Gratitude for The Grail

Gratitude for The Grail

Coming up with a suitable symbol to describe a concept of UNLEARNING had always been a difficult challenge for me, for some reason.  When I began the website back in 2003, the best I could come up with was a simple text format logo, which you can see on my page description for “Unlearning 1.0”, those years from 2003 to 2006 where I did my passionate best to warn the world about the then-emerging fad but the now-preferred form for all things fascist.

Back then, I didn’t consider myself a visual artist, even though I had a tremendous interest in video and photography as I began to gather the necessary broadcast skills to promote my impassioned pleas for human freedom and social justice.  It was only last year, the best year of my entire life, that I emerged into this world as an artist whose life and works are worthy of mention.  I don’t say that to be brash, though I love being brash.  My story is a good story because I made it all the way from a dead-on, fully asleep, mainstream media zombie to a divinely-realized human being.  This means it can happen to you, too!

By my understanding of the way nature works, there’s a good chance that I’m not the only one this has happened to, too!  You’re here, reading me.  That means you are in resonance with what I’m saying.  You’ve either had the experiences I’ve written about and agree with the understandings I articulate, or you are still discerning the path to your own destiny’s fulfillment.  If you are the latter, connecting to this website is a very good sign for you.  Anyone who has courage and a WILL to KNOW TRUTH will find the way to the GREAT JOY OF THE AGES.

That Joy for me is none other than the redeeming power of The Holy Grail, which I did drink from for the first time in 2013 while vision questing on the gorgeous island of Ireland.  Since then, I have poured many drafts for myself, but it takes only one drink to heal all the hurts and pains caused by the trials of Life and our collusions with ignorance and evil.

The Grail was offered to me by Arthur Danu, the divine persona of the late Pendragon and King of Camelot, on the occasion of my wedding to Queen Zara Heimdal of The Sidhe, a race of Invisible Beings still revered in Ireland, and whose presence is disguised worldwide through tales of The Faery Folk and similar lore.

During that very grand time, we struck up an arrangement to be “Ambassadors” for each other’s culture, for the purpose of sharing empowering wisdom between our worlds, which have quite a long common history together.  The last time the relationship was openly acknowledged, with a few exceptions, was at the dawn of “western civilization”, several centuries before the Druidic Yesu was nailed down to the dark, Yewish fable.  Great have been the errors of humankind since then.

It was the recognition of my own life being in error, plus the choice to be responsible for my errors, that initiated the spiritual, moral, and magical process that I have been promoting through my works as unlearning.  The term was either created by Anthony DeMello or George Lucas, whose iconic Star Wars character, Yoda, instructed the young Luke Skywalker in the ways of The Force.

Coincidentally, or not (most likely), history tells the tale of an influential Ambassador from Hyperborea, called Abaris Skywalker, who knew a great bit about The Force, as well, and did his best to preserve a very ancient system of knowledge through very challenging human times.

To grasp the way to your ultimate glory requires a WILLINGNESS to admit that YOU KNOW NOTHING, no matter how many years you may have spent on schooling and the acquisition of skills.  If you picture the image of pouring liquid into an already full glass, and the spilling fluid quickly causing an uncomfortable mess all around you, then you have an excellent visual depiction of how hard it is to teach someone who believes they know everything.  First, we must empty ourselves and then ask to be filled.  This new symbol for my website, and ancient symbol of divine love and goodness, is perfect in this application.

My magical relationship to Arthur naturally made me inquire about the use of Excalibur in this life to confront the forces of evil and to stake our claim for this golden age.  But it came to me, through his wisdom, that The Grail will serve as our instrument of power in this earthly sojourn.

“My mistake in ruling Camelot was that I allowed the sword to hold too much power.  In the hands of a noble spirit with great vision, it can light the way through challenging times, as I was fortunate to experience with my own eyes.  But in times of peace and plenty, when dreams of the future are being nurtured into a cultivated expression of communal joy, the power of the Grail is far superior to sustaining the laws of harmony and abundance throughout the generations.”

The courage to fight for truth will always be needed, Arthur tells me, even in times of peace, because it is easy to fall prey to illusions on the “material side” of the veil between what is seen and what is Invisible to ordinary perception.  But a culture that can embrace a partnership with The Invisible will discover a confidence and a language about living that surpasses in wonders anything yet seen in many Aeons.

The way to that world is through the imagination, of which the Grail itself is only one facet of this divine archetype.  It has been called by many names and has many analogues in human experience.  It is the cauldron of The Dagda.  It is Suttung’s Mead of Poetry.  It is the biblical “cup that runneth over”, not with the sacrifice of blood but with the joy of abundant living.

The Grail is also a feminine symbol, and an apt image of her timely return to world prominence in the minds and hearts of all humans.  Her flavor is that of the sweetest water that can be had from both sets of lips of your one true lover.  It heals all infirmities with time and tenderness.  It is the true and lasting taste of Love.

The Grail is the cup poured out in honor of the fallen brave and missing loved ones at gathered feasts where humanity is truly valued.  It is for the many who have died as a result of Yewish magic on 9/11 and The Phoney War on Terror since then, that I dedicate my own spiritual victory and labor for a greater expression of that glory.

Finally, the Grail is a fitting sign for the Age of Aquarius, where the value of brotherhood and cooperation will ultimately cover the globe as surely as the sun shines down on us.  For I Am You, and I have shown it done.  Let this future pour into your thirsting Soul, and may you come to savor the seasons of its unfolding!!!

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