A Decade of Love (2012-2022)

A Decade of Love (2012-2022)

One of the greatest treasures found during Patrick’s personal unlearning journey was a renewed love for singing.  “After my break from the Catholic Church, my heart was crushed.  I used to love singing when I went to Mass, and even served as cantor on several occasions.  But after my awakening, I found that I could not even stand the sound of my own voice,” Mooney recalls.

That all changed sometime around 2005, when Patrick bought a karaoke machine to liven up a Halloween party.  “Not only was it a great party, but we all had the chance to discover something beautiful about our friends and neighbors.  Many of them had beautiful voices, and I loved the fact that I could re-ignite my love for devotional singing through secular music I had been hearing all my life,” he says.

Armed with his awakened perspective of reality, Mooney began to see synchronistic messages in the songs he had always loved.  “It was like receiving love notes from my Higher, Divine Self.  Singing was going to be the way to heal my heart that had been broken through the epic collapse of my former worldview.”

Patrick also credits singing with helping him heal from a broken heart at the end of a long, romantic relationship, finding the true love of his life thereafter, and gaining access to the Unseen Worlds of mythic and imaginative power.  “Music is medicine!  You can change the world if you know the right tune!”

Hence, we come to the magic spell which Mooney calls A Decade of Love.  “I believe that most human beings are living in environments that have a poor ‘background radiation’.  By this I mean our perceptions about life are grown in a designed cesspool of fearful thinking and negative thoughts based on the illusion of scarcity.”

“Once I recognized the abundant, personal love of the universe in my own life, I decided that I would use my voice and my very Being to bring joy to the world.  If the universe would help me increase my own talents, I would pass along the benefits to all mankind until we awoke to the grander natures within ourselves,” Mooney says.

So far, Mooney is reporting positive results.  “My own singing talents are improving at a rate that surprises me constantly.  I’ve never taken a singing lesson in my entire life.  I am guided to improvement through the guidance of Invisible Others.  But what I’m really enjoying is surprising people with free concerts that give them a show they’d be happy to pay for.”

Then there are Patrick’s music videos, which to him are magic spells, religious acts of divine devotion, that are weaving a new kind of consciousness on the planet.  “I pretend that I am an established celebrity who actually has the balls to speak truth to power instead of sucking the corporate cock.  Given an awesome talent, I feel the responsibility to use it for an awesome cause, not for fame or personal gain.”

“If the world desires artists who are capable of dreaming up a much more divinely joyous existence for all humankind, a dream that will liberate you from the lies and the suffering toil of the present world, and heal yourselves and this world in ways you can’t even imagine right now…then by the time this spell is done in its working, you will know me as one sent to fulfill such a purpose,” Mooney concludes.

You can follow the progress of Patrick’s spell through his Press Releases and media found under this heading and elsewhere on The Web.





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