A Brief Story about Patrick Michael Mooney

About the Author

Patrick Michael Mooney has reached his own personal “kingdom of Heaven” through a process called “unlearning”, which is an expansion and departure from the writings of a Jesuit priest, Anthony DeMello.

Even though this website was first published in the Spring of 2003, Patrick charts the beginning of his unlearning endeavors back to 1998.  It was then that his dearly beloved Catholic beliefs began to crumble in the light of academic scrutiny surrounding the religion’s origins.

The breakdown of his mainstream conditioning came to a crashing crescendo during the Autumn of 2001, when Patrick realized for the first time that the United States Federal Government was directly involved in the carrying out of the attacks (controlled demolitions) on the two World Trade Centers towers and Building 7 in New York City, as well as the missile attack on the Pentagon and the shooting down or staged crashing of the passenger airline over the colony of Pennsylvania.

Patrick soon discovered, to great horror, the many lies upon which his “mainstream reality” depended to stay afloat.  These lies were covering up great crimes and tragedies of human evil all across the globe.  In order to preserve his own sanity and the sacred reverence for the life he held dear in his heart, Patrick resigned as a counter-intelligence agent (high school teacher), and threw himself into the void of uncertainty so that he might encounter Truth firsthand, instead of having it fed to him by so-called “experts” and “authorities”.

In 2002, Patrick followed his intuition and participated in The Monroe Institute’s “Gateway Voyage”, at their retreat center near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of the Virginia colony.  The experience was profoundly moving and began an 11 year transformation of turning Patrick from an ordinary human into the magical, divine, creative artist he is today.

From 2003 – 2013, while working as a record producer and sound engineer, Patrick engaged in a great battle for truth and freedom against the growing backdrop of United States fascism.  This website features many of those early writings, and documents his fight against the fraudulent administration of the U.S. Income Tax, and remains a resource for those still inclined to empower themselves with the Truth.

Alongside his struggle to fight for the rights of all humans and our precious Earth, Patrick’s efforts caught the attention of the Unseen Realms of universal consciousness, in particular the magical race of beings known to history and culture as The Sidhe.  Today, Patrick serves as Human Ambassador to the Faery Realms and endeavors to share their ancient wisdom with a world that is in desperate need of their healing magick.

In 2012, Patrick began working a magical, musical spell called The Decade of Love (2012 -2022), which is creating a strong vibrational matrix of love that is capable of bridging the human world with other intelligent worlds reachable to conscious human perception.  He endeavors to work with other highly devoted, inspired and talented beings who share in their desire for a sane, free, joyous existence that can be left behind for tomorrow’s children to enjoy.


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