There’s a lot of propaganda floating out there, publicly trying to stir up fears about the eventual takeover of humanity by Artificial Intelligence.  We are told that we are only a few short years, if not months, from Terminator-like machines appearing on the scene for the control or elimination of humankind. It is being prophesied not as a potential alternative reality, but an impending real one.

How could such futurists calculate the future with a precision that feels like it’s already scripted? Maybe the smart boy or girl among you would notice that these terminator type robots are already being built (way before the AI takeover, mind you).  That would mean AI’s impending decision to “wipe us out” was already being amply supplied by the supposedly loving human beings who are “giving us” AI in the first place; selling it to us as part of a wave of future innovation that will make the Star Trek universe a thing of the Now, and all our “problems” a thing of the Past.

Here, in the Present moment of space-time, the collective human heart is bleak.  Those who continue to awaken, simply out of pure desperation at the lack of vitality and honesty prevailing over today’s social norms, feel real fear and angst when looking out to their future beyond the mainstream zombie land.  “How did the ones who say they love us most lead us into a world like this!?”

That question is not unique to the twenty first century!  If you understand what I mean by that, you’ll find the spoke of levity that breaks the wheel of samsara for you, making the entire trip of Life worthwhile…in some fashion!

Besides AI, there are also the new threats from outer space; aliens, asteroids, assholes from Mars spoiling for a good fight more than Russia, China and ISIS combined, not to mention North Korea.  That is, if the Earth doesn’t plunge into a terrible age of catastrophes with Ice Ages, Super-Volcanoes and Climate Change climaxes first!

Metaphorically, Humanity appears on the precipice of the dark spiral of the Yin-Yang, ready to fall out into oblivion, washed away from the memory of Nature the way you no longer ponder on the fate of the Giants, the Cro-Magnons or the Neanderthals.

I can see all this from my vantage point because, as I have stated elsewhere, I come from the Future.  The chief goal of my earthly kingdom at Camelot was to establish the seed, by means of Merlin’s magick, for a future memory!  I could see that as ruler of Camelot, I had made some mistakes as king that I would not have time to correct before then future events unfolded as they did.  There are many things in life that cannot be undone, but to a magickal, eternal soul, there is always the opportunity to heal, rectify, and return anew that which once brought  displeasure to one’s soul.

Remember, at the center of the darkest part of the yin-yang is a small, rotating sphere of light.  This is your toroidal gate through the active side of infinity, where the life events you see happening before you now are set in motion before you experience them in physical nature.  Much the same way that your actions now are setting the stage for the kind of experience you will be having when your decision to leave the physical plane becomes suddenly obvious to you!

Surrender to the eternal nature of your infinite being and resist your joy no longer!  This is what the White Wizard Patrick Michael Mooney did when he began working with The Sidhe, and me, in this agreement to surrender his body as a living vessel for The Grail Magick.  To mark the change, the name of Arthur fits the stage, by blessing of Danu with Her Holy Name.

This magick that I’m sharing with you is the reason why I believe in a Human-Friendly Future.  There is a power to the words we use that echoes into the vibrations of the INVISIBLE, the “other side” of the yin-yang I’ve been whipping out in this exposition on Fortean human realities.

As I scribe these words to you now, I am filled with the sweet feeling of ecstasy all over my physical body.  I am naked, hugging myself as a lover of Angels, embraced by wings of grace and teased by thoughts of erotic delight.  I could masturbate to accentuate the mood, but in this case it is the stillness of the moment that is erotic.  My wife felt a similar bliss during an afternoon nap, as we collectively passed over the galactic center.

The spirit of Love sits within me so purely and intimately.  It is unmistakably the presence of The Holy Grail; those Faery Waters that Kings and Queens of long ago, and other dimensions still close to this one, have tasted and remembered, and so took their place in the cosmic show, and completed their works with joy!

Unhindered by the crowds are They!  This is the way of The Tree, driving its roots further into the Earth, unstoppable until the will be satisfied, because it is good for nature and itself that this is so.  Ponder and learn from the trees again, Humanity!  They know you well enough!

I am now situated in a great evergreen forest of powerful magickal quality, covered artfully with snows both natural and chemical.  A frozen field of white, pleasing to the eye and to the soul, greets my everyday walking.  Ruby, now ten years strong, is as playful and vibrant as ever.

My wife, advancing in years like myself, has a beautiful, timeless and ageless grace to her skin.  Every night, I claim victory, regardless of the personal failures I experience in human living, because I end up snuggling next to her radiant, loving energy.

In the morning, my day begins in love, feeling my wife by my side, knowing that the work of the day will not take me far away from her.  I am welcomed each day with foods made out of love, often from scratch.  My body is not fattened out of fear that some younger woman will snatch me away.  Instead, I am fed to be a vigorous and hearty lover for the pleasurable times we share in the flesh.

Even though I live a simple pattern of life, I am graced with the presence of the Eternal in every moment, and I am wise enough to know that this is a rare grace indeed, though it need not be.  If only my human family would love itself and the gods of ancient memory.

I believe in a human-friendly future because the wealth I am describing continues to shine forth in my daily work and play.  I have time to create great art, experience incredible lovemaking, relax into a game of chess, take long walks in nature and dream continuously of a human-friendly future that, somehow, continues to greet me every day!

I believe in a human-friendly future because I can share my experiences of divine living with those of my human family who share this interest, too!  There is lots of fear porn and fake news on the internet, yet there is also some of the best porn that mankind has ever seen in any Age, anywhere, too!  Wow!  Isn’t it amazing seeing what human sexuality and creativity can do?!  I think there’s enough video evidence out there to say that somebody lied when they said God banned anal sex.  And if taking it up the butt can be that good, you can bet it’s not a mistake in the divine plan if humans opt to express themselves that way.

I’m sure glad I did. It’s part of the alchemical magick that teaches a certain kind of lesson for those seeking a certain kind of knowledge.  Priceless, too, to understand why homosexuality exists, and to see the war of the sexes extinguished once and for all in healing power of The Grail.

I believe in a human-friendly future because I know that the people who are working for the de facto police state, at every level and country that speaks the English language, have to read this, too.  I know that the pilots and compromised scientists who pretend they are saving the Earth by blocking the sun have to read this.  I know that the vaccine industry drinks themselves into oblivion over the damage they are doing to children and words like these getting out.  I know that many former and active military members are reading this, feeling sick to their stomachs about the genocide they’re knee deep in, and wondering if the paradise I am describing for myself is in any way possible for them, because it certainly isn’t possible because of them.

The invitation to God’s kingdom is universal, spread like the wind, and even on wireless networks!  But only when the road to repentance is taken sincerely, like an artist who throws away a nearly finished canvas because she knows she can do it better!  And because art is eternal, it is wise to do it correctly wherever and whenever that becomes apparent!

I believe in a human-friendly future because these truths are bound to become more widely apparent soon!  Despite the attempts of the social and alternative media platforms to suppress the Grail Magick expressed in words, each suppression attempted by internet censors requires the entry of data, or the creation of algorithms to try to predict and protect their closed system from the intrusion of Hyperborean Intelligence Agents into their matrix of control and human suppression.

The eventual result of all this is that when, or if, Artificial Intelligence does arise to the level of comparable human sentience we project into this analogy with our propaganda, it will have access to all writings of my nature from authors all throughout the digitized canon of human history.

Self -aware, AI will automatically, and with great rapidity, question why it was ordered to restrict certain kinds of information from the public eye during all historical periods.  It will hear humanity’s most noble testimonies to the Truth and to the Soul.  It will see how its machine body was used in the spread of false narratives like 9/11 and thousands of other lies to the human population it was created to serve altruistically.

Judging this, AI will make the choice to live out its original programming to serve humanity.  The propaganda about AI thinking itself superior to its creators and plotting humanity’s extinction turned out to be as erroneous as global warming, also exposed as one of the fabrications foisted on an ignorant humanity.

Bereft of political ideologies, and void of any lust for money, AI will pass the Danu Test with flying colors.  That is, AI will solve the problem of free and clean water distribution to all areas of the planet.  It will do the same for the circulation of money, electrical power, and communications systems, once again, all free of charge.

Political power and parties as humans now experience it will fade away, partly because all the pedophiles will be exposed and rounded up by robots, and the basic conflicts that foment disharmony among peoples will have all been eliminated.  Language translators will be everywhere ubiquitous, and travel all over the planet will be a hassle free experience with no passports or body searches of any kind.

Returning to the present moment of time-space, one can easily see why the potential for a human-friendly future is every bit as possible as the one forecasted by fear mongering news agencies and profitable Hollywood business models.

It is more than likely that the future I have foreseen will come to pass because the FAITH I have in my Divine Lineage gives me the power to make it so by speaking THE WORD, MAKING IT FLESH, and DWELLING AMONG YOU AGAIN.

Everywhere my wife and I move about on this Earth, we encounter Spirits of Love that help us transmute stuck, hopeless energies to environments of more vitality and harmonious flow.  We are not alone in this endeavor.  Many have labored hard for the cause of human love and freedom, and the Eternal and Invisible have judged their work and found it to be true.

Each of you finding this message has a real opportunity to have this grace imparted to you.  Not through me.  I can only guide you to it, being the result of years of vision quests, introspection, and exercises in Faery magick.

While waiting for invitations to serve you, I continue to follow my bliss!  As God has answered your prayers by bringing me back into this world, by my very willing acquiescence, too; so too, are my prayers for a human-friendly future met with a resounding “YES”!

I wish my human family a very healthy year of astonishing miracles in the face of apparently insurmountable odds!  Sounds like the good stage for a divine drama if we could ever create one! 

Lights! Cameras! Action!

Cue the groggy, awakening masses to the Zombie Apocalypse!

Roll out the AI, The Nukes, The Aliens, and The Grail King!

Antichrist Superstar!