Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : O Holy Night

Spell 33 in The Decade of Love brings the Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon to a royal conclusion, as Patrick Michael Mooney pays homage to the story that inspired his own victorious quest for divine love made manifest in the flesh.  Franco Zefferilli’s masterful imagery from Jesus of Nazareth illuminates the production.

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Do You Hear What I Hear?

The newly crowned king steps to the microphone for the completion of his initiation beneath the pyramids of Giza.  Spell 32 in the Decade of Love is a regal cover of Do You Hear What I Hear? (Gloria Shayne Baker and Noel Regney). Artist Phillip Light provides the stunning background images.

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Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Blue Solstice

Patrick Michael Mooney salutes the divine king within all of us and completes an important spiritual transformation in this 31st spell of The Decade of LoveElvis Presley presides over this love song to my beautiful Blue!!!

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Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Imagine – War is Over!!!

Patrick Michael Mooney invokes John Lennon for the 30th spell in the Decade of Love, singing a prayer of invitation and good will during this Solstice Season, as the Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon continues.

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Runaway Train

Patrick Michael Mooney sings a spell of warning for his 29th song of The Decade of LoveSoul Asylum’s 22 year old hit, Runaway Train reminds us that we can go back and change the Future, time machine or not.

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Human Touch

Patrick Michael Mooney sings the Bruce Springsteen ballad, Human Touch, for his 28th spell in the Decade of Love, as the Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon continues.

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : The Stranger

Arthur Danu returns to the stage for his second appearance of 2014, covering a Billy Joel classic from the 1970s, The Stranger.  Will he become a “singular sensation” by shining the light of truth and imagination from “dusk ’til dawn“?  Whatever happens, he’s hoping you’ll give Rainbow Bridge Studios your generous support!

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Across The River

Spell 26 in Patrick Michael Mooney‘s Decade of Love is an encouragement to keep on moving toward your dreams, regardless of how daunting the journey looks.  When you find your “mission from God”, you’ll dig this cover of Bruce Hornsby‘s Across The River.

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : The Little Drummer Boy

Patrick Michael Mooney offers up a prayer for freedom and peace in the Middle East with this beautiful cover of The Little Drummer Boy, as both The Decade of Love and the Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon roll on.

by Patrick Michael Mooney