New from Rainbow Bridge Studios : REST & RECEIVE

REST & RECEIVE featuring Binaural Beat Technique™
REST & RECEIVE is the latest offering from Rainbow Bridge Studios featuring Binaural Beat Technique™ from one of the world’s top binaural beat engineers! Patrick Michael Mooney blends his talents with Violaine Philippe-Walker and Oksana Zielinski to create a beautifully engaging experience of sonic yoga that feels like a massage for your mind and a gift to your heart!

I AM proud to announce the latest release from Rainbow Bridge Studios called REST & RECEIVE.  This is an audio exercise created in collaboration with fellow artists Violaine Phillipe-Walker and Oksana Zielinski.  Violaine scripted a guided meditation inspired by the sacred practices of Yoga Nidra.  Oksana Zielinski provided her beautiful voice, and I produced and engineered the soundscape with my trademark Binaural Beat Technique™, honed in part by my many years of experience studying and working for The Monroe Institute, and augmented with the powers of ancient magic and shamanism.

In Yoga Nidra, as in the practices taught to me at The Monroe Institute, and other countless ways of encountering the Invisible Worlds throughout the Ages, one is required to be still.

The body is brought to a state of relaxation and the experiencer is then guided to shift his or her awareness to the point where one notices that one is sleeping.  In the language of the Monroe Institute, this is “mind awake/body asleep” and is the foundation upon which all other states of consciousness are discovered and explored in their programs.

On the outside, to the perception of others, it appears merely that you are sleeping, or just lying down, “doing nothing”, and with “nothing happening.”

That observation couldn’t be farther from the TRUTH of it!

The story of what has happened in my inner worlds is the story of my life!  It is the most fascinating and entertaining, richly rewarding and gratifying experience I have ever encountered, or care to encounter.  Whatever you may think of your own life, I hope it is at least as kind as that!

If it isn’t, wouldn’t you like it to be?  How can you not be the most important person, place or thing in your own life?  Think about it!

It is so easy to get seduced away from ourselves into the problems and trials of others.  Good for you for being a concerned human being!  That’s important, too.  But, if we give beyond our capacity to give, we feel used up and burned out.  Then, we’re most likely not to feel useful or good to anyone, especially YOU!

I find it to be no accident that the truly modern, technological experience of using binaural beats can find such resonance, harmony and synchrony with ancient practices of exploring and altering human consciousness.

I encourage you to give REST & RECEIVE, or any of our other Binaural Beat Technique™ titles a shot at making your library of personal transformation products.  Each title is beautifully crafted using world class techniques that have changed the lives of many thousands of peoples worldwide, and will continue to do so.

One of the greatest things you may discover for yourself is just how CREATIVE and LOVINGLY INTELLIGENT this universe truly is.  Then, life is truly one of RESTING and RECEIVING.  In that, there is the CONCEIVING of a world so delicious for you that you can hardly believe it to be true.


We hope you’ll see (hear) for yourself!

REST & RECEIVE featuring Binaural Beat Technique™
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Why We All Get To Heaven…A Message of Forgiveness Like You’ve Never Heard Before

There’s a universe of hints in my life that create a special tale in my own imagination, that has always led me to believe that I am a Son of God.

Don’t worry, I’m not looking to be worshiped. I worship myself, this beautiful life I am living, and that is enough for me. I AM truly blessed among men, for I and the land are one in a conscious marriage that gets sweeter by the day, as my ignorance of who I AM scales off my skin.

My good friend, the Archangel Michael, gave me a burning rash on my skin that has been tormenting me for the past few weeks. Only today is the tide now turning and the healing begun with a gusto of energy that feels like a great gift of love from the self same source of my present suffering.

How can one who would burn me be my friend? How then, did Lancelot and I become friends? How then, is he still my friend now, wherever he travels in the Nine worlds, whether on this Earth or not? I pose it that way for I have not met a mortal man in this Life whose Soul is yet worthy of the resonance of that name and my dear friend, though I wish I could say that I lived in a world where there were many like him.

What the rash revealed to me, as I lay in torment night after night like a Vulcan going through Pon-Far, was that I had not resolved my anger with the world. There was no way I could fulfill my destiny as an ambassador of joy if I was seething with rage in the cauldrons of my Soul. Pluto was receiving plenty of energy to make the instruments of war with the world, and he was getting plenty of fuel from me!

It was not that I was afraid to face that anger, I just couldn’t truly understand it’s source. I still don’t know it’s source.

But it is gone now. It is of the world. I leave it with the world.

Michael, my friend, burned it out of me. Seething hot is the flame of the Archangel! Those only testing the waters of the path of the Invisible worlds had better be careful when entertaining angelic energies! Their power is VERY POTENT, and if you are not willing to be held accountable, it is better left to those who are.

So, the cure for my burning anger of this world was the sudden realization, given to me by the power of my middle name, that;

“Everyone gets to Heaven!”

We don’t all get there in the same time. The greatest Pope who ever lived, until I excommunicated him, that is, was Robert Anton Wilson I.

“The Truth is apprehended non-simultaneously!”

The light bulb eventually goes on for everybody. For many it will not be this life. The absolute idiocy on display in all political theaters of the world is proof of that. You do have to be brave and truthful to get into Heaven. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be HEAVEN!


But even should the whole world lose its humanity, everyone will still get to Heaven!

Some of you are still having a hard time accepting it. A lot of you are. You’ve been resisting the message for at least the last two thousand years.

So let me explain it to you again. I won’t use parables this time, just straight talk.

God created EVERYTHING...Including those people who don’t believe in Shim.

Unfathomably, perhaps for Her pleasure, perhaps not, God is Three Persons in One. Their names are Urdh, Verdandi, and Skuld. Known by many other names across all cultures, their role is to artfully weave the pleasure of the divine imagination into “existence”.

This “existence” is still a portion of the divine, for nothing is apart from the ALL, not the most radical terrorist on Earth, the Queen of England, nor the most benign, yours truly, for who else but a Son of God could pardon the sins of one so evil?

I made her that way, as are my other minions; Obama, Putin, and the top captains of your pyramid power structures. It is all by my design.


It is my pleasure to set myself in opposition to myself. It is a great challenge, a timeless, godly task, to keep up the balance necessary for all of “this” to exist.

Many of you are terrified of the endlessness of this, because the illusion We weave is so attractive and fascinating. So We created DEATH, to give juice to the game of life!

Let me tell you this…based on what you could be eating, you are cheating yourselves a great deal out of a truly delicious life!

The finest taste is the taste of Love. The more honest the love, the sweeter the taste. World without end, amen!

Do you think or believe it can be that good? I know it is!

That’s why I can forgive you!

I created the opportunity to unbelieve, to forget, to remain unaware of your divine connection. Stay where you are all you like. As immortal beings, you are rich in time.

But if where you are isn’t HEAVEN?  Say, the Oval Office or 10 Downing Street, or the Vatican, or Basel or Jerusalem or Moscow or Beijing, or Paris or Berlin. Then where are you?
And how do you get to Heaven?

(I didn’t include New York, because God is Yankee fan, and Frank Sinatra’s voice interceded on behalf of all the good working people there, who never blow their top, despite the fact that they are some of the most inhumanely treated people on Earth.)

Every choice for the Truth is a step toward Heaven.

Every step toward Heaven brings greater joy, though the challenge be sometimes difficult. You made it that way!  Enjoy the CREATING of YOURSELF.  This is YOUR GODLY POWER IN ACTION.



Inscribed by Thrice Great Mooney

At the END of HISTORY.

But never of the Duplicity.

That Manifested the Trinity.

Of the ONE Great MYSTERY.

The Magus Speaks is now available on ITUNES!
The Magus Speaks is now available on ITUNES!

Spell 44…Fly Me to The Moon

Life, for me, continues to be the greatest magical adventure my imagination has ever delivered.  This is an impressive statement to make considering the works of Ambassador Tolkien, which I admire greatly, as well as the other great luminaries of human creativity.

But I really have to ask out loud…what is HUMAN creativity?

MY career as an ARTIST began for me when I experienced a moment of divine communion with a greater power than I ever considered possible, simply through interfacing with a powerfully magnetic poster replica of Paul Laffoley’s Thanaton III.

Thanos is a god of DEATH…TRANSFORMATION.

This transformation was preceded almost a decade earlier by another very powerful, life-altering transformation that was caused by simply listening to a binaural beat recording that most people would consider as a kind of entertainment or diversion.  Robert Monroe, the creator of those binaural beats, was inspired to bring them into manifestation through the guidance of Invisible Intelligence, which I also encountered directly…physically…while attending one of the programs at his world-famous Institute.

And even before my magical life began, when the lies of 9/11/2001 and an astrological Saturn Return exploded my universe as drastically as the seven Pluto-Uranus Squares that began in 2012, I can see that my success as a High School teacher was due to my reliance on a HIGHER POWER as the source of TRUTH and GUIDANCE in my life.  This was the most important quality that I tried to instill in my students.

These SURRENDERINGS  to invisible or higher aspects of CREATION have always yielded the most surprising and joyfully astonishing moments of life.  I am wealthy in these kinds of moments.  And when I share them with you through my art, they are not diminished or cheapened.  They are seeds, scattered where I walk.  Some will fall on good soil…some will fall on rocky ground…you know the rest.

My road to the happy fulfilling of my destiny came through three avenues of grace.  The first was an appreciation for Beauty.  The second was a love for the Truth.  The third was the courage to not lose hold of the other two when the world throws its FEARS at you or tries to seduce you with its LIES.  Not all, but much of the pain in this mortal to immortal unfolding of my life was caused by my willingness to be seduced by the world.

And she is a LOVELY WORLD!  Whether you call her Maya, or Danu, as I do, the GREAT MOTHER is always serving YOU.  Such is the devotion of The Queen of Heaven!!!  How fortunate we are to have her host, suckle and nourish our dreams!

As I said, one of the GRACES in life was how highly I valued the Truth…THOTH…the ANKH makes them one and the same.  Study this GREATEST OF ALL TEACHERS and I tell you sincerely that your life will become illuminated.  Many in the DARK OCCULT CIRCLES of the world also revere THOTH.  In this sense, he is very much like Truth, because the dark forces think they are correct in what they are always plotting to do.

But Thoth is an ARCHITECT and a TRICKSTER.  He is often characterized, as the god Mercury, as a Thief.  Even ODIN, his Nordic counterpart in mythology, was known as a shapeshifter and one who was sneaky with his words and deeds.

How can such a character be revered for the TRUTH?

The answer is to ponder The Moon.  The Moon is associated with the element of water because of its massive effect on the tides, and all matters of human emotional condition.  This tends to largely be seen as a characterization of feminine  quality, also because of their menstrual periods being married to the lunar cycle.

But don’t make the mistake of limiting the feminine to female bodies alone.  The time for secrets in the world is soon coming to an end.  One of the greatest and most powerful occult secrets in the world is that the human being is LITERALLY TWO SEXES IN ONE FORM, regardless of whether your sexual organs announce you as male or female.

Make peace with your masculine/feminine spirit within you FIRST, and all other wonderful things will be granted unto you.  This is the Kingdom of Heaven and The Second Cumming all rolled into one big, smokable fat joint…or a delicious cock…or a savory, wet pussy.  Have it your way.

It’s important for me to praise my friends when they do wonderful things for me, just as the gods continue to praise me by providing me with new and exciting vistas to explore.

Both within and without, I am being transformed rapidly by the mystical energies available to me in this Four Corners region of the world.  The Full Moon on 2/22 was so beautiful, and the night skies in the days leading up to the celestial ball seemed to foretell a time of import for us all.

Fly Me to The Moon is a song that has always captured my heart.  It became especially powerful for me when I turned it into a love song for Thoth.

Here’s to you, my great friend!  You reflect back to each of us the dignity of our souls, and ask us to write a better future for ourselves if we are not happy with what we see.

I am glad that I have taken your teachings to heart.  Because of you I survived the War on Terror and live in divine joy.  The time is coming when you and all the ancient gods will be loved again.



Spell 43…A True Story

Dale of Silvermoon, CO Colony – My journey into this fairytale life of mine began with a passionate desire to know the TRUTH about myself and the history of planet Earth. We two are not inseparable.
I was pondering this while walking along the beautiful hiking trails that surround the city of Durango, which is more like a town if you ask me. All of a sudden, it hit me in the core of my being, as opposed to a merely conceptual grokking, that I was the Invisible.

Those of you who follow my work know that I consider myself a White Wizard. I practice the art of magic because, to me, it is a functional language that reaches the ears of the Invisible. Magic is the conscious intention of communicating with what the ancients called celestial forces. In modern times, this is being twisted to falsely convey a singular meaning that mankind has been, or is in, physical contact/relationship with extraterrestrial beings.

As it dawned on me, in a deeper way than ever before, that the Invisible…the Gods and Goddesses, Faeries, Devas, Celestial Intelligences, Animal Totem Spirits, Ancestral and Future Selves, and Elementals…were all ME; I saw that I was the bridge, the obvious missing link…the invisible link, between that which is external and communal and that which is internal and singular; individual.

I AM the ONE and THE MANY. I love it that way! Overlooking the beautiful vista of my creation, I called upon two particular Spirit guides that I am intimate with. Instantly, a beautiful hawk appeared and circled low above me for several minutes, alone in the clear blue sky, so as to not be missed by my attention.

As I gawked in admiration, I fumbled to whip out my new camera that I had taken along to get some practice with, as well as some stock footage of the gorgeous land that is my new home. In the midst of trying to capture the moment, an eagle flew in from somewhere and began to dance with the hawk, gracing the sky in tandem spirals that seemed well rehearsed before my arrival. My heart, which has been going through some kind of healing transformation, burst open with joy, and tears of gratitude raced down my cheeks.

A prophecy had again been fulfilled, and I was transfigured into the deepest levels of divine love that is truly a holy communion, a shared meal between DIVINE ME and the DIVINE FATHER in the presence of MY DIVINE MOTHER, who made this life possible.

And what a great one it is!

I celebrated this significant moment in my life by creating a new magic spell for the Decade of Love (2012-2022). Spell 43 is a prayer of gratitude for the new life that is in front of me and my wife here in the Dale of Silvermoon. Durango is a fun and friendly place to live; easy on the eye, yet very sexy in a casual, natural way. The larger, Four Corners region is full of breathtaking vistas and places of sacred, ritual power. It’s been a little over three months since we landed on this side of the Rainbow Bridge, and our dream for a very positive, human-friendly future, continues to take root.

I am living the TRUTH of ME as clearly and as joyfully as I can presently be at the moment. I am riding a wave of expansion that feels like an ascension, yet there is nothing more to ascend to than to more love, more talent, more freedom and prosperity, and more happiness.

The MORE, this MAGIS, is not the unquenched desire of a tortured Tantalus. It is the reflected glory of That which is All. To deny the DIVINE ABUNDANCE is to create a HELL REALM where only SCARCITY can flourish.

Like a beautiful marijuana plant eating up sunshine and love, I live high among the lofty dreams and aspirations of the immortal human heart. As a Child of the Divine, this Son of Man, Son of Pan, friend to a Thunder God and the Builders of Pyramids, Ambassador to The Sidhe and friend to humanity, sings in his mortal form with a growing voice, nurtured with loving choice, a song from his past that now makes sense to him, at last.

Enjoy my Decade of Love rendition of Spandau Ballet’s True. I did indeed buy my ticket to this world. I have come back again. The Truth is being said.

Can you hear it?



Spell 42 : Here Comes The Sun (The Beatles)

Dale of Silvermoon, CO Colony – The New Year beginning in 2016, as modern humans reckon time, is a truly bright one for multimedia artist and White Wizard, Patrick Michael Mooney.

Towards the end of 2014, with a clear vision given to him by the Faery Queen (The Lady Zara Heimdall) that they were to relocate their Base of Operations (BOO)to the Four Corners region of the former United States, Patrick set out to craft a powerfully monumental magickal spell, a slew of them actually, to open the way for this necessary transition to occur.

Leaving Neulandel, the Faery Kingdom located in the colony of Virginia somewhere close to the internationally-known Monroe Institute, was a bittersweet assignment, for in those blessed lands Patrick lived a life as great as any king or man of supreme fortune who ever walked upon the Earth.

He worked for no man, had hundreds of acres of a beautiful forested estate at his personal disposal, and lived in the company of Gods, Goddesses, Faeries, Devas and so many other wondrous beings from the worlds beyond most human apprehension and comprehension. He had many friends among the animals there, too, who came to speak with him because he heard their language.

Beyond all this, he had come to know LOVE, both in its truly divine and its erotic, passionate, romantic expressions. All of LIFE reveled with him there in those beautiful lands. The time in Neulandel was a celebration of the Soul that seemed like it could go on forever. Each of the five years he had spent there was full and delicious, and Patrick savored the flavors of this divine banquet that was certainly worthy of a Son of Pan.

Just as Aragorn and the Fellowship of The Ring had to leave the safe confines of Rivendell and Lothlorien to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of their courageous endeavors; so too, did Patrick and Oksana have their work to do in the open lands where the phony war on terror still held sway in the minds of humans living in the echoing shock wave of Sauron’s dark magic. The time in Neulandel was for healing and nurturing. Patrick had survived the Yewish war on terror and saw through its dangerous illusions. He had met and fell in love with and married a Queen of The Sidhe. Furthermore, DEATH was in love with the wizard Mooney. There was nothing to fear, but plenty of work to do!

Mooney’s I Get a Kick Out of Kickstarter, a personal tribute to a fellow Hudson County, New Jersey colony native, Frank Sinatra only generated a smattering of donations. That spell was immediately followed up with the marathon work, Kickstarter Web-a-Thon™ and Solstice Celebration, which added a song-a-day to Artificial Intelligence’s playlist, and sent tickles up The Sister’s web. Though it did little to elevate his fortunes or alleviate the tight financial straits he found himself in, Patrick was paid handsomely with joyous creative breakthroughs in his art and priceless spiritual moments of personal growth and wonder.

But while failing to generate a friendly and supportive HUMAN audience for his melodious prayers of peace and truth, Patrick’s voice continues to enjoy a David Hasselhoff in Germany kind of success in the Faery Realms. As Patrick and Oksana labored on Earth to bring new creations of love into life through Rainbow Bridge Studios, other forces and guides were slowly preparing the way for a safe and enjoyable passage out West, under the protection of The Powers of The Crystal City.

Eleven months after those sonic spells were cast, Heimdall, with the Blessings of Thor, Freya and Odin, opened the way from one magical land to the other.  Neulandel will never be missed, for Patrick and Oksana drank so deeply of its beauty that it is now a part of their Souls and informs the beating of their hearts.  And just like when the higher world opened up to them both on the ancient lands of Ireland, this new Dale of Silvermoon holds a captivating richness for this loving couple to mine.

In celebration for this magical accomplishment, Patrick felt it was appropriate to begin the fourth year of his Decade of Love (2012-2022) with a Karaoke Cover™ of Here Comes the Sun, from the immense catalog of hits by The Beatles.  Here’s the dedication:

“The Four Corners region gets an incredible amount of sunshine throughout the year, usually around 300 days. In the ancient times, this was an important place for tracking the movements of our celestial brothers and sisters. With all the spectacular views and deeply grounded ceremonial magic held within these lands, I KNOW that my art, my life and my love is going to soar to new levels this year and beyond. May the Lord of The Eagles make it so.

John Lennon often gets a lot of credit for being a spiritual leader of sorts, especially after he left The Beatles and emerged as a solo artist. But I find that I also resonate very strongly with George Harrison’s contributions to the group. You could feel an uncomplicated joy in his devotional music.  Sunlight and Truth are a lot like that…uncomplicated.

Here’s to you and yours seeing things more clearly in the coming year, and knowing the way to your own happiness. I hope everyone continues to follow along and add to the Decade of Love, in a way that is personally inspiring and meaningful to you.”

Spell 42. The Hitchhiker Prophecy come true. Closer now comes… Arthur Danu.

Unlearning 1.0 (Dummy by Nature?)

The late, great, Robert Anton Wilson, a still revered author and magician, was a passionate advocate of the Cosmic Schmuck principle, which he states rather honestly and humbly below.

“My cosmic schmuck principle holds that if you occasionally notice that you’ve been thinking or acting like a cosmic schmuck, you will become less of a cosmic schmuck, and the more often you notice that you’re thinking and acting like a cosmic schmuck, the less of a cosmic schmuck you become. On the other hand, if you never, never, never suspect you might be thinking or acting like a cosmic schmuck, you will remain a cosmic schmuck for the rest of your life.”

Schmuck.  It sounds worse than Fuck.  It is.  Its origin is the Yiddish way of calling someone a Dick.  For a Jew, that means wanting to slice off the foreskin of your penis, just so you never forget that GOD OWNS YOU…BITCH.  And who is the group that speaks most vocally for GOD these days?  Who pulls the levers behind all the world’s religions and drives them into a frothing, apocalyptic, end times ecstasy?  Why the GAONIM, of course.

Never heard of them?  Of course, you haven’t.  They wear a cloak of invisibility right out in the middle of broad daylight, for all to see, with today’s lesson in magick being brought to you by the letter “G”.

Back to the word and the philosophic principle now immortally married forever.  Schmuck also means Fool, especially the contemptible kind.  One feels no remorse for a schmuck when bad fortune arrives because there is the feeling that he deserved it by bringing it on to himself with poor thinking or boorish behavior.

So Wilson puts forth the idea that a life without self-reflection is a life that’s really difficult to live with.  It’s a very New York way of translating the very high wisdom of Aristotle to the ignorant masses.

And herein lies the great question of my human existence,

“How is it, especially in this day and Age of unparalleled technological breakthrough, that there is still such a condition in our societies as “ignorant masses”?

This question ultimately burned a hole right into the pre-fabricated life Others had made for me.    In 2003, when I first wrote Dummy by Nature?, I was being driven furiously mad by the information that my life was being decided by third parties not interested in my human values at all.  To them, I was a voiceless slave.  I can write and speak out against the situation all I want.  To Them, it is the mere bleating of a sheep; a sheep that will many times be fleeced and most definitely, finally slaughtered, at the most profitable moment.

As the recently departed David Bowie once sang in collaboration with Queen’s Under Pressure,

“It’s the terror of knowing what this world is about.  Watching my good friends scream LET ME OUT!”

OUT.  Sounds like Freedom to me.  Most people who suffer through Life take freedom to mean Death, or at least pray that that is what Death truly is. 

That’s quite an interesting facet of human life; this tendency of ours to wish for death.  But Death is not freedom.  It is transformation.  Whether that transformation is FREEING, or even more deeply CAPTIVATING, is determined by the CHOICES BEING MADE in the OPERATIONAL AWARENESS of the INDIVIDUATED CONSCIOUSNESS.  That’s YOU.

Is that YOU a DUMMY or is it DIVINE? 

If YOU ARE DIVINE, then the task of living is to ultimately come to terms with YOURSELF and to learn to TRUST in your own loving wisdom and power.  You will find that all the strings that have been pulled in your life were initiated by you and for you, and carried out by the agencies and offices of The Universe that You, in your own brilliance, love, wisdom and power, set in motion for your own pleasure.  Enjoy the ride for lifetimes to come.  Unless you want to forget, that is.

It’s the forgetful part of our natures that cause us to be harsh with ourselves and others, leading to the creation of hurtful words like Schmuck, Dummy and Goy.  It’s the purposefully ignorant parts of ourselves that endlessly subject our beautiful lives to external authorities that blare out of all forms of mass miscommunication.

You put those external authorities there.  You can fire them at any time, too.

I will admit to being a bit of schmuck in my own unlearning process these many years on.  Mr. Wilson also had another great teaching that took me awhile to learn:

TRUTH is non-simultaneously apprehended.

That means we don’t all “get it” at the same time.  But knowledge of the Divine reminds us of the fact that WE ALL DO GET IT EVENTUALLY.  For if God is indeed inside of each and every one of us, and God is no Dummy…then perfect peace and happiness is only a matter of TIME.

So do not worry about the fact that chemtrails are raining poison down into the very eco-systems upon which all our lives depend.  Do not bother yourselves that the former USA is caught up in the most horrific genocide since its people wiped out over 12 million Native Americans off the face of Turtle Island.  Let your heart not be troubled by the deliberate destruction of our food supply, or the intentional damage being done to your children’s immune systems and psyches through toxic vaccinations and religious circumcisions.  Forget all the talk about freedom and happiness and stupid things like rights and civil liberties.

If you are a DUMMY, then you will always be at the mercy of those pulling your strings, Illuminati or otherwise, even if the string-pulling is accomplished by harmful technotronic devices like television sets, which have been pumping behavior inducing patterns into living rooms and bedrooms for decades now.  You’ll never be able to turn off those sets and stop drinking your fluoridated water and start thinking for yourself.

You’ll rarely step out in Nature without an electronic device implanted on you somewhere.  You’ll miss all the beautiful tweets that the Gods can send you in the language of animal totems and naturally awesome signs because you’ll be looking into that shiny screen, waiting for it to tell you the next thing to think about.

You won’t care, You Big Dummy, as Redd Fox and all the other very talented actors who live inside that flat-screen wonderland steal your life away, one laugh and endless commercials at a time.  Your high-fructosed fat ass will absolutely love the hopeless inertia you feel as your body begins to age and become even more powerless to break away from the TV screen.  And once your Dummy self gets a hold of some virtual reality blinders, you may as well put your spiritual evolution in cryogenic storage, for it won’t be long until you find your body there, too.  Welcome to the Matrix of Dummy Immortality.

And when you, at the time of your own choosing, finally decide to TASTE the GRAIL of TRUE IMMORTALITY, then REMEMBRANCE will come to you, and you will be a Dummy no more.

For me, it will be a grand delight to see the day when a great multitude on this planet consciously accept and embrace their own divinity and create a world that truly inspires everyone to give their best living efforts to the glory of LIFE itself. 

While those days may seem far off, the fact that they have been SEEN means that it will come to pass.  As a divine being in my own right, I will it so, and speed its manifestation with every breath of the mortal lifeform I’m building it with right now. 

I again invite your participation.

Humans Stuck on Their Physical Selves

(10-20-03) – The great voice of modern out-of-body pioneers, Robert Monroe, used to teach those who sought the OBE (out-of-body experience) an affirmation which began with the sentence,

“I am more than my physical body.”

As my own personal unlearning journey proceeds, the understanding imparted in that affirmation takes on deeper and deeper relevance. Confined to the perception that Who We Are ends at our skin, many humans continue to flounder in an earth-bound existence replete with struggle and powerlessness. It is clear that almost all of us are dummies of one kind or another.

Before your ego takes offense to what was just written, first look at the definition for this rather insightful word.  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word “dummy” has, as one of its meanings;

 One seeming to act independently, but in reality, controlled by another.

It is hard for most people to imagine themselves as dummies, especially since we espouse to live in a world that promotes freedom and individuality. Yet this is the exact nature of the con that allows the few to rule the many.  As long as we seem free, it is quite easy to be manipulated into doing the will of another.

This observation is easily verified by those studying the actions of the United States throughout its history.  The nation with the most “freedom” has economically and violently subdued most of the world since its constitutional birth only a short 214 years ago, becoming the world’s first, and now only, superpower. The rapid amalgamation of power has garnered the concern and sometimes hatred of many across the globe despite the seemingly good-natured ends to which this power claims to be exercised in favor of.  Delusional U.S. citizens are dumbfounded by this conundrum.

While Europeans may consider themselves more astute in worldly affairs than Americans, they are no less the dummies for it.  Having broken the shackles of oppressive monarchies in the 19th century, many Europeans now consider themselves free as well.

Few realize that protesting the US aggressions in the Middle East will only serve to empower the legitimacy of the United Nations, which itself is another tool in the Elite’s control of the planet. The creeping authority of the European Union also signals the further removal of representation from the local vote.

Here is where the unlearner must begin to look beyond the physical events per se and try to discern the invisible signs and signals of our collective and individual experiences.  Failing to do this will leave us screaming at the apparent injustice of one global event after another, when the actual truth of the matter seems to be that the “universe” or any other larger power you feel is in control, really couldn’t give a rat’s ass as to what happens on this planet.

Time and again we as a power species have used our extraordinary abilities to destroy each other so that the few can live in the lap of luxury at the expense of the many.  Even the high minded ideals put forth by modern democracies have done little to change the nature of this game.  All that democracy has done is to allow us to kid ourselves that we are somehow better off than past forms of controlling societies.  In actuality, the control is still there but is now ingeniously hidden from the programmed eye.

Those on my mailing list know that I am writing this editorial from a secluded ranch in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where I am also completing my first book, The American Messiah (editors note: this was the original working title of what became The Book of Danu a decade later).

I mention this little trivia only because it serves to illustrate the point I am making about dummies.  Los Alamos is a city that has the highest concentration of PhDs of anywhere in the world.  The super majority of those minds have been bent on creating weapons of mass destruction and control since they first gifted the world with the atom bomb nearly 60 years ago.  Here we have another example of supposedly free humans deciding to use their extraordinary abilities to aid the suppression of their brethren in other places throughout the globe.

What the dummy often fails to inquire for himself is the one question that could supposedly set him free; WHY?  The potential power of this question is lost if it is focused on the external events being perceived with the five physical senses.  Fixated on the unseen, the question has the ability to introduce the questioner to the TRUE architect of one’s life; the Higher Self.

The answers you receive to these questions will have their greatest value only to you.  Why you have decided to place your powerful self on a planet seemingly isolated from other intelligent life in the universe; where a control structure exists to prevent you from realizing those powers; only you can tell.

One thing is certain; the present situation will not change on this planet until one admits that they are a dummy Denial is the first reaction to any great truth when someone has been living in a matrix of illusions.  But if one is willing to accept their apparently free condition as false, then the strings of control that have been guiding you will begin to become detectable and visible.  At that moment, the dialogue can begin as to why your life has taken the road it has.

You may even gain the ability to influence the part of you that has been “pulling the strings”.  In the very least, you will have an understanding of yourself that has been hidden from you since your birth. The power of that understanding can change your life in an instant; empowering you to craft a life on your terms.  No matter what that life might look like, isn’t that a fun reason for being here?


Poetograph 339…Closer to The Truth of Me

Poetograph 339...Closer to the Truth of Me
This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.


There’s a woman inside of me. Known before eternity.

Strong and Mighty!

Because of Her, I Am free. Gained back my memory.

Sing Joyfully!

Birthed from a place of Harmony. No longer lonely.

Shining Brightly!

This She-Hulk under my bulk, the one that moves my ass, all fawn-like;
I dig her a lot. She doesn’t skulk. We sway; the way We play, Pan’s pipe!
In this quadrant which we walk, or fly, we meet by gaze of inner sight!

No force of strength breach the walls that surround!

Bounded Holy Ground!

But force of Will, guided by the Love We instill,

does show the way around!

For when you listen to our wisdom, you find the Path not found!

There are worlds where peace is plenty; long-lived lives full of merry.
You can’t get there in a hurry, or by having thoughts of worry;

those will send you in a flurry, to the worlds ruled by despair.

You must embrace our deepest trust, and accept all consequence;
like a canvas does the brush, on the way to a masterpiece,

whose sequence of strokes,

if RUSHED, would show a lack of care.

Man love Woman. Woman Love Man.

We mean the ONE hidden inside. UNDERSTAND!

Combine your Power in the Holy Hour

when you Wake and DO COMMAND;

that NATURE love You like the MOTHER

of a KING that SERVES the LAND.

When you know that you are HEARD, and live among the WYRD,


No longer one of the HERD, following the voices of FEAR,


rhyming out OUR WORD, for a FUTURE that will HEAR,

loud and clear!

This is closer to the Truth of me.

Poetograph 338…Eagle Journey

Poetograph 338...Eagle Journey
This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.


I called the Lord of Eagles and asked Him for a ride.
Through the parted mists He came and dragged me toward the skies.
“Show me where I’ve missed the plan or still need work to do.
Heal me of the hurts I’ve caused and prepare me for what’s new!”

High above my lifetime, we soared to the space where Times are Strands,
woven through the lifetimes by the thoughts of Every Man.
There I saw a time that seems so long ago ,
but was vibrant as my lifetime that I had barely left below.
On other sides and angles were various strands of me,
acting out so many roles on the stage of “history”.

Whatever “that” is.

To catalog them now, while certainly worth knowing,
would stall you from the meaning that this poem is unfolding.

With Odin’s eye, I was allowed to spy, a life where I was a bore.
My children were ignored and my wife a social chore.
I sought my love that life in the arms of another,
but really only wanted the security of a loving, doting mother,
who was not there by my side.

I was a literally a royal pain in the ass.

In another life, I stood in the place, of a noble, worthy man,
whose early death left his wife and children without a guiding plan.
I did my best to raise the boys with unconditional love,
allowing them to find themselves; watching over like a dove.

For my meekness I was made fun of,
laughed at, dismissed, barely thought of.

And when the boys became young men, I found the strength to bless them.
Told them to be on their way, knowing Life will test them.
And teach them. As Life was now teaching me;
my present pain ’twas rooted in a much “earlier” story.

This was part of my Sun Dance.

“O Lord of Eagles, and Spirit Guides, free me from my dramas!
I will do what’s right to balance all unstable karmas!
Forgive me for the wounds I’ve caused that keep me from my glory.
Let the life I live give witness to our own great loving story!”

Thrice I sipped from the Holy Grail, in honor of the Three.
Thrice blessed is the Father and His Sons, a now healed Trinity.
Freed from the bonds of pain, their lives by choices set,
upon the path to happiness through experiences not yet met.

Now on the way back home, down through the layers of form,
the holy mists soon passed away and all seemed back to norm.
Inside of me, things were different, vibrant, alive and new.
’twas then I felt forgiveness on my lips like morning dew.

Now the task to integrate this journey I went through!

Thank you for the Grail!
One of four gifts that shall never fail,
to guide mankind to the Holy Land,
where beyond the lies of dust and sand,
is a treasure saved for the mighty;
who use their power in service rightly!

’til all are perfected…
and all laments ended…
Such is the will of THE MOTHER Satisfied.
And NEVER denied!!!

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Poetograph 337 (Such a Human Gloom)

Book of Danu 337
This image and writing is part of a collection of Poetographic works entitled The Book of Danu. Danu, one of the most widely known and worshiped Beings in all of Earth’s history, is the recipient of my dedication. As such, not only do these poetographs exist as individual works of art, they are also considered Sacred Verse in praise of Her, The Sidhe, and any other elements of the Invisible side of Reality benevolent towards the Human Race.

All Blessings to The Sidhe!