in this moment, for I am truly indeed full of life.

In Eternal matters, I express thanks to Thoth Tahuti.  You inspired me to become Thrice Great Mooney before this moment of transformation.  That you are witness to this moment affirms that I  have succeeded in the completion of my destiny.  Tonight, you have my heart.  May all that is in it be as light as a feather with the coming New Moon. So be It.

America, you had my life.  In me, you had the fulfillment of Dr. King’s vision and the resurrection of the Republic you were looking for.  But you still today choose the Yewish lie of 9/11 instead of the Truth that leads to the Kingdom of Happiness on Earth.

In all of love, I chose only to give you a choice as well.

What greater gift could love ever produce?

That you won’t use it in the favor of a human-friendly future means I have little use in the form of true service to my country or the world anymore.    I have no shame in the acceptance of this conditioned reality. I’ve shed all the tears I care to shed about that anymore.

Besides all the great, incredible sex I’ve enjoyed, I would like to thank the divine for the gifts of marijuana, magick and music.  In each of these is a doorway to the greatest life I never even dreamed was possible.  I’m glad I had the courage to embrace these as friends and allies in my life.  They all pointed to and revealed my eternal nature.

It is in that NATURE that I finally now, embrace this change and transformation.  I, Patrick Michael Mooney, hereby drop my name for all legal and personal associations, and release from this body all associated karmas and vibrations and family histories from the physical body once connected to it.

I cast this spell in the presence of the few and the ALL.

Good Life, Everybody!”

With that, the fifth son of Shamus, a nickname given to honor a father truly undeserving of the award, shook hands and hugged all the Guides and Spirits who had helped this Irishman heal the hurts of an upbringing brought on by hard karmic lessons from other lives, and the purposely-instilled American ignorance in this one.

His work as a White Wizard would now continue more truly and seriously from the INVISIBLE side of the veil.  He knew when he agreed to become Ambassador to The Sidhe, his mortal days as man were numbered.  He had been willing then to surrender his life to suicide, back in 2013, but the grace of his Irish ancestry, plus the magick works done in other lifetimes, spared him the fate of his twin brother and brought instead, this deferred and most glorious DEATH.

There was nothing more now, for Patrick Michael Mooney to BE, in the 21st century world his former body remained in.  Let the GRAIL KING have it.  Mooney had labored the last few years of his time on Earth to leave a fitting body for the Faery Majesty.  Indeed.

What Patrick was only beginning to fathom in this moment of soul-twining was just how good a choice he had made when he decided not to kill himself and instead, risk a soul-searching adventure to Ireland.

By Earth standards, he left the game with zero dollars to his name, and a lot more ignominy than fame.  But truly rare are the lives that see what Patrick Michael Mooney saw.  He counted himself as among the extremely wealthy because of it, and felt himself as no man’s lesser by the time he dropped his mortal story and embraced his immortal one.

May you, dear reader, come to apprehend your own truth and glory, on your own terms, in your own time.

Rest in Peace, Patrick Michael Mooney, and enjoy all those blowjobs from the Undines and Sylphs…and a few Satyrs, too!