Every artist starts somewhere.  That “somewhere” for me was the little town of Lovingston in Nelson County, Virginia Colony.  It was there that I began honing my singing chops and started to believe in myself.

I would sing for hours on the karaoke machine, until I upped the quality considerably with a good grade studio microphone.  Before I began a serious attempt at singing publicly, I used to host a karaoke night at a great little place called The Lovingston Opry, a reconstructed Catholic Church…how about that!

Thanks to Trish and Jody for the many great nights we had there.  I had the pleasure to hear a young Cody Purvis before he broke into the country music scene.  He sure can sing, and his daddy can belt ’em out, too!

I also did some singing at Rapunzel’s on their open mic night.  Thanks to Bob and Sarah for giving me a stage from time to time!

Down at the other side of town is the Lovingston Cafe, run by Jackie and Tom.  This is where I worked really hard to develop some longer shows, doing sets for 2 and half hours.  They would also chip in and donate their excellent audio system to me whenever I sang at the local nursing homes.  The photos below are fliers from early performances that happened as part of the Decade of Love, before I started producing music video spells in the second half of 2012.

Right on time for the end of the Great Mayan Time Cycle and the re-birth of an Age of Danu.