Endorsements are the way we support each other.  When good things happen in our lives, we want to tell others.  It is the height of joyful service to recommend the work of others who contribute to one’s improved sense of self-BEING.

This website proudly sponsors the work of two of the bravest and most eloquent expressions of truth and freedom to be found anywhere on the internet.  It is the challenge of every dedicated unlearner to smash through the layers of bullshit that have been intentionally installed into your mind through the process of forced “education”, and the constant bombardment of thought memes through mainstream media outlets.  This is quite literally counter-intelligent indoctrination to a life of insignificant subservience.

The information contained in the two sites below will smash through lies like Thor’s Hammer through a mountain!!!  Claim your power back by facing the Truth.



 Just as with my magic spell, A Decade of Love, I like to amuse myself by pretending I am living in a world where most everybody has woken up to the horrors of The New World Order and has made the courageous decision to correct the problem.  In that world, my celebrity status assures me very wide media coverage, and I use those platforms to speak my truth as best I see it, once again, without sucking the corporate cock (or licking the corporate cunt, to be gender impartial).

In time, this won’t be for pretend.  What pretty days those will be!

featuring the magickal works of Arthur Patrick Danu