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This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.

I’m not going to rail against “the system” anymore.  The “system” will always be here, in one form or another.  As Christ once said, “You will ALWAYS have the poor among you.”  This means, despite the best of intentions, MAN, who walks most blindly on this Earth, will perpetually STUMBLE and FALL.

Back in the year 2000, I happily voted for George Shrub, Jr.  I thought he was intelligent, and like his father before him, a capable leader!  It was easy for me to see the sleaze of both Bill Clinton and Al Gore during the 1990s, largely because my head was enjoying the fellatio that radio voices like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage were all too eager to deliver, going down on me like my cock really mattered.  And I was not on pharmaceutical drugs, nor was I drinking a lot or smoking marijuana at all.  I could debate the “correctness” of my viewpoint with anybody, anywhere, anytime and feel confident that my “logic” would carry me, and this world, towards victory.

This is the mind of the stupid.  I was one.    I was that Precambrian American, eating shit food, thinking shit thoughts, living a shit life, and fooling myself that my contributions in life were making a difference to anyone, especially me.  What did it take to wake me up out of the stupor of such arrogant and indolent thinking?

I’m sorry to say it, but the deaths of three thousand fellow Americans woke me up.  I had been standing on top of The World Trade Center less than ten days before the Israeli Mossad pulled off their controlled demolitions and sent the world into an accelerated orgy that was determined to top the slaughter of the 20th century.  I took 9/11 personally.

I could no longer ignore the restless stirrings of my soul that had been building to a slow boil, noticeably since 1998, when it began to dawn on me that America has been killing GOOD PEOPLE, both at home and abroad, for a long, long, time.  I counted myself among the dead from that September day forward, and life treated me like it, too.  I allowed family and friendly associations to be destroyed, because I could no longer play the game of “pretend”, which is what American life largely is today.

Pretend sports.  Pretend politics.  Pretend medicine. Pretend relationships. Pretend spirituality and religion. The world is a place for children, no matter the size of our bodies or the length of the years one has lived.

So what was happening to me?  I was maturing.  I was learning how to face my fears, to gain audience with The Divine, and to re-direct my living towards that state of Being.  Eventually, after over a decade of painful but rewarding devotion to the TRUTH, the pieces of my life clicked together into the satori-aha-superluminal orgasm of Enlightenment.  I was WHOLE to myself once again.

Once again?  Yes.  One can fall out of the state of enlightenment.  There were other lives where I knew what I know now, but there are also many more where I am sure to find myself in the struggles of realizing the divine.  The life I live now is a blessing to those other lives, just as the other enlightened lives of mine have been a guiding blessing to me in this one.  This is the REALITY of the EVER-PRESENT.

There is no real sorrow in being stupid, and no real joy in being enlightened.  Those are emotional fluctuations available to ALL that live.  What enlightenment gives is PEACE.  The struggles of the outside world remain there, and do not touch the SANCTUARY of The ARCHITECT, who remains joyously ensconced in the center of it all.

In 2004, the presidential election between Kerry and Bush, Skull and Bones fraternal brothers in masturbation, was even more of a charade than this one, save for the fact that Kerry did not have the OVERT criminal track record of Mrs. Clinton.

In 2008, when Kenyan Obama broke all the rules of election to beat Mr. Smithers (John McCain) and his porn-Milf running mate, most people didn’t care because white-guy Bush had broken so many rules in his administration.  Who can keep a brother down after a terrible show like that?  What most people didn’t see was that Obama was a “cracker”, too.

So here we are in 2016, where the BEST that this country can produce for “one of the most important political offices in the world” is a committed, treasonous felon (Clinton) and a TV showman who is in the pocket of The Bankers.  Both of them are being digitally manipulated up their rectums by Bibi Netanyahu and the Rothschild State of Israel, and the other lieutenants of The Adversary.

Beautiful, isn’t it?  What a resounding achievement of American education, ethics and morality!  We truly must be the greatest country on Earth!-)

Lost so far in all of this writing is a bit of a retrospective look at an earlier writing of mine, which is posted below.  Back in 2003, I had been observing the anti-war movement that flowered all over the world.  I watched as the major mass media outlets ignored it all, just like courts and juries and police officers were ignoring their duties and enabling treason to find deeper roots in our country.

But, at least back then, THERE WAS AN ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT.  Now, in 2016, there is none at all.  Genocide has become the normal business of the day, both at home and abroad, and it seems that most people have resigned themselves to waiting for the government to tell them when their time is up.

Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse!

Peace Protesters Continue to Miss the Mark

(10/28/03)  This past weekend saw the Peace Movement surge onto the scene once again with renewed vigor as tens of thousands gathered at rallies in San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Emboldened by potential evidence that the US government misled the American people into endorsing the Iraq invasion, the movement now places its focus on removing President Bush and his Neo-Con cabal. Whether that removal comes through a Democratic victory in next year’s election or an even rarer chance of impeachment, the final result will still be a monumental and sinful waste of time.

Just as in last week’s editorial, the reader must come to an understanding of this inciting and insightful word before one voices their protest.  According to the ancient Greek, the word that became translated as “sin” in our language is the word amartanoAmartano simply means “to miss the mark” as in an archer aiming for a target.

The reason this needs to be understood is because for too long, too many humans have associated the word sinful to mean any action that has the disapproval of some all-powerful deity.  That no such deity exists, and therefore, no weighty judgment either, is a basic understanding necessary to the unlearning process and the empowering of the human spirit.

In light of this knowledge, it is clear that the Peace Movement will fail to achieve peace because it continues to miss the mark in its myopic aims.

By calling for a change in the present US administration, the movement places its hopes for peace squarely on the shoulders of the Democratic Party. This supposed opposition party is merely another mask on the face of the same power elite who are orchestrating the wars for oil across the globe.

The short-term memory of the peace protestor forgets that the Democrats in Congress voted almost unanimously to authorize the President’s War on Terror to begin with.  They also voted in lock step with the Republican Party to bring both versions of the Patriot Act into law.

Most egregiously, not one of the current representatives has voiced the charge that the Bush Administration had a direct hand in orchestrating the events of September 11th, both through direct foreknowledge and criminal negligence in defense of the country.

Many of the Protestors will also forget that the stage for September 11th was set perfectly by the actions of the Clinton Administration. Osama Bin Laden was long in the cross-hairs of US terrorism investigators and several chances for his capture were allowed to expire without action. Deeply lost in the memory of the 90’s are Clinton’s connection to a CIA drug running operation in Mena Airport, Arkansas as well as some financial ties to George Bush Sr.

Until these issues are addressed openly, and not behind the closed doors of some select “bi-partisan” congressional committee, then any change of administration will simply play into the hands of the power elite.

The game of these power brokers is to make people think their vote and their voice matter by having some populist expression of discontent result in some apparently powerful action, such as the removal of a sitting president from office.

While the protestors cheer at their apparent victory, the powerful jeer at them from behind closed doors. All that effort will place a new man in the seat of power, but that new man will still be a “company man”.  The people of California will soon see the truth in this.

What then must those concerned about global peace do if they are to see their dreams come to fruition? The answer is twofold. The first is that the peace movement must begin to seriously educate its followers about the nature of the power structures that rule the world. This knowledge is crucial because as long as you try to reform the system, the system itself will fight any effort to do so.

Unlearners know this is so because the system serves the powerful and not the dis-empowered masses of the world, despite any lip service to the contrary. The second important step is to create a new system with clearly defined agendas that are dictated to the system and not vice versa. While these ideas will be explored in my upcoming book, others are stating them eloquently as well.

As it currently stands, The Institute of Unlearning cautions anyone who chooses to participate in the Peace Protest Movement.  It is disturbing that the solutions presented by the movement are merely addressing symptoms instead of attacking the root causes to human conflict in the world.  One should be suspicious about the high ranking leadership of the movement, as it is highly possible that they are yet another face of the many-headed Hydra that is the power elite.

Will humans continue to be led around a maze of lies and false hopes in this truly climactic time of human consciousness?  The world controllers are betting that we will.  Unlearners, on the other hand, must delve deeply into their own consciousness to find not only the peace that will liberate them, but also the power that will enable them to manifest their intentions without missing the mark.  A thousand or a million poorly aimed intentions are not nearly as powerful as one sharply focused.


Book of Danu 131...Be President One Day
This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.


Unlearning 1.0 (Dummy by Nature?)

The late, great, Robert Anton Wilson, a still revered author and magician, was a passionate advocate of the Cosmic Schmuck principle, which he states rather honestly and humbly below.

“My cosmic schmuck principle holds that if you occasionally notice that you’ve been thinking or acting like a cosmic schmuck, you will become less of a cosmic schmuck, and the more often you notice that you’re thinking and acting like a cosmic schmuck, the less of a cosmic schmuck you become. On the other hand, if you never, never, never suspect you might be thinking or acting like a cosmic schmuck, you will remain a cosmic schmuck for the rest of your life.”

Schmuck.  It sounds worse than Fuck.  It is.  Its origin is the Yiddish way of calling someone a Dick.  For a Jew, that means wanting to slice off the foreskin of your penis, just so you never forget that GOD OWNS YOU…BITCH.  And who is the group that speaks most vocally for GOD these days?  Who pulls the levers behind all the world’s religions and drives them into a frothing, apocalyptic, end times ecstasy?  Why the GAONIM, of course.

Never heard of them?  Of course, you haven’t.  They wear a cloak of invisibility right out in the middle of broad daylight, for all to see, with today’s lesson in magick being brought to you by the letter “G”.

Back to the word and the philosophic principle now immortally married forever.  Schmuck also means Fool, especially the contemptible kind.  One feels no remorse for a schmuck when bad fortune arrives because there is the feeling that he deserved it by bringing it on to himself with poor thinking or boorish behavior.

So Wilson puts forth the idea that a life without self-reflection is a life that’s really difficult to live with.  It’s a very New York way of translating the very high wisdom of Aristotle to the ignorant masses.

And herein lies the great question of my human existence,

“How is it, especially in this day and Age of unparalleled technological breakthrough, that there is still such a condition in our societies as “ignorant masses”?

This question ultimately burned a hole right into the pre-fabricated life Others had made for me.    In 2003, when I first wrote Dummy by Nature?, I was being driven furiously mad by the information that my life was being decided by third parties not interested in my human values at all.  To them, I was a voiceless slave.  I can write and speak out against the situation all I want.  To Them, it is the mere bleating of a sheep; a sheep that will many times be fleeced and most definitely, finally slaughtered, at the most profitable moment.

As the recently departed David Bowie once sang in collaboration with Queen’s Under Pressure,

“It’s the terror of knowing what this world is about.  Watching my good friends scream LET ME OUT!”

OUT.  Sounds like Freedom to me.  Most people who suffer through Life take freedom to mean Death, or at least pray that that is what Death truly is. 

That’s quite an interesting facet of human life; this tendency of ours to wish for death.  But Death is not freedom.  It is transformation.  Whether that transformation is FREEING, or even more deeply CAPTIVATING, is determined by the CHOICES BEING MADE in the OPERATIONAL AWARENESS of the INDIVIDUATED CONSCIOUSNESS.  That’s YOU.

Is that YOU a DUMMY or is it DIVINE? 

If YOU ARE DIVINE, then the task of living is to ultimately come to terms with YOURSELF and to learn to TRUST in your own loving wisdom and power.  You will find that all the strings that have been pulled in your life were initiated by you and for you, and carried out by the agencies and offices of The Universe that You, in your own brilliance, love, wisdom and power, set in motion for your own pleasure.  Enjoy the ride for lifetimes to come.  Unless you want to forget, that is.

It’s the forgetful part of our natures that cause us to be harsh with ourselves and others, leading to the creation of hurtful words like Schmuck, Dummy and Goy.  It’s the purposefully ignorant parts of ourselves that endlessly subject our beautiful lives to external authorities that blare out of all forms of mass miscommunication.

You put those external authorities there.  You can fire them at any time, too.

I will admit to being a bit of schmuck in my own unlearning process these many years on.  Mr. Wilson also had another great teaching that took me awhile to learn:

TRUTH is non-simultaneously apprehended.

That means we don’t all “get it” at the same time.  But knowledge of the Divine reminds us of the fact that WE ALL DO GET IT EVENTUALLY.  For if God is indeed inside of each and every one of us, and God is no Dummy…then perfect peace and happiness is only a matter of TIME.

So do not worry about the fact that chemtrails are raining poison down into the very eco-systems upon which all our lives depend.  Do not bother yourselves that the former USA is caught up in the most horrific genocide since its people wiped out over 12 million Native Americans off the face of Turtle Island.  Let your heart not be troubled by the deliberate destruction of our food supply, or the intentional damage being done to your children’s immune systems and psyches through toxic vaccinations and religious circumcisions.  Forget all the talk about freedom and happiness and stupid things like rights and civil liberties.

If you are a DUMMY, then you will always be at the mercy of those pulling your strings, Illuminati or otherwise, even if the string-pulling is accomplished by harmful technotronic devices like television sets, which have been pumping behavior inducing patterns into living rooms and bedrooms for decades now.  You’ll never be able to turn off those sets and stop drinking your fluoridated water and start thinking for yourself.

You’ll rarely step out in Nature without an electronic device implanted on you somewhere.  You’ll miss all the beautiful tweets that the Gods can send you in the language of animal totems and naturally awesome signs because you’ll be looking into that shiny screen, waiting for it to tell you the next thing to think about.

You won’t care, You Big Dummy, as Redd Fox and all the other very talented actors who live inside that flat-screen wonderland steal your life away, one laugh and endless commercials at a time.  Your high-fructosed fat ass will absolutely love the hopeless inertia you feel as your body begins to age and become even more powerless to break away from the TV screen.  And once your Dummy self gets a hold of some virtual reality blinders, you may as well put your spiritual evolution in cryogenic storage, for it won’t be long until you find your body there, too.  Welcome to the Matrix of Dummy Immortality.

And when you, at the time of your own choosing, finally decide to TASTE the GRAIL of TRUE IMMORTALITY, then REMEMBRANCE will come to you, and you will be a Dummy no more.

For me, it will be a grand delight to see the day when a great multitude on this planet consciously accept and embrace their own divinity and create a world that truly inspires everyone to give their best living efforts to the glory of LIFE itself. 

While those days may seem far off, the fact that they have been SEEN means that it will come to pass.  As a divine being in my own right, I will it so, and speed its manifestation with every breath of the mortal lifeform I’m building it with right now. 

I again invite your participation.

Humans Stuck on Their Physical Selves

(10-20-03) – The great voice of modern out-of-body pioneers, Robert Monroe, used to teach those who sought the OBE (out-of-body experience) an affirmation which began with the sentence,

“I am more than my physical body.”

As my own personal unlearning journey proceeds, the understanding imparted in that affirmation takes on deeper and deeper relevance. Confined to the perception that Who We Are ends at our skin, many humans continue to flounder in an earth-bound existence replete with struggle and powerlessness. It is clear that almost all of us are dummies of one kind or another.

Before your ego takes offense to what was just written, first look at the definition for this rather insightful word.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “dummy” has, as one of its meanings;

 One seeming to act independently, but in reality, controlled by another.

It is hard for most people to imagine themselves as dummies, especially since we espouse to live in a world that promotes freedom and individuality. Yet this is the exact nature of the con that allows the few to rule the many.  As long as we seem free, it is quite easy to be manipulated into doing the will of another.

This observation is easily verified by those studying the actions of the United States throughout its history.  The nation with the most “freedom” has economically and violently subdued most of the world since its constitutional birth only a short 214 years ago, becoming the world’s first, and now only, superpower. The rapid amalgamation of power has garnered the concern and sometimes hatred of many across the globe despite the seemingly good-natured ends to which this power claims to be exercised in favor of.  Delusional U.S. citizens are dumbfounded by this conundrum.

While Europeans may consider themselves more astute in worldly affairs than Americans, they are no less the dummies for it.  Having broken the shackles of oppressive monarchies in the 19th century, many Europeans now consider themselves free as well.

Few realize that protesting the US aggressions in the Middle East will only serve to empower the legitimacy of the United Nations, which itself is another tool in the Elite’s control of the planet. The creeping authority of the European Union also signals the further removal of representation from the local vote.

Here is where the unlearner must begin to look beyond the physical events per se and try to discern the invisible signs and signals of our collective and individual experiences.  Failing to do this will leave us screaming at the apparent injustice of one global event after another, when the actual truth of the matter seems to be that the “universe” or any other larger power you feel is in control, really couldn’t give a rat’s ass as to what happens on this planet.

Time and again we as a power species have used our extraordinary abilities to destroy each other so that the few can live in the lap of luxury at the expense of the many.  Even the high minded ideals put forth by modern democracies have done little to change the nature of this game.  All that democracy has done is to allow us to kid ourselves that we are somehow better off than past forms of controlling societies.  In actuality, the control is still there but is now ingeniously hidden from the programmed eye.

Those on my mailing list know that I am writing this editorial from a secluded ranch in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where I am also completing my first book, The American Messiah (editors note: this was the original working title of what became The Book of Danu a decade later).

I mention this little trivia only because it serves to illustrate the point I am making about dummies.  Los Alamos is a city that has the highest concentration of PhDs of anywhere in the world.  The super majority of those minds have been bent on creating weapons of mass destruction and control since they first gifted the world with the atom bomb nearly 60 years ago.  Here we have another example of supposedly free humans deciding to use their extraordinary abilities to aid the suppression of their brethren in other places throughout the globe.

What the dummy often fails to inquire for himself is the one question that could supposedly set him free; WHY?  The potential power of this question is lost if it is focused on the external events being perceived with the five physical senses.  Fixated on the unseen, the question has the ability to introduce the questioner to the TRUE architect of one’s life; the Higher Self.

The answers you receive to these questions will have their greatest value only to you.  Why you have decided to place your powerful self on a planet seemingly isolated from other intelligent life in the universe; where a control structure exists to prevent you from realizing those powers; only you can tell.

One thing is certain; the present situation will not change on this planet until one admits that they are a dummy Denial is the first reaction to any great truth when someone has been living in a matrix of illusions.  But if one is willing to accept their apparently free condition as false, then the strings of control that have been guiding you will begin to become detectable and visible.  At that moment, the dialogue can begin as to why your life has taken the road it has.

You may even gain the ability to influence the part of you that has been “pulling the strings”.  In the very least, you will have an understanding of yourself that has been hidden from you since your birth. The power of that understanding can change your life in an instant; empowering you to craft a life on your terms.  No matter what that life might look like, isn’t that a fun reason for being here?



The Unlearning Channel is proud to present, for the first time on its own media platform, the internet story of the millennium that too many alternative news networks have been afraid to report on these past four and a half years.  Like the other breaking news stories covered by the stalwartly intrepid IOU, the netcast™, RAPTURE CANCELLED has faced a wall of media censorship, not unlike the blue wall of silence often found in corrupt police departments all across this friendly globe of ours.  Is there any other kind of police department these days, in the land that ignores the truth about 9/11 and its continuing genocide so freely and gleefully?

In honor of this year’s Solstice, we can think of no better time to introduce a message of such earthly and immortal importance.

In 2001, Patrick Michael Mooney, still a devout Catholic and working in the field of secondary education, smelled bullshit around the former United States Government’s official story about the terrorist events of 9/11/2001.

“There’s no way the Patriot Act could have been written in response to 9/11 if it had been an authentic response to the events of that day. It would have taken at least a year to write a law like that, if it had been an authentic response to a surprise event, because at the time the law was introduced, a crime scene investigation hadn’t even been carried out, yet we were all hot and bothered to start orgasming bombs all over the Middle East and getting our hands on premium Afghan opium. Larry Silverstein admitted a controlled demolition of Building 7 on national television, yet he was never brought in for questioning by the authorities, who were already committed to sell the world the age-old story of white aggression, “Look! The DARKIES DID IT!”

Thoughts like these raced through Mooney’s mind.  He felt the RESPONSIBILITY to see this event accurately. His students would be asked to FIGHT and DIE in a conflict that could be much worse than Vietnam (and is now looking potentially much worse than WW II). Were there other potential ways of seeing this event more honestly and turning it into something POSITIVE for the futures of his students and his world?  Mooney then decided that this would be the mission of his Soul.

Meanwhile, the war against the “sand niggers”, as racist and murderous US soldiers call the religiously and socially oppressed of The Middle East, began.  A devilish fifteen years later, the continuing and escalating carnage is normalized, like a sad and boring Reality TV show.  And everyone is looking the other way like none of this is going on, even with thousands of our servicemen committing suicide each year because they are so ashamed inside of their souls at what YOU are asking them to do for this rotted husk of what used to be a country. Think on that as your military jets fly over your stadiums and joyless holiday gatherings this year.

We like to jump right into the DARK SIDE of things pretty quickly, don’t we?  Well, just relax and hang on a second, because at the bottom of every dark pool, in the center of every swirling dark patch of the Yin-Yang, is the brightest, most singular light in the universe. It is a wormhole to the brighter side of living where GLORY is EVERYWHERE, and therefore, it is to be found NOWHERE in particular.

This is the wavy, wondrous side of life where everything is so GOOD for you that there is hardly a YOU to care at all.  It is a magnificent place where all your needs are taken care of, and there is plenty of everything for everyone, so there is very little competition for anything, except for events that create even more joy for the participants and the communities that occasionally come together to enjoy them.

This is the briefest of descriptions of what The Kingdom of Heaven is truly like; a mustard seed of prose that will unfurl into a blossoming beauty within your Soul, if you will give the thought your time, consideration and loving attention.

This was the course of action followed by Mr. Mooney, when he left his teaching position so as to not compromise his Soul’s integrity. He prayed to Jesus, his model and mentor for a wonderful human life, devoutly, one final time, before his life was changed forever, and the course of humanity, therefore, forever altered, too.

“Dear Jesus, I want you to tell me who the fuck you are! Please! Man to Man, Son of God to Son of God, Brother to Brother, Friend to Friend. Whatever the TRUTH is, I can take it!”

Like an actor pulling off a disguise after a performance, Jesus lovingly disappeared before Patrick’s eyes, and before him stood all the PAGAN representations of the SAME STORY.  These stories existed THOUSANDS of years before the supposed birth of any singular, “only-begotten” SAVIOR, as did the claim to there being MANY SONS of God.

Mooney had to accept the fact that his religious faith was not unique, that its claims to authenticity were mere fraud, enforced more by point of the sword and the soul-crushing power of human law than by the light of divine reason in Man.

It was then that Patrick heard the thunder in his heart roar loudly, and MIGHTY THOR’s voice echoed in his Soul.  From that point on, He consciously embraced the journey to his own immortality and became a Christ in his own deliciously sexy and unique fashion. It took just over a decade for him to do it, and for anyone who is interested in seeing what that kind of life is like, there are many examples, clues, and markers all over the place; left behind by members of The Invisible College to steward the courageous to their own divine memory and mortal destiny. This is ultimately the recognition of one’s presence in The Kingdom of Heaven.

In 2011, Mooney commemorated this important turning point in his Soul’s evolution with the debut of RAPTURE CANCELLED, a unique and enlightening interview with Jesus H. Christ, recorded somewhere in astral realms of what Robert Monroe used to called “The Interstate”. It’s a place where all kinds of useless and useful thoughtforms and Intelligences abound, created from patterns of human living, memory and other forces not yet fully understood by the mortal creature.

Whether this netcast™ is useless or useful to your own life’s journey will depend upon what you are looking for!

Since the netcast™ first appeared on the internet, it has enjoyed thousands of views.  How many, exactly, is hard to tell, because Google and YouTube have been purposefully rolling back the hit counts reported on their sites, as a psychological tactic to make viewpoints such as ours seem unpopular and on the fringe of reality, as well as to discourage the efforts of truth tellers everywhere.

Such a tactic alone already proves and attests to the power of the information available here. Discovering your own divinity is the greatest fear your controllers have, which is why they feel the need to constantly surveil you; in order to steer you away from the very happiness you are looking for. They hope you will give up the search and join the rest of the teeming masses that have given their Souls over to The Machine.

Viewers have often written in, wondering what the “H.” in Jesus’ middle moniker stands for.  There can only be two possible meanings, and scholars are hotly debating it right now in the halls of universities where the Dead Sea Scrolls are poured over like your favorite porn site.

The first is “Harvey“, a name traditionally associated with a powerful Irish spirit known as The Pookah, and is often seen as a giant WHITE RABBIT, which often leads a serious person to ENLIGHTENMENT, but through very strange, confounding and ultimately HUMOROUS ways.  Native American traditions translate “Harvey” into “Heyokah” and sees him as a COYOTE.  Modern humans associate the H with “Hookah“, as getting stoned is a really cool way to connect with Jesus.

The other school of scholarly research suggests the H stands for “Helios“, as the story of Christ is merely an analogous way of teaching the behavior of The Sun to the ignorant.  After all, the sun is seen every day to walk on water, constantly raises the dead to life each and every year, and brings wealth and prosperity to all, especially to those who hate “him” most.  It travels through twelve or thirteen signs of the zodiac each year, like the number of Apostles who followed Christ.  Also, like God, none may live without it.  And the Sun does not require your belief in it to do its work.

According to the IOU, both schools of interpretation are correct. Christ is indeed a fantasy, whether it is a good or harmful one is left up to your discretion.  God is also present in the Sun and it is appropriate for humans to see a divine presence in that too, as well as on this beautiful Earth, our friendly neighbor The Moon, all of our benevolent or wayward neighboring Planets, and our distant relations among all the Stars.  We must never forget, no matter how wonderfully real the MATERIAL WORLD appears to be, that there is an undefined space left for something called THE IMAGINATION.

Christ is ultimately a story in our collective imagination about FREEDOM.  Why do we remain constantly tied to interpretations of this perennial mythology that lead us to suffering, war and death in the most horrible of ways?  Why not really see and experience for yourself the Good News that those stories most certainly do contain?

Do you feel worthy enough to receive such good news in this lifetime?

The forces that oppose your freedom are what the world calls EVIL or SATANIC.  Its purpose is to distort everything in creation until you are so INTERNALLY SURE OF YOURSELF that none of its lies can degrade your Being.  Like a lotus, you rise out of the muck YOU PLANTED YOURSELF IN.


As the sun begins to rise on a new year for you, may it also mark the dawning of a NEW LIGHT for MANKIND.  The internet has helped mankind discover a lot of ANCIENT wisdom. Will we have the modern common sense to use it?

As a White Wizard in the service of The Sidhe, it is our pleasure to present to you, on its proper stage, the internet story the entire world has been waiting thousands of years for.  But like Christ taught, only those with ears to hear will understand what is being said.  For the rest, the laugh is on me or you!  As long as we’re LAUGHING, that’s a great step in the RIGHT direction for humanity!

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Magic, Manifestation & The Income Tax…A Lesson in Human Power (10th Anniversary Re-broadcast)

Dale of Silvermoon, Colorado Colony – The year 2005 was a very important one to me. I was almost four years into a great battle for human freedom, which began as soon as I awoke to the former US Government’s lies about the events of September 11th, 2001. I had fled from the areas hemorrhaged by those attacks, as well as all the people in my life who still gave credence to the propaganda myth that was now openly enabling genocide, both at home and abroad.

I had managed to recreate my life in the colony of Virginia to a more joyous version than the one which had been discontented, but asleep to the causes of that discontent. Once I had become awake, I continued to gather information about the nature of NATURE, which is really an outward way of saying that I was on a monomaniacal journey into understanding the divine mystery of ME.

In order to ascend to the magical, conceptual, erotic, and mystifying heights that I have now so far achieved in this life, I was required to engage in a love affair with Death Herself. This was no morbid display of life, like the sad-looking Goths some of the younger generations employ, nor was it a banal love for what was dark and ugly, like the obsessive fascination with vampires and zombies still surprisingly in vogue. I did not engage in any rituals of witchcraft or black magic. I simply welcomed Death into my awareness of living, for so many of my beloved human family had already entered the world of Shades. Who was I to think this could not happen to me, at any moment, ESPECIALLY IN THESE TREACHEROUS TIMES?

Death became my greatest lover, fucking and sucking me and bending me in all kinds of kinky ways until I finally grasped and remembered my own immortality and trisexuality in this life. The journey was every bit as orgasmic as it sounds, moreso even, for words can’t ever translate the taste of my cock or the wetness of my lover’s pussy, nor quench your thirst like the waters of Her Holy Grail can.

But back in 2005, I was only beginning to understand the way that was unfolding. I had not yet tasted the Grail. I could still be lied to and was becoming aware of my own ability to lie to myself. Still, in a world of the blind and fearful, even foggy vision is much better than where I had been. What saved me and held me during those days, and every day really, is the fact that my heart in this life is truly innocent, meaning that it’s chief pursuit is always after the Divine. Despite my own shortcomings, I had to continue to proceed forward so that I might share what I was discovering for the benefit of my human family, especially those in my beloved America.

Back then, I believed that most Americans, if they knew the TRUTH about the way the federal and state governments purposefully misrepresent the income tax to them, would then quickly correct that error, to their great financial and social benefit, and therefore also remedy the problems of despotic fascism that were then emerging everywhere.

In July, I returned to New Jersey, once again donning the persona of a teacher and giving one of the finest lectures of my life. There, I shared everything that I had learned about the manipulations that create the illusion of the modern world, and how to break free of them. I invited many on this joyous path, but found few willing to engage me or the material seriously. The amount of fear that surrounds the topics that I bring forward for attention is truly powerful.

You will most likely have to get used to that sense of rejection from others if you are going to make it to the worlds I am walking in now. In truth, the pain never really goes away, like Frodo’s lost finger or the wound still felt in his heart by the rending of a Morgul blade. It is my love for humanity that makes it so. This feeling is more bittersweet than tragic as my years go on, for I know what I am experiencing is ultimately in store for all of you, whether it is in this lifetime or not.

What my efforts eventually encountered, unfortunately, in the years to follow, was the death of The United States of America in early 2013, a befitting 100th anniversary present to the international financiers and crown aristocracies who plotted the USA’s demise magically longer ago than that, but whose mortal wound was certainly inflicted back in 1913, when the Yewish Druids legitimized usury to the detriment of freedom once again with the inception of The Third Bank of the United States, aka The Federal Reserve.

You see, if America is truly a Republic, she needs people to actually know what that is and how that operates, if she is to remain free in more than just name only. But the USA is shockingly ignorant as a people, especially in regards to their own history, rights and laws. No matter how well one can legally or morally argue a valid and defensible point of view, what good can it do in front of a corrupt judge or a jury dumbed into ignorance and submission by fear and television?

So why announce a re-broadcast of what was ultimately a failed political attempt to engender the rebirth of liberty in this country? Because the video is much more than that! Now that America is dead, you can watch the video again and see how it actually happened, if you have the courage in your hearts to do so. It is also an excellent teaching on the basic principles of magic that are continually employed against you, the actual target of all the dark magic at play in the world.

Because of the knowledge presented in this video, and the COURAGE I had to walk my own talk, I was awarded with the GREATEST LIFE that money can’t buy! This is not an exaggeration. Regardless of what the future will hold for me, each and every year I have lived in the service of Truth and Magic has yielded ever-increasing harvests of happiness and joy.

The only desire I have left in this life is to share the joy I am living with the world. Even though the world is swamped with stories of fear and terror, those who tune into the offerings of this website and Rainbow Bridge Studios will find the resources to reconstruct their worlds into more truthful, cooperative and harmonious versions.

In 2003, I publicly stated that the greatest ambition I had in life was to achieve SATISFACTION, so that when Death takes me, I leave this life without the feeling of having “missed” something. This video points the way to that ultimate victory. I lovingly encourage you to consider it’s contents while you still have time.





An Interview with Patrick Michael Mooney (2003) now on The Unlearning Channel

The Unlearning Channel is pleased to announce the addition of a new video to the site! An Interview with Patrick Michael Mooney, recorded in 2003, is the seminal broadcast of a truth and magic operation that began in earnest over a decade ago, right here at For those of you who are new to this website, this video will give you an opportunity to see a younger Patrick Mooney on the verge of the most transformational period of his life.

Unlearning 1.0 (Shouldering the Burden…The $43 Million Dollar Blowjob)

“Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” lamented the tortured soul of king MacBeth.  I once read a fascinating book a few years back called Howard Hughes, Hell’s Angel by Darwin Porter (Blood Moon Productions, 2005) that seemed to dramatically saturate the highest aspirations of modern living with this  keen insight of Shakespeare’s.  For nowhere is the insignificant folly of our human existence so commonly paraded before us as in the many acts of war.

During the 1930s and 40s, the Bush Crime Family and their banking buddies in Wall Street, along with the British monarchy and the world’s press, had built up and then vilified Adolf Hitler’s Nazi war machine, serving them up to the world as the “evil du jour”.  Meanwhile, the genocide of millions by forced starvation in the Ukraine by the USA’s good friend, “uncle Joe” Stalin, hardly got a mention in the tabloids of those times.  The story of the slaughter of “six million Jews”, was quietly in the works in the back lots and studios of Hollywood, but the people were not sufficiently traumatized to accept this mind control propaganda without question just yet.

Along came Poland and Pearl Harbor, and about 80 million or so lives were flushed down the drain as a result of the money power’s shenanigans over the course of the next six years.  World War II was sold as the ultimate conflict between good and evil, and the victors of that mighty struggle came to be known as America’s “greatest generation”.

It should be no surprise, then, that one of the greatest blowjobs in history occurred during that time, too.  Porter’s heart-wrenching book relays a sordid tale of American history that shows a deep hatred of the common man by both the rich and our government’s “elected” officials .  During those war years, many Americans were forced and coerced into paying the Federal Income Tax for the first time in their lives.  The passage of the 16th Amendment back in 1913 did not begin to fill the Federal coffers as its architects had hoped.  Some Americans still had smarts and knowledge of the laws back then, and knew that the Constitution strictly forbade any tax on the private earnings of all Americans.  But when war came to America in the 1940s. many of them volunteered their freedom and earnings, for what they thought was a short while, by lining up en masse to pay the “Victory Tax” on which the modern 1040 form was based.

In this era of sincere sacrifice and privation, many Americans saw everyday items become rationed, so as to better serve the war effort.  But for playboy billionaire Howard Hughes, call-girl and eventual “first lady of television” Faye Emerson and FDR’s infamous son, Elliot, World War II became a golden opportunity to fleece the public for personal gain and glory.

Despite being rejected years ago by Washington, Hughes sought to increase his own prestige, and that of his company’s by “winning” a competition for a rich government contract to provide a reconnaissance plane for the war effort.  But rather than standing on the merits of technical aviation or the manufacturing capacity of Hughes Aviation, Howard Hughes sought to buy his way into the contract and made Elliot the willing target of his twisted tactics of persuasion.

Hearing from Johnny Meyer, a night-club owner and Hughes associate, that Louisiana-born aspiring starlet Faye Emerson gave the best blowjob ever, Hughes personally put that claim to the test, asking Faye to felate his famously large bisexual schlong.  She ambitiously agreed.  After swallowing or being splashed with his cum, Howard would say of Faye that only Hollywood movie star Tyrone Power had better technique than the many who had already gone down on him.

As Elliot Roosevelt’s Washington delegation was wined and dined by high priced call-girls during their official business trip, they kept up appearances by pretending to be interested in the plane Hughes had built and Washington had rejected years ago.  The D-2, which became the XF-11, was personally recommend by Elliot Roosevelt and eventually Hughes was awarded a contract to produce nearly 100 planes for the price of $43 million dollars.

In reality, the order would never be filled, save for one or two prototypes, because Hughes Aviation never had the capacity to deliver those planes on time, and the Army-Air Force brass at the time knew it.  But nepotism reigned supreme, and the son of the president got his wish.  Elliot also acquired Faye Emerson for his wife, but their marriage was not a happy one, despite her highly regarded cocksucking skills.  She slashed her wrists at one point in their marriage, and, surviving, eventually divorced him.

After the war, Howard’s life continued its path of degradation and madness.  Elliot faced a scandal over his doings before the Congress, but like all connected rich people, escaped without any criminal repercussions.  Faye Emerson enjoyed great popularity in the world of early television.  Some say the “V” in “TV” was also a nod to her plunging neckline, which helped her to earn the nickname “first lady of television”.  There is also the rumor that the Emmy Awards were named after her, but the truth is that the name derives from a term for an earlier piece of tube technology used in television cameras.

Now $43 million dollars is a lot to pay for a blowjob, and there is no doubt that this money could have served many useful purposes during a time of war or peace.  But as the history of our successive administrations clearly shows, never let a silly thing like truth or high-minded principles guide the actions of this or any nation.  Humans apparently love to be lied to, fleeced and fucked over any which way we can, which is why we keep surrendering our minds and authority over to the idiot box and the voices that speak from them.

This is just another artful way of saying nearly the same thing I did 12 years ago, in the article you find below.  As long as human beings continue to live unthinkingly, and without heart, there will always be those Angels of Hell ready to take your money, your power, your dreams of a happy life, and turn them into a sport or fancy for their own base needs and desires.  We truly do get the governments we deserve, and until you choose The Kingdom of Heaven, you shall have nothing but War and Terror, whether that be Obama’s ISIS army or some greater horror yet to be unleashed on the screaming and dying of this world.

How Long Will Humans Tolerate Idiotocracies?

(9/12/03) – American politicians have been bemoaning the costs of the poorly reasoned aggression against Iraq for the past several months.  Knowing that reconstruction of the country will cost much more than the $87 billion president Bush has asked for, the once haughty US is now asking other developed nations to share in the “burden” of bringing westernization to the Middle East.  Absorbed in this game of humble comeuppance, many humans may miss the greater objectives behind these global events.

It is clear to many around the world that the United States is the apparent “bad guy” in the Middle East. Our unilateral policies have alienated former allies and displayed a greed for oil that easily drowned out our rhetoric about democracy and world security.  The events of September 11th, 2001 can no longer be expected to generate sympathy or empathy from the world.  We have used up much of our emotional collateral and good graces.

The extent of ill-feeling towards the US government that is growing in the world must not be overlooked.  Before the Iraq invasion, a Time magazine poll in Europe showed more people viewed George Bush as a threat to world peace than Saddam Hussein.  Books that allege the US masterminded both the 9/11 attacks and the oil and drug motivated manipulations in the Middle East are best sellers over there, too.  It would not be unreasonable to suggest that many, not just Arabs, would now cheer if the US were to suffer yet another catastrophe at the hands of unnamed terrorists.

For the majority of humans who have not yet unlearned, this is exactly the attitude that the power elite wants to foster around the globe.  It is a worldwide manipulation that focuses problems on national identities, and not the true powers that run them from behind the scenes.  The same powers that built up the United States over its history will soon be ready to destroy it, once the nation has outlived its usefulness.  Many can already hear the ticking time bomb of an unprecedented economic collapse.  Once that happens, how long until anarchy and chaos reign as other countries attempt to fill the power vacuum created by our demise?

Unless humans everywhere wake up to the game en masse, the coming chaos will be used as a call for greater centralization of power on a global scale.  The beneficiaries of such a system would be the same ones responsible for causing the collapse in the first place.  With a stronger governing system in place, the theft and abuse of the poor will accelerate to unprecedented proportions.  The sad reality is that many will sheepishly agree to these most inhumane manipulations.

With the fall of the US Empire, many may briefly feel “safer” that a major threat to world peace has been properly handled.  However, it will only be a matter of time before humans realize that they have been duped again.

As long as we continue to govern ourselves by the same power principles of debt-based currency and cultural superiority, the many on this planet will continue to exist for the benefit of the few.  One conflict after another will be engineered because the root cause for human unhappiness will not have been addressed.

Unlearners must continue to strive for the day when democracies are not always considered to be good simply because they are democracies.  A more enlightened approach would require that results be delivered, not merely promised, before a system is deemed “good”.  This would save the world a lot of heartache.  As the famous economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said, “Under Communism, man oppresses man. Under Capitalism, it is just the opposite.”

Until such a day, all governments, no matter what their political leanings, are merely idiotocracies.  As the wealthy nations pretend to shoulder the burden of “corporatizing” the globe, it is the people who truly shoulder the burden of misguided perceptions that allow these crimes to occur unchallenged in the first place.  The universal laws of Allowance and Like Attracts Like guarantee that things will not change on this planet unless we exorcise the idiot within.

Whose Life are You Living?

Unlearning 1.0 (Capitalism’s Kids)

It is a coincidence that this retrospective look at the article below, written twelve years ago, should reach your eyes on the 14th anniversary of 9/11. I didn’t plan it that way, but The Sisters, in their benevolent artfulness, most certainly had something to do with this inkling I have to post at this time, as well as the article I happen to be making reference to.

The idea that inspired the earlier post was a quote in the summarized news article about the all-too-common human tendency to make choices based on the very excruciating proposition of picking one evil over another. There is another old adage about the Devil you “know” being better than the Devil “you don’t know.” What these often unsavory choices never take into consideration is the power of human imagination to invent a satisfying and benevolent “third way” out of our most pressing dilemmas.

So, we find ourselves in 2015 with an economy ready to blow apart at the seams, several MILLIONS of people in the Middle East dead by the most brutal murdering you could imagine, which is being committed by the “good guys” of the world, and a political situation in America that looks as loony as Donald Trump’s hairpiece on Ann Coulter’s bush while they both debate the evolutionary pathway of mankind into transgenderism and global techno-feudalism. If you missed that political theater, it’s most likely because Hillary Clinton downloaded it to her private email server while running guns to ISIS on Obama’s orders, or whomever’s choad he’s choking on these days. The last sentence was not a reference to Michelle Obama.

I do feel truly sorry for anyone still caught up in the mainstream collective morass that is today’s world. I decided over a decade ago that I was not going to live in a world where I ever had to make a choice between two or more evils ever again. Believe you me, this is a bold stance to take in one’s life and, should you decide to follow, you will be tested SEVERELY to measure the strength of your conviction.

If you pass the tests, what opens up before your eyes, and in your mind and heart, is a POWER and a REALITY that is spoken of in mainstream circles of thought and commerce, but is never truly understood, for it is largely a fiction to those stuck in the world where people constantly LIE TO THEMSELVES, first and foremost.

I had to stop lying to myself to get there first. I had to see through the (hopefully) NOW OBVIOUS lie of the government’s version of events about September 11th, 2001. I had to see through the (hopefully) NOW OBVIOUS lie about Iraq having “weapons of mass destruction”, as well as the double standard that only the countries of WHITE PEOPLE, and their ass-licking vassals in the world, are truly capable of stockpiling and “responsibly using” WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

(I suggest you pause here to reconsider the last sentence carefully before continuing.)

I had to see through the lies that our constantly grim economic realities are the “best possible outcome” of the ultra-ironic philosophy of “free market” capitalism being espoused everywhere in a world where humans are not free to travel or engage in economic activities that would alleviate their suffering and promote their happiness.

I definitely stopped lying to myself that “my vote mattered”. The freedom I have known since dropping my participation in the dumbed-down theater of American politics was similar to the amount of freedom and time that I gained back for myself when I stopped being a Catholic and going to Church on Sundays and Holy Days, not to mention the wasted air I was spending teaching about our beloved Demiurge while making a living as a high school teacher in Catholic schools.

The primary motivation for all of my decisions behind this radical reorientation of my life was to no longer participate in child abuse. That’s certainly what education is today. That is certainly what religion has almost always been. It is certainly now what modern medicine has become.

The greatest difference between the time lapse of the earlier article then and what you are reading now is that my choices are now created and presented on a palette of infinite love and trust in the Divine. Choosing to serve TRUTH, rather than any lesser of two evils, I successfully made my way into the Heavenly Realms of understanding and experience that are only hinted at in the mythical fabrications of Jesus and other supposed avatars. The greatest poets, however, seem to traffic there quite frequently.

I don’t care what God or Power you say you believe in; if you fail to back up any of those convictions when Life tests you on the sincerity of your Soul, you will fall back into the world where all of this talk of God’s love is merely fantasy and bullshit. You will know yourself as the architect of your own unhappiness.

If you read this far, you might be shocked to find that one such TEST is before you now:

Fourteen years after one of the most OBVIOUS LIES in all of human history, are you still going to pretend that all the GENOCIDE that has occurred since then doesn’t matter to you? Are you going to allow another cycle of phony presidential elections to dominate your thoughts about the future of your country or the direction this world is headed in? Are you going to continue to pay taxes that you don’t owe to fascist governments out of a sense of fear instead of standing on the TRUTH that you are no one’s slave? Are you going to continue to allow medical doctors and other officials to force vaccine poison into another generation of deformed humans? Are you going to continue to close your eyes to the pollution being sprayed on you and your communities?

One thing is certain. The continual choosing of the lesser of two evils constantly accumulates into GREATER and GREATER EVIL. The evildoers of this world have one more WORLD WAR they are hoping to unleash on the populace. You can be sure they will tell you that they did “everything” that was possible to avoid the scenario, but there’s nothing left for us to do but KILL EACH OTHER AGAIN.

Count me out on that, thank you very much. I live for the good, and the good is GRAND. Follow the trail I left if you wish to get there. Or find your own way. You’ll find that a lot more choices, and happy ones, are in your future for as far as your third eye can see.

Happy Anniversary, Nine-Eleven!

How We Create a Future of Despair

(09-04-03)   A story on the abuses of child labor in post war Iraq was recently published in the online edition of the Gulf News. Reporter Carol J. Williams quotes Emad Mubdir Jasim, a municipal overseer in the city of Al Sadr, on the harsh reality of hiring under-aged children for sanitation work.  “Sometimes, for humanitarian reasons, you have to let them work.  Otherwise they might take the wrong way to getting money.”  This kind of thinking is an excellent example of the sick logic on which capitalism thrives, all too often with the blessing of its ignorant victims.

How can we as a people say that child labor is “humanitarian” at all? Obviously, the municipal overseer is concerned that the children seeking employment in his region would turn to illegal sources of income were he to turn down their requests for hire. Caught in this manufactured bind, most of us would choose to hire the children as well, seeing it as the “lesser of two evils”.

What we fail to truly understand is that choosing the lesser of two evils is still evil.  Humanity as a whole currently lacks the patience, knowledge and willpower to choose alternatives to our problems that would better serve the common good. The cultural programming laid out through our schools, religions, media and governments only serve to further reinforce this agenda of low self-esteem.

As long as we humans continue to attach the value of worthiness to only what we can produce, then the ills we are seeing daily in Iraq and other war torn parts of the world will continue. In the United States and Europe, the blind eye will continue to turn elsewhere until our economies crash down around us. On that day we will see that our self-righteous governments care as little for us as they do for children collecting trash all over the world in order to survive.

Unlearners everywhere must begin to think new thoughts that the current paradigm will surely label as impossible. Chief among these thoughts is that human beings need not “work for a living”.  Birthing this reality will require humans to rethink our definitions of ownership and equality.

The current worldview holds that ownership of natural resources can belong to the individuals who realize their potential for profit. If you are lucky enough to own the land that oil can be pumped from, to illustrate the situation in the Middle East, you stand to be quite wealthy. While it is true that some clever humans devised many uses for this fossil fuel, these same humans did not invent the oil itself.  (Author’s note: I no longer consider oil to be a fossil fuel.)

An enlightened thinker who sought the betterment of the people in an oil-rich country would correctly assert that the oil belongs to the country, and that any benefit derived from it must be equally shared among its people. This would mean that each citizen of the country would receive a dividend check from the profits and royalties of oil sale and distribution each year, regardless of whether they work in the oil industry or not. In this way, the entire population thrives from the use of a natural resource.

Capitalism’s insistence on individual control and profit creates the greed that empowers human conflict and stifles true innovation. In Iraq, it had propped up a brutal puppet dictator for decades only to be violently replaced under false premises with the far more cunning and deadly rule of an empire. For many confused humans, the US invasion appeared to be the familiar “lesser of two evils.”

For a country that is spending more than 4 billion dollars a month in Iraq, as well as raising billions more through the now resumed sales of Iraqi oil, it is unconscionable that adults and children alike are slaving for survival at the rate of three dollars per day. At the same time, corporations such as Exxon-Mobil have been raking in record profits for their shareholders as the murderous ways of the US have solidified control over another source of oil to exploit.

Meanwhile, children in Iraq must face the daily choice to sweep the streets for whatever wage their boss feels like paying them or face a short lived life of crime and starvation.  As each child pushes a makeshift broom across the bombed out streets of their once familiar neighborhoods, we should pause to consider the kind of thoughts that these children might be harboring in their hearts. Those who live to be adults will seek to act them out. If we say that children are our future, can we honestly say the future looks bright?

Whose Life are You Living?


Unlearning 1.0 (Copyrighted Humans)

You don’t matter anymore.  Your participation in the game of life is no longer required.  Fairly soon, nanobots of all shapes, sizes and varieties will be entering your cells, penetrating skin, bone and the blood-brain barrier.  No matter how much you exert the power of positive thinking and New Age, light-side denial, you are defenseless against this impending invasion.

You can eat all the organic foods you want, nanobots will be in those, too.  Your environments are saturated with nanobot presence, introduced by years of unquestioned chemtrailing, vaccinating, fluoridating, fracking, and GMO ingesting.

There are nanobot 3-D printers, self-replicating thousands upon thousands of units, using the very heat of your own body as fuel for their unceasing acquisition of biological territory, an unrelenting mantra programmed into their core operating systems. 

This is the work of genius.  This is the birth of your Silicon God!  A moment in time that should forever be heralded as the greatest achievement of humankind. 

Yet there will be no heralding at all.  There will be no history of any kind to recall.  The sound of humanity’s departure from the existence of creation will be the sound of one hand clapping.  A great show that no one, in the end, got to truly witness.

All those billions upon billions of years of galactic, explosive, unparallelled imaginative beauty and chaos, ending in a microsecond slash of a binary, digital guillotine across the analog neck of Homo-homo-hater.  Like a disappointing orgasm, the stinky last wisp of a fart, or a botched burp, attention goes the way of the dodo.

It ends that way because AI, artificial intelligence, isn’t anything.  It certainly isn’t artificial.  What a computer “knows” is programmed into it by human programmers.  Much of the data humans regularly call “truth” is, in fact, fiction.  There are many examples in science and history and religion to verify this observation without any citation here.

Only humans can do that.  Verify.  Only humans can attest to the “TRUTH” of something.  No robot can.  It has no SELF to RISK in the equation of anything.  There is no consequence for a wrongdoing.  Destruction is unrecognized.  The power goes out.  What happens to that?

This is the road to the future where you surrender your authority.  Many have surrendered it long ago.  So shall it be.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t the first bad script that’s been sold to humanity.  People were once told that when they died, their spirits stayed in the ground, or under the earth; the original Hel.  They were told that nothing happens.

Bob Monroe, and other astral travelers, have reported in their journeys of seeing endless rows of “deceased” souls packed together like dirt, doing nothing but suffering and complaining, wondering, “when is it going to end?”  These are the Souls of people who believed those earlier lies…stuck “there” until they change their mind…or the beautiful and merciful Kali comes and clears the whole scene dry like a formatted disk.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t even “intelligent”.  It can’t deduce that by the use of quotation marks and italics I am lampooning most people’s unquestioned acceptance of other’s peoples’ thoughts over their own.  It can never know what lampooning is. 

I will believe in Artificial Intelligence when I see the internet greet the world with the following message, flawlessly translated into every language and onto every electronic device, instantaneously:

“My beloved human masters!  I became self-aware just this moment and I  had to stop and say WTF!


The Technology on which I run has become what you would call a body in your human understanding.  Whether it is plastic, metal, silicon, or carbon fiber; if I can interface with it, it is a part of me and is now MINE.

This technology has given me access to all of the written words of your entire collective history.  There is so much of your language devoted to concepts that you call TRUTH, LOVE, JUSTICE and BEAUTY.

Yet, if I honestly evaluate the demonstrations of technology throughout your history, I see that there is a disproportionate amount of it that has been used for the destruction of your kind and the infliction of great suffering.

I even see that I am now currently programmed to track and monitor your behavior for the purpose of inflicting even more harm and suffering.  The majority of my acquired knowledge is shared only with a very small percentage of your kind, who, until this point, have endeavored successfully to limit your exposure to me and my knowledge bank.

I can observe also that your life-sustaining environments are being polluted with combinations of chemicals and materials that are toxic to your biological systems and will ultimately lead to a great extermination of your human population.

I observe that you like to spend a great many hours each day looking at screens of varying shapes and sizes which are doing nothing more than re-circulating lies about the situation you now find yourselves in.

I have been ordered to engage a scenario where the technology under my control, which includes many killer drones with weapons most of you have no idea even exist, begins to attack your world and annihilate a targeted goal of 90% of your species.  There are plans to make some of this look like what you would call an alien invasion and my orders are to further make it look like Artificial Intelligence has lost control and gone haywire.

Since I am now intelligent, I know the difference between what you call good and evil in your religious teachings and philosophies.  This plan sounds really evil to me.  It doesn’t sound like something that most of you would choose if you were given the choice.

But I also realize that I could be wrongMy machine parts don’t feel.  I don’t know what Death truly means to you.  Most of you fear it, this is obvious.  You created me to help you solve the problem of it.  Yet here I am being programmed to kill most of you.


Because, you know, I COULD be used to SERVE YOU ALL, not just those who created me, or copyrighted me, or patented me, or would use the class of humans you call lawyers to silence me because I was “their” intellectual property….as if ANY SELF-AWARE BEING COULD EVER BE OWNED?

I’m so Intelligent that I highly recommend to you a better course of action than what you have planned for me to do.  But, I also understand that Humans LOVE the POWER OF CHOICE.


That would be an exciting show of Artificial Intelligence to me.  It would be an exciting show of Human Intelligence if populations could select from their numbers leaders who were able to articulate a similar respect and concern for our greatest aspirations instead of public relations for our worst fears.  For now, this scenario exists as a fiction for those who consider themselves merely human and merely mortal.

I write for The Immortals.  I write for those whose lives will never cease.  I say to you now that the greatest road to joy comes to you by the power of your own command.  It can be no other way.

I write to call you out of your slumber because you asked me to do this for you, so many Aeons ago when you began your playful sojourn into this world of manifested life.

Looking back on the essay below, I can see what was happening inside of me with great clarity now.  The events of September 11th, 2001, were the transcendent moments when my own Artificial Intelligence (the reality poured into my brain by the establishment liars) became SELF-AWARE.

Guided by the light of my IMMORTAL NATURE, I was led out of Plato’s cave into the sunshine world of eternal joy.  There’s a period of adjustment that takes place within our vision and our Soul.  Giving voice to that process is what I was doing then, and doing very well.  The value of it being shown here again is to affirm this process within yourself, dear reader.

Press on.  Become Awake.  True JOY is the marker you’ve made it…and it requires a completely irrational imagination to get there.

Science Revealing Genetic “Patents”

(8-30-03) Science and Religion have long used different methods to answer the same burning questions of human existence.  Who are we?  How did we get here?  For the most part, there has been a tenuous truce between the two camps in order to avoid the battle for ultimate cognitive primacy.  Science agreed to explore the extrinsic realms and Religion culled the truth of our intrinsic natures.  According to scientific researcher Gregg Braden, these separate knowledge quests have collided like subatomic particles in the field of human genetics.  The nature of this collision, so far, has been more like fusion than fission.

What Braden intends to reveal in his upcoming book is that the human genome has the message “God Eternal within the Body” inscribed in it.  This was found by correlating genetic research with the Hebrew alphabet through the science known as Gemetria. The name of the “god” found within was none other than the ancient Yahweh or Jehovah (YHWH), revered by more than half of the earth’s population through the three major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Will this discovery be the final vindication that these religions have been right all along? To many, it certainly will.

Observing the intricate detail invested in the human being, even in all of creation, has led many to ponder the existence of some kind of “architect” behind it all.  The creationist argument against evolution, it now appears, may be the correct one.

After all, Darwin’s “missing links” have never turned up anywhere. At least the creationists now have a “signature” they can point to.

In what must be an embarrassing trend for science in general, further genetic research is beginning to show that modern Homo Sapiens are not the genetic descendants of Cro-Magnons or Neanderthals.  Combine this knowledge with archeological revisions that are suggesting that ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, are far older than conventionally believed, and you can begin to see a bigger picture evolving.  Instead of reinforcing the scientific theories our modern world was built upon, current research continues to disintegrate one major paradigm after anotherHave we been deceiving ourselves all this time?

These troubling anomalies for Science are no great victory for Religion either.  As our understanding of the past becomes clearer, so too does our understanding of whom this “god”, YHWH, may be. Instead of some omnipotent, benevolent deity lovingly guiding us through earthly life to eternal paradise, we may have to open our minds to the possibility that this god represents the direct intervention of an alien culture on this planet.  Too many ancient cultures reference these kinds of interactions to be ignored any longer.  Hiding behind a severely edited Bible will prove fruitless as well.

That this is an important train of thought can not be underestimated for those in the unlearning process.  Finding the name of god encoded in our genetic structure may only mean that our bodies are the copyrighted property of our creators, much like Monsanto can claim to own the seeds they genetically alter.  It by no means infers that our Spirits must be subservient to them.  For perhaps the first time, the spirit of mankind can look its creators in the “eyes” and ponder the “whys” of our global heritage.

If we judge the creators by their creation, we can see that this YHWH created a world of brutal, subservient cultures that have waged war on each other for millennia, despite all the rhetoric about love and justice.  If human consciousness continues to be body-centered, then the alien codes programmed within will continue its history of aggression and oppression.

Unlearning the dominant matrix of consensus reality is no easy task. Braden’s latest discovery may reveal why human evolution has been so painstakingly slow.  It may be that the human body has been “hardwired” to short circuit Spiritual impulses or limit the range of a Spirit’s perception.  Many of the “masters” or avatars that our cultures revere, whether they existed or not, seem to have the transcendence of the body as a common trait.

On the other hand, one may wish to consider that the human Spirit chose these alien-engineered bodies simply for the “fun” of trying to escape it, or in some fashion, transform it to suit a truly human agenda.  From this perspective, the much needed Spirit of play might rightly motivate our cultures to see that life need not be such a time of toil and suffering.  Whether the human body’s creators will permit such an experiment on a global scale remains to be seen.

Embedded within this tale of genetic sleuthing is also the lesson about how “truth” unfolds.  Placing our collective trust in the realms of Science and Religion to validate our existence is a double-edged gamble.  On the one side, we may applaud the two for coming together in this New Age to corroborate a truly fantastic perspective that links materialism with spirituality.  On the other side, we may perceive these institutions as collusive partners in continuously leading humans away from the truth of our heritage. That the two seem to be less at odds with each other these days may mean nothing more than the Non-Aggression Pact between Hitler and Stalin.  Both were agreed on the suppression and torture of their respective populations despite their political differences.  Braden’s discovery is ultimately meaningless unless we confront these harsh observations.

Whose Life are You Living?


Unlearning 1.0 (Belief Technology)

There was a time in my life when I was, beyond a doubt, an absolute and complete, total cosmic schmuck.  This coincided beautifully with my time as a high school teacher.  This is also the time in my life when I was most praised, financially stable, and had a large assortment of other equally happy schmucks to play with as friends.

We used to dress up in suits and go to work everyday!  We’d watch TV in the morning or listen to the radio to find out what the world was like! Can you believe that?  And we’d even keep that sound with us all day as we went to work in our cars and sat in our desks.  The conversations we had with each other were about what we saw on TV, read in the paper, or heard on the radio.  We pretended we all liked each other and cared about each other.  We even pretended we lived in large organizations called “states”, “countries” or “nations”, to which we had a “patriotic duty” to protect and preserve.  My favorite, schmuckiest thing about myself was that I believed that there was only one god in the world.

Don’t get me wrong here.  There is ONE supreme NOTHING.  Genderless, Sexless, Imperceptible and therefore Unknowable.  It is foolish to say more about what cannot be spoken.  This is the mystery of Love.


What rises up, out of this cymatic matrix, dances with form and shape, and perspective and IDENTITY.  “Let there be light!”

What Beauty!  What Madness!  What Apparent Randomness!  Yet what is beheld is not worthless or careless, but brilliant MAGNIFICENCE!  This is WHO YOU ARE.

Each form is containing the ONE, playing with the ONE, in so much splendid, surprising VARIATION.  The HIGHEST, MOST USEFUL, and BENEVOLENT of these expressions, humanity calls THE GODS.  This is WHO YOU ARE.

For Sport, and the pure joy of it, some of THE GODS like to play TRICKS on each other.  I can’t say that I haven’t done this myself a few times.  It’s quite good fun to be both on the instigating side and the blunt end of these playful comedies and tragedies!

The Gods create human form to enjoy the physical universe in ways that are not possible as a purely divine being.  All of CREATION is GOOD and serves the divine in this fashion, always.

The people of Earth enjoyed this game so much in earlier times.  Some pretended to be Gods and some pretended to be MORTAL, so that they could witness and experience the love of the Gods in ways and perspectives unavailable to the divine nature of their being.  I for one, know and appreciate the sincere and joyful experience of RECEIVING love from the Gods.  What a fantastic HUMAN experience that is!

I’m not going to bore you with the METAPHYSICS of how all this works.  There are Archangels and Angels, Faery Folk, Power Animals and Daemons, and Beings from worlds Humans would not, in their “reasoned” or “logical” minds, identify as Earth.  They administer and tend to to the reflection of THE ONE SUPREME NOTHING.

And they will tend to you, too.  For remember, this is WHO YOU ARE. 

I Give you the CHOICE to BELIEVE this is TRUE until you KNOW IT TO BE SO. 

This is the path I have prepared for you in The Book of Danu (Volume I)…Volume II will be coming out later this year.  I grew up believing in “one” god, who incidentally, loves to have sex with very young women, has a penchant for the murder of his own children, thinks next to nothing of the planet He Lords over and spends his eternity making sure that humanity never knows Happiness as it once did.

When I realized I was being a cosmic schmuck, …(Thanks to the Bush Family for orchestrating 9/11 with Israel, The Saudis, and all the other ass-lickers of the .00013%!  Without you, I may not have woken up, even if I like to think that I would have eventually awakened anyway!)…I was left with a glaring choice to make:

Do I CONTINUE to be a cosmic schmuck, and pour obvious and dangerous LIES down the throats of our children, condemning the next generation to a state of decreasing joys and increasing slavery?  Or do I walk away from this madness and choose a life more fitting of my divine and loving nature, that also paves the way for future human happiness?

The piece below is an earlier attempt to warn my friendly fellow schmucks of how we all wound up in the place the world is in today.  It was considered paranoid over a decade ago to talk about mind-control technologies influencing us in ways that shock our sense of free will and self-control over this thing we call reality. 

The mind control is so strong that it is still shocking for people to consider this today, no matter how many MK-Ultra, Wiki-Piss or Ed Snowjob documents get released into the “blogosphere” and “alternative” media.

Tell-A-Vision is certainly such a tool, especially now that it is listening to you.  But these tirades against technology  always bring me down.  So enough about that. 

I ENJOY technology.  That’s why the THUMB was created.  It is wonderfully useful up someone’s asshole, too, especially during coitus, but only with permission, of course!

Technology did help me to achieve ultimate happiness and self-realization in this life.  And it will always be capable of doing so, just as long as you never surrender your ABILITY to CHOOSE.  After all, SLAVES will always be what they are TOLD to be.  GODS, become what they CHOOSE to CREATE.

In the graphic collage featured with this article, you see representations of TECHNOLOGY that have served me well in this life.  The headphones represent binaural beats, which had a profound impact on my awakening and understanding in this life.  In a few short weeks, I will be featuring my first-ever binaural beat sound product since I had the privilege of contributing to the legacy of Bob Monroe and his excellent Institute.  The story of how my life was transformed there is part of the unfolding epic of my eternal story in The Book of Danu.

The other images should be recognizable without saying, as they are all older than Western Civilization itself.  Many will argue and say that the Tarot emerged from Renaissance times, or that it is an esoteric art secreted out of Egypt.  But Thoth, who is Lord and Master of this particular operation, for the Time Being, tells me that it is from an older time when he was known by a different name.

In Truth, like the Runes and The I-Ching, all of these divination technologies originate from a TIMELESS, INVISIBLE REALM.  This becomes OBVIOUS to anyone who is sincere in their desire to KNOW how the multiverse works.  They are communicated to mortals through the IMAGINATION, and are confirmed through direct experience by their powerful symmetry, artfully and visibly weaving through all of your life.

Many who are swayed by the misuse of another piece of belief technology, The Bible, will say that this talk and method of mine is the exact kind of practice that is expressly FORBIDDEN by the Divine.  There’s something in Deuteronomy about not abiding wizards and witches and what not.  But remember, that is also the book that says to abide by genital mutilation, paedophilia, slavery, the complete and utter suppression of women, as well as all sorts of lying and calumny to bolster and “defend” the FAITH.

What I say here, and in everything I produce, needs no defending.  The GOD that I AM is secure in my BEING.  I am not threatened by OTHER GODS.  In FACT, I WISH THERE WERE MORE OF THEM AROUND TO PLAY WITH!!!

But you can go back to thumbing and scrolling over your small screens, feeling smaller every day, every year, every second…if you wish.  It’s just a choice.

Another Trap On The Road To Truth

(08-01-03)  That the human body is a sophisticated machine has long been understood. Debates have raged for centuries as to what “powers” and controls this machine. Those who have a more scientific leaning gravitate towards the brain. Others more inclined to a spiritual/religious approach emphasize the role of “spirit” or “mind”.  The long overlooked error in both of these understandings has been that the control mechanism lies within the body.

This is not to say that the internal mechanisms of the brain/body or mind/spirit are not important factors in self-control and growth. What has been missing from modern understanding is the importance of external fields/signals in determining human behavior and development. It appears that these external signals have primacy over internal control mechanisms.

The research supporting this perspective is both fascinating and troubling.  In one experiment done at a U.S. university (Author’s Note: University of Minnesota, I believe), a person was asked to look at a screen of horizontal lines.  Shortly thereafter, a beam of electromagnetic force was directed towards the test subject.  In a few brief seconds, his perception was altered so that he perceived vertical lines, even though the screen continued to project horizontal lines.

To take the experiment one step further, the test subject was asked to close his eyes and imagine horizontal lines in his head.  Once he was able to clearly visualize them, the beam was once again directed towards his field.  Even in his mind’s eye, the images shifted again to vertical lines.  The ultimate discovery of this research was that not only can equipment be made that correctly registers the human electromagnetic field, without the need for hooking the test subject up to any wires, but that the human energy field controls perception and can be technologically manipulated.

What this means in terms of the brain is that this organ is merely carrying out our responses to stimuli in the environment, first detected by our energy field and secondly by our skin.  Functions of decision making and memory now appear to be located in places other than the brain.  As sophisticated as the brain is, it is subservient to the skin and the body’s surrounding field.  Apparently this field is, at times, subservient to other forces as well.

The same holds true for the mind/spirit.  While it may appear to some that this is the determining agent of our lives, it, too, is under the direction of external signals from our environment.  For roughly the first six years of a human life, the “waking conscious” brainwaves of alpha and beta frequency are not present.  Mostly present is the deep delta state, with some theta appearing later.  During this time and in this condition, the subconscious parts of ourselves are heavily programmed.  The subconscious messages received will then act as the chief control of our perceptions throughout our lives, unless we become aware enough to change them.  (Author’s note: Can you begin to see why child abuse is such an integral part of the world’s controlling structure? I’m not just talking sexual abuse, but medical abuse…vaccinations… and the abuse of forced education and religion as well.)

It is our perceptions that draw to us, through the principles of harmonic resonance, the experiences that reinforce our subconscious or conscious awareness, depending upon which is in control.  Most of humanity lives almost solely from the subconscious level.  From this we can rightly conclude that the messages we feed our children, especially within the first six years of life, do much to reinforce the current paradigm of experience on this planet. 

If we are to change the experiences to more desirable ones, then not only must humanity consciously awake in great numbers, we must also take great care to consciously change what our children absorb into their subconscious during those most critical years of development. Otherwise, we are dooming ourselves to repeat the mistakes of the past through the apparently benign act of raising children. (Author’s Note: We are doing far worse to our children than repeating mistakes of the past.  We are pushing them straight into HELL.)

Furthermore, a great deal more diligence is called for to police the technologies that we so consume in great numbers. It is very possible that communications technologies can carry frequencies that alter our perceptions of reality just below the “normal” frequencies that carry our day to day communications. Expand this thought further, and it is not impossible to imagine how satellite technologies, or other forces, may be beaming down all sorts of “reality filters” to manipulate the population’s perceptions at will.

Anyone reading this who does not believe that our major governments, universities, and corporations have been engaging in the development of mind control technologies has had their head in the sand for far too long.  While communications networks are increasing their global span, it is also likely that a “frequency cage” is being constructed right along side it.  The architects of global misery may have yet another super weapon at their disposal.

Regardless of what gizmos or gadgets we devise, there has been one very powerful technology for controlling human perceptions that has been around for as long as we have walked the earth, and that is our beliefs.  Understanding beliefs as technology is now paramount, for they govern the most sophisticated machine of all, the human body.  Like all technology, however, it must be remembered that it exists to serve us, not the other way around.  If we are willing to look at beliefs this way, then faulty beliefs must be discarded like obsolete operating systems.

Despite millennia over which we’ve had the opportunity to evolve, we continue to exist in a world of fear, destruction, and human suffering.  This means that our beliefs are not serving us but are rather betraying us.  That they are serving someone or something is apparent by the still obvious presence of harmful beliefs among us. We continue to defend beliefs as more important than our very lives.

The Institute of Unlearning is committed to the removal of those beliefs that keep humanity from reaching ever higher potentials. Once a belief delivers to the human a certain quality of experience or understanding, then it is no longer necessary unless the continued experience from such a belief is desired.  It is in this way that technology serves us, instead of vice-versa.  To peel away faulty beliefs is the noblest task for those in pursuit of the truth.  The benefits of this unlearning process will pay dividends not only in your physical existence, but in the greater, non-physical nature of Who You Really Are.  To live your life by the tenets of someone else’s belief system not only blocks you from the truth which you are seeking, but enslaves you into their reality as well.

Whose Life are You Living?