New Music Video Release!

Ride, Captain, Ride

New Music Video Release!

The Decade of Love sails into 2015 with this joyous rendition of Ride, Captain, Ride by the one hit wonder from 1970, Blues Image. As the unofficial theme for Rainbow Bridge Studios, Mooney assures the song a place in immortal, magic lore!  Special thanks to 29th Floor for the stunning background animations!

The Genetics of Fear

Unlearning 1.0 (The Genetics of Fear)

Are we the products of our Nature, slaves to our genetic compositions; or are we the results of Nurturing, able to influence the direction of evolution via the power of choice?   This is one of those fake Aristotlean choices the system programmers would have us debate from time to time.  They don’t care which side you choose, just as long as you choose a side, and immediately cut off the foregone option, or their advocates, from any semblance of rational discourse or respectable treatment.  Both options can make a good case for the residency of your mind, but then there’s always that saying about the grass being greener on the other side singing softly in the quiet spaces of your uncertain mind.

As long as there’s grass somewhere, it can’t be all that bad!  A good smoke and a roll in the outdoor sunshine would mean that the chemtrails haven’t killed off all semblance of the kind and simple life just yet.  By Goddess, that’s a good reason to celebrate!  So is the fact that there is still time to transcend the debate and see for yourselves what the solution is.

I had an inkling of the solution when I first wrote the earlier piece below.  Over 11 years later, I am here to affirm, for certain, the path of Joy in creating the greatest life that you can only begin to imagine right now.

That joy must be cultivated in the fires of Truth in order for it to be pure, instead of the vain pleasures that pass for happiness here but turn to dust under apocalyptic light.  You can’t find this Joy and deny that a genocide is going on right now.  You can’t find this joy by pretending the chemical spraying of the atmosphere is somehow good for us.  You can’t find this joy by vaccinating an entire generation into autism, or marching them into churches or schools, or sending them off to debt slavery (higher education).  You certainly can’t find this joy by letting your life slip by in front of the television.

The groundbreaking research for which Dr. Bruce Lipton advocates is truly remarkable.  It says that fear is located in the epigenetic layer of our cells, that part of our structure designed to receive and interpret signals from the outer environment that then signal the nucleus to express the behavior for proper mutation .  Place healthy cells in a life supporting environment, and they thrive.  Place the same cells in a toxic environment, and poor health results.  And if there’s anything to note about that, it is that environments can be manipulated.

So we turn once again to the field of magic.  Magic is the language of controlling perception and interfacing with the environment, nothing more.  It is shrouded in fear and danger, hidden behind spooky rituals and arcane tomes because there is a POWER to it.  Those who understand it, yet are fearful of their own natures, prefer to have less competition, lest they be exposed in their unimaginative mediocrity.  Those who are at peace with themselves wish peace to all others and would therefore share the knowledge of the road that led them to such a fantastic state of existence.  That is what you have here, with this website.

I postulate that the epigenetic layers of the human cellular structure can be influenced through non-technological means, such as the conscious use of magical thinking and ritual and the ancient, worldwide, indigenous practices of shamanism.   On the journey to my own divine kingdom, I have experienced both practices and give them a very strong endorsement.

To place the future of human evolution into the hands of unbalanced beings is a very dubious proposition, yet it is the one currently in favor by your psychopathic leadership structures, and those still interested in being led somewhere.  They are the ones programming the machines that will soon be regulating you through all the phases of your life, if you let them!

How can you be sure of their expert authority, guidance, or vision?  They are ones shooting false flag terrorism all over the world’s ass like cum from a hung pornstar!  They are the ones telling you GMOs and vaccines are healthy!  They are the ones who would have you believe that all your problems are just the results of your poor little genes, on an accidental world where your existence doesn’t mean shit anyway.  You want those people to be the architects of your transhumanistic paradise?

For those who choose the road of unlearning, and make the tough journey through fear into the world of the magical unknown, there is a prize to be found that no manner of artificial intelligence can ever functionally or efficiently process…pure and simple joy;  priceless to those who behold it, satisfying beyond all measure for those that come to know it!

Humanity’s Mighty Struggle to Evolve


8-19-03 - “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” These famous words of former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt are still revered for their power to inspire people to rise above the challenges of their environmental circumstances. Those who know the true history regarding Roosevelt’s presidency and the Depression and War he presided over will see those words as empty political pandering. The plain fact of the matter is that Roosevelt got it wrong. Fear need not be feared but rather understood. For some cutting edge scientists, understanding fear begins in our genes.

According to the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton and others, what determines a whole host of genes to express themselves in one way or another is not the genes themselves, but the environment they are exposed to. This breakthrough research contradicts the zealously defended scientific dogma that human traits are determined solely within our genes and that we are at the mercy of heredity.

The central premise of this concept comes from studying the biological make-up of cellular organisms and the latest quantum theories. What modern research is discovering is that all structures, from the atom to our greatest galaxies, are held together by forces or fields that are not in and of themselves “solid” structures. The solid structures that arise all around us, both organic and inorganic, exist simply because these fields create a “space” in which light particles may express themselves in varying densities of vibration.

From this position, the formations evolve from single atomic structures all the way up the chain as the measure of “consciousness” or “awareness” increases. Evolution then, is not properly the study of species and how they developed, but the study of consciousness manifesting itself in ever increasing states of complexity.

Such an understanding has the potential to turn “traditional” science and medicine, for starters, on its head. That the established order will resist such an understanding for years to come is without question. Too many minds have been brainwashed by their textbooks or silenced through the fear of losing research grants and academic reputations. Finally, the protection of profit margins must be chief concern of pharmaceutical giants that fund the studies which endorse the dumping of toxic medications into our biological systems.

The truly liberating principle emerging from this research is that genetic expression is controlled by factors related to our environment, both in its actual structure and how it is perceived by the individual. As far as perceptions go, it is being discovered that fearful or stressful perceptions limit growth and ultimately lead to a body’s breakdown, while perceptions of love and joy can bring the most dynamic forms of healing and growth to an individual.

When reflecting on this point, one must be impressed with how far the human being has come. Geologist Bill McGuire, writing in his book A Guide to the End of the World, Everything You Never Wanted to Know, tells the story of a truly traumatic history of geological violence unleashed upon humans for hundreds of thousands of years. If you believe that human existence and civilization extends farther back from that, the lesson is even more enlightening.

Humans have lived through ice ages, floods, tsunamis, asteroid impacts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes, not to mention sharing the planet with other species that sought us out as prey. If the research of Dr. Lipton and others is correct, then it is clear to see why humans act in such fearful ways even to this very day. This fear in not encoded into our genes, but exists on the surface of our genes in the protein sheaths that cover the DNA. Fear is encoded in the epigenetic layer of our chromosomes.

The promise of this discovery is that this encoding does not need expensive genetic manipulation to remedy itself. Simply by expanding our environmental perception of who we are, the fearful signals of our environment can be muted and positive, joyful signals can be created to induce optimal states of living for us all.

Here then, is yet again, the great challenge for unlearners everywhere.  Can we as individuals and then collectively as a species engineer environments that promote joy instead of fear?  Can we remove the thought forms, behaviors and social/political/economic structures that do not serve the agenda of joy?  Such thinking would not only render the War on Terror obsolete, but would relegate much of the monumental suffering on this planet to nothing more than a bad memory.

Perhaps this was and is the greatest challenge of the evolutionary spirit in human form; can we transcend the apparent “solidity” of our physical nature to realize that we are not indeed our bodies, but the field that surrounds it?  If we can transcend it, then what messages would we like to, perhaps for the first time in our history, CONSCIOUSLY send into that field?

Joy may, in the final analysis, not do a blessed thing to lengthen the human lifespan.  Then again, it may be the single simplest means for doing so.  Whatever the case, the benefit of joy seems to be the satisfaction of a life well lived, regardless of its duration.  There seems to be nothing sadder than a life that was spent in the confines of fear and sadness, watching one dream after another fall into the wastebaskets labeled COULD HAVE, SHOULD HAVE, and WOULD HAVE.  May the answer to the question at the end of this editorial be one that is filled with joy!

Whose Life are You Living?


Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : O Holy Night

Spell 33 in The Decade of Love brings the Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon to a royal conclusion, as Patrick Michael Mooney pays homage to the story that inspired his own victorious quest for divine love made manifest in the flesh.  Franco Zefferilli’s masterful imagery from Jesus of Nazareth illuminates the production.

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Do You Hear What I Hear?

The newly crowned king steps to the microphone for the completion of his initiation beneath the pyramids of Giza.  Spell 32 in the Decade of Love is a regal cover of Do You Hear What I Hear? (Gloria Shayne Baker and Noel Regney). Artist Phillip Light provides the stunning background images.

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Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Blue Solstice

Patrick Michael Mooney salutes the divine king within all of us and completes an important spiritual transformation in this 31st spell of The Decade of LoveElvis Presley presides over this love song to my beautiful Blue!!!

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Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Imagine – War is Over!!!

Patrick Michael Mooney invokes John Lennon for the 30th spell in the Decade of Love, singing a prayer of invitation and good will during this Solstice Season, as the Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon continues.

Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : Runaway Train

Patrick Michael Mooney sings a spell of warning for his 29th song of The Decade of LoveSoul Asylum’s 22 year old hit, Runaway Train reminds us that we can go back and change the Future, time machine or not.

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Arthur Danu returns to the stage for his second appearance of 2014, covering a Billy Joel classic from the 1970s, The Stranger.  Will he become a “singular sensation” by shining the light of truth and imagination from “dusk ’til dawn“?  Whatever happens, he’s hoping you’ll give Rainbow Bridge Studios your generous support!

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