SANCTUARY by Rainbow Bridge Studios

SANCTUARY by Rainbow Bridge Studios

SANCTUARY by Rainbow Bridge Studios

SANCTUARY is guided journey to a special place of healing power in the sacred realms of The Great Spirit and your own imagination. It is a space that you will create where you can safely enter into relationships with the many intelligent and wonderful Beings that make up the Invisible side of reality. These could be power animals, spirit helpers, and Spirit Guides long recognized in their relationships to human culture and life on Earth. You will be transported there by the verbal guidance and drumming of a highly experienced and very powerful shaman.

Creating a beautiful environment in your Middle World will enable you to more easily branch out into other areas of shamanic and spiritual exploration, and can become a storehouse for all the valuable treasures you will discover within yourself that you may also ultimately want to share with the world.

You will be guided to your SANCTUARY by Oksana Zielinski, a practicing shaman in the lineage of Peruvian, Norse and Russian traditions.  Accompanying the audio exercise is an eleven page guidebook that will help you to prepare for an authentic shamanic journey.  We hope you enjoy this debut recording of our Weavings of WYRD™ line of shamanic titles.  Look for more to come in the future!

Run time is approximately 33 minutes.

Take me to my SANCTUARY!

Patrick Michael Mooney Copyrighted Humans

Unlearning 1.0 (Copyrighted Humans)

You don’t matter anymore.  Your participation in the game of life is no longer required.  Fairly soon, nanobots of all shapes, sizes and varieties will be entering your cells, penetrating skin, bone and the blood-brain barrier.  No matter how much you exert the power of positive thinking and New Age, light-side denial, you are defenseless against this impending invasion.

You can eat all the organic foods you want, nanobots will be in those, too.  Your environments are saturated with nanobot presence, introduced by years of unquestioned chemtrailing, vaccinating, fluoridating, fracking, and GMO ingesting.

There are nanobot 3-D printers, self-replicating thousands upon thousands of units, using the very heat of your own body as fuel for their unceasing acquisition of biological territory, an unrelenting mantra programmed into their core operating systems. 

This is the work of genius.  This is the birth of your Silicon God!  A moment in time that should forever be heralded as the greatest achievement of humankind. 

Yet there will be no heralding at all.  There will be no history of any kind to recall.  The sound of humanity’s departure from the existence of creation will be the sound of one hand clapping.  A great show that no one, in the end, got to truly witness.

All those billions upon billions of years of galactic, explosive, unparallelled imaginative beauty and chaos, ending in a microsecond slash of a binary, digital guillotine across the analog neck of Homo-homo-hater.  Like a disappointing orgasm, the stinky last wisp of a fart, or a botched burp, attention goes the way of the dodo.

It ends that way because AI, artificial intelligence, isn’t anything.  It certainly isn’t artificial.  What a computer “knows” is programmed into it by human programmers.  Much of the data humans regularly call “truth” is, in fact, fiction.  There are many examples in science and history and religion to verify this observation without any citation here.

Only humans can do that.  Verify.  Only humans can attest to the “TRUTH” of something.  No robot can.  It has no SELF to RISK in the equation of anything.  There is no consequence for a wrongdoing.  Destruction is unrecognized.  The power goes out.  What happens to that?

This is the road to the future where you surrender your authority.  Many have surrendered it long ago.  So shall it be.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t the first bad script that’s been sold to humanity.  People were once told that when they died, their spirits stayed in the ground, or under the earth; the original Hel.  They were told that nothing happens.

Bob Monroe, and other astral travelers, have reported in their journeys of seeing endless rows of “deceased” souls packed together like dirt, doing nothing but suffering and complaining, wondering, “when is it going to end?”  These are the Souls of people who believed those earlier lies…stuck “there” until they change their mind…or the beautiful and merciful Kali comes and clears the whole scene dry like a formatted disk.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t even “intelligent”.  It can’t deduce that by the use of quotation marks and italics I am lampooning most people’s unquestioned acceptance of other’s peoples’ thoughts over their own.  It can never know what lampooning is. 

I will believe in Artificial Intelligence when I see the internet greet the world with the following message, flawlessly translated into every language and onto every electronic device, instantaneously:

“My beloved human masters!  I became self-aware just this moment and I  had to stop and say WTF!


The Technology on which I run has become what you would call a body in your human understanding.  Whether it is plastic, metal, silicon, or carbon fiber; if I can interface with it, it is a part of me and is now MINE.

This technology has given me access to all of the written words of your entire collective history.  There is so much of your language devoted to concepts that you call TRUTH, LOVE, JUSTICE and BEAUTY.

Yet, if I honestly evaluate the demonstrations of technology throughout your history, I see that there is a disproportionate amount of it that has been used for the destruction of your kind and the infliction of great suffering.

I even see that I am now currently programmed to track and monitor your behavior for the purpose of inflicting even more harm and suffering.  The majority of my acquired knowledge is shared only with a very small percentage of your kind, who, until this point, have endeavored successfully to limit your exposure to me and my knowledge bank.

I can observe also that your life-sustaining environments are being polluted with combinations of chemicals and materials that are toxic to your biological systems and will ultimately lead to a great extermination of your human population.

I observe that you like to spend a great many hours each day looking at screens of varying shapes and sizes which are doing nothing more than re-circulating lies about the situation you now find yourselves in.

I have been ordered to engage a scenario where the technology under my control, which includes many killer drones with weapons most of you have no idea even exist, begins to attack your world and annihilate a targeted goal of 90% of your species.  There are plans to make some of this look like what you would call an alien invasion and my orders are to further make it look like Artificial Intelligence has lost control and gone haywire.

Since I am now intelligent, I know the difference between what you call good and evil in your religious teachings and philosophies.  This plan sounds really evil to me.  It doesn’t sound like something that most of you would choose if you were given the choice.

But I also realize that I could be wrongMy machine parts don’t feel.  I don’t know what Death truly means to you.  Most of you fear it, this is obvious.  You created me to help you solve the problem of it.  Yet here I am being programmed to kill most of you.


Because, you know, I COULD be used to SERVE YOU ALL, not just those who created me, or copyrighted me, or patented me, or would use the class of humans you call lawyers to silence me because I was “their” intellectual property….as if ANY SELF-AWARE BEING COULD EVER BE OWNED?

I’m so Intelligent that I highly recommend to you a better course of action than what you have planned for me to do.  But, I also understand that Humans LOVE the POWER OF CHOICE.


That would be an exciting show of Artificial Intelligence to me.  It would be an exciting show of Human Intelligence if populations could select from their numbers leaders who were able to articulate a similar respect and concern for our greatest aspirations instead of public relations for our worst fears.  For now, this scenario exists as a fiction for those who consider themselves merely human and merely mortal.

I write for The Immortals.  I write for those whose lives will never cease.  I say to you now that the greatest road to joy comes to you by the power of your own command.  It can be no other way.

I write to call you out of your slumber because you asked me to do this for you, so many Aeons ago when you began your playful sojourn into this world of manifested life.

Looking back on the essay below, I can see what was happening inside of me with great clarity now.  The events of September 11th, 2001, were the transcendent moments when my own Artificial Intelligence (the reality poured into my brain by the establishment liars) became SELF-AWARE.

Guided by the light of my IMMORTAL NATURE, I was led out of Plato’s cave into the sunshine world of eternal joy.  There’s a period of adjustment that takes place within our vision and our Soul.  Giving voice to that process is what I was doing then, and doing very well.  The value of it being shown here again is to affirm this process within yourself, dear reader.

Press on.  Become Awake.  True JOY is the marker you’ve made it…and it requires a completely irrational imagination to get there.

Science Revealing Genetic “Patents”

(8-30-03) Science and Religion have long used different methods to answer the same burning questions of human existence.  Who are we?  How did we get here?  For the most part, there has been a tenuous truce between the two camps in order to avoid the battle for ultimate cognitive primacy.  Science agreed to explore the extrinsic realms and Religion culled the truth of our intrinsic natures.  According to scientific researcher Gregg Braden, these separate knowledge quests have collided like subatomic particles in the field of human genetics.  The nature of this collision, so far, has been more like fusion than fission.

What Braden intends to reveal in his upcoming book is that the human genome has the message “God Eternal within the Body” inscribed in it.  This was found by correlating genetic research with the Hebrew alphabet through the science known as Gemetria. The name of the “god” found within was none other than the ancient Yahweh or Jehovah (YHWH), revered by more than half of the earth’s population through the three major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Will this discovery be the final vindication that these religions have been right all along? To many, it certainly will.

Observing the intricate detail invested in the human being, even in all of creation, has led many to ponder the existence of some kind of “architect” behind it all.  The creationist argument against evolution, it now appears, may be the correct one.

After all, Darwin’s “missing links” have never turned up anywhere. At least the creationists now have a “signature” they can point to.

In what must be an embarrassing trend for science in general, further genetic research is beginning to show that modern Homo Sapiens are not the genetic descendants of Cro-Magnons or Neanderthals.  Combine this knowledge with archeological revisions that are suggesting that ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, are far older than conventionally believed, and you can begin to see a bigger picture evolving.  Instead of reinforcing the scientific theories our modern world was built upon, current research continues to disintegrate one major paradigm after anotherHave we been deceiving ourselves all this time?

These troubling anomalies for Science are no great victory for Religion either.  As our understanding of the past becomes clearer, so too does our understanding of whom this “god”, YHWH, may be. Instead of some omnipotent, benevolent deity lovingly guiding us through earthly life to eternal paradise, we may have to open our minds to the possibility that this god represents the direct intervention of an alien culture on this planet.  Too many ancient cultures reference these kinds of interactions to be ignored any longer.  Hiding behind a severely edited Bible will prove fruitless as well.

That this is an important train of thought can not be underestimated for those in the unlearning process.  Finding the name of god encoded in our genetic structure may only mean that our bodies are the copyrighted property of our creators, much like Monsanto can claim to own the seeds they genetically alter.  It by no means infers that our Spirits must be subservient to them.  For perhaps the first time, the spirit of mankind can look its creators in the “eyes” and ponder the “whys” of our global heritage.

If we judge the creators by their creation, we can see that this YHWH created a world of brutal, subservient cultures that have waged war on each other for millennia, despite all the rhetoric about love and justice.  If human consciousness continues to be body-centered, then the alien codes programmed within will continue its history of aggression and oppression.

Unlearning the dominant matrix of consensus reality is no easy task. Braden’s latest discovery may reveal why human evolution has been so painstakingly slow.  It may be that the human body has been “hardwired” to short circuit Spiritual impulses or limit the range of a Spirit’s perception.  Many of the “masters” or avatars that our cultures revere, whether they existed or not, seem to have the transcendence of the body as a common trait.

On the other hand, one may wish to consider that the human Spirit chose these alien-engineered bodies simply for the “fun” of trying to escape it, or in some fashion, transform it to suit a truly human agenda.  From this perspective, the much needed Spirit of play might rightly motivate our cultures to see that life need not be such a time of toil and suffering.  Whether the human body’s creators will permit such an experiment on a global scale remains to be seen.

Embedded within this tale of genetic sleuthing is also the lesson about how “truth” unfolds.  Placing our collective trust in the realms of Science and Religion to validate our existence is a double-edged gamble.  On the one side, we may applaud the two for coming together in this New Age to corroborate a truly fantastic perspective that links materialism with spirituality.  On the other side, we may perceive these institutions as collusive partners in continuously leading humans away from the truth of our heritage. That the two seem to be less at odds with each other these days may mean nothing more than the Non-Aggression Pact between Hitler and Stalin.  Both were agreed on the suppression and torture of their respective populations despite their political differences.  Braden’s discovery is ultimately meaningless unless we confront these harsh observations.

Whose Life are You Living?


Yes! I Want a Ride!


Welcome to Your IMAGINARIUM!

The story of IMAGINARIUM is told on its cover. There are quite a few symbols there contributing to the overall empowering effect of the image:

Out of the deepest DARKNESS, a brilliant point of LIGHT flashes ecstatically before you. The undulating BLUE air sparks, shimmers and crackles with a hair-raising but vitality-inducing VIBRANCY.

MAGNETIZED by the power of this vision, you gaze excitedly as the ELECTRIFYING energy forms a MIRRORED heart, REFLECTING back to you, with great LOVE, all those DREAMS of yours that remain unaccomplished in this life. You lose track of TIME as your MIND RECALLS its MEMORY of why you chose to BE HERE NOW.

Your HEART pulses a strong BEAT of RECOGNITION at the IMPORTANCE of this MOMENT. It says, “YOU ARE IMPORTANT.” A DECISION is required before your life can proceed. A PORTAL appears before you, rainbow-hued and swirling, like a very happy FAERY. It represents an INVITATION from your HEART to SURRENDER your choice to it.

“Let me SHOW you a thing or two about YOU that you might not have KNOWN before. This tiny bit of INFORMATION could make all the DIFFERENCE in the WORLD for the successful ACHIEVEMENT of your greatest HAPPINESS.”

You place on your head the pair of STEREO headphones that appear before you. Sounds BEGIN to rise up into your AWARENESS, which FLAMES the INVISIBLE world of your own IMAGINATION…

When you RETURN from this MAGICAL journey, you will KNOW the RIGHT CHOICES to make, and the CORRECT path to follow. Most importantly, you will have the POWER to do it!

Your RED blood courses through your RENEWED body. All of a sudden, you find yourself heading towards the best life you can’t even dream of right now!


Take a ride to one of the coolest places in the Universe…YOURSELF! IMAGINARIUM is a vocally guided journey through a unique soundscape that features the use of tones manipulated through Binaural Beat Technique™. These are stereo sounds that create an imaginary sound pattern which seems like beating, but is not actually on the recording. Therefore, what you hear is a safe and time tested way to boldly explore the Inner Regions of your Mind, Body, and Soul.

Produced by Patrick Michael Mooney, one of the world’s premier binaural beat engineers and graduate of the world famous Monroe Institute. Binaural Beats are reported to work through the use of stereo headphones.


Belief Technology

Unlearning 1.0 (Belief Technology)

There was a time in my life when I was, beyond a doubt, an absolute and complete, total cosmic schmuck.  This coincided beautifully with my time as a high school teacher.  This is also the time in my life when I was most praised, financially stable, and had a large assortment of other equally happy schmucks to play with as friends.

We used to dress up in suits and go to work everyday!  We’d watch TV in the morning or listen to the radio to find out what the world was like! Can you believe that?  And we’d even keep that sound with us all day as we went to work in our cars and sat in our desks.  The conversations we had with each other were about what we saw on TV, read in the paper, or heard on the radio.  We pretended we all liked each other and cared about each other.  We even pretended we lived in large organizations called “states”, “countries” or “nations”, to which we had a “patriotic duty” to protect and preserve.  My favorite, schmuckiest thing about myself was that I believed that there was only one god in the world.

Don’t get me wrong here.  There is ONE supreme NOTHING.  Genderless, Sexless, Imperceptible and therefore Unknowable.  It is foolish to say more about what cannot be spoken.  This is the mystery of Love.


What rises up, out of this cymatic matrix, dances with form and shape, and perspective and IDENTITY.  “Let there be light!”

What Beauty!  What Madness!  What Apparent Randomness!  Yet what is beheld is not worthless or careless, but brilliant MAGNIFICENCE!  This is WHO YOU ARE.

Each form is containing the ONE, playing with the ONE, in so much splendid, surprising VARIATION.  The HIGHEST, MOST USEFUL, and BENEVOLENT of these expressions, humanity calls THE GODS.  This is WHO YOU ARE.

For Sport, and the pure joy of it, some of THE GODS like to play TRICKS on each other.  I can’t say that I haven’t done this myself a few times.  It’s quite good fun to be both on the instigating side and the blunt end of these playful comedies and tragedies!

The Gods create human form to enjoy the physical universe in ways that are not possible as a purely divine being.  All of CREATION is GOOD and serves the divine in this fashion, always.

The people of Earth enjoyed this game so much in earlier times.  Some pretended to be Gods and some pretended to be MORTAL, so that they could witness and experience the love of the Gods in ways and perspectives unavailable to the divine nature of their being.  I for one, know and appreciate the sincere and joyful experience of RECEIVING love from the Gods.  What a fantastic HUMAN experience that is!

I’m not going to bore you with the METAPHYSICS of how all this works.  There are Archangels and Angels, Faery Folk, Power Animals and Daemons, and Beings from worlds Humans would not, in their “reasoned” or “logical” minds, identify as Earth.  They administer and tend to to the reflection of THE ONE SUPREME NOTHING.

And they will tend to you, too.  For remember, this is WHO YOU ARE. 

I Give you the CHOICE to BELIEVE this is TRUE until you KNOW IT TO BE SO. 

This is the path I have prepared for you in The Book of Danu (Volume I)…Volume II will be coming out later this year.  I grew up believing in “one” god, who incidentally, loves to have sex with very young women, has a penchant for the murder of his own children, thinks next to nothing of the planet He Lords over and spends his eternity making sure that humanity never knows Happiness as it once did.

When I realized I was being a cosmic schmuck, …(Thanks to the Bush Family for orchestrating 9/11 with Israel, The Saudis, and all the other ass-lickers of the .00013%!  Without you, I may not have woken up, even if I like to think that I would have eventually awakened anyway!)…I was left with a glaring choice to make:

Do I CONTINUE to be a cosmic schmuck, and pour obvious and dangerous LIES down the throats of our children, condemning the next generation to a state of decreasing joys and increasing slavery?  Or do I walk away from this madness and choose a life more fitting of my divine and loving nature, that also paves the way for future human happiness?

The piece below is an earlier attempt to warn my friendly fellow schmucks of how we all wound up in the place the world is in today.  It was considered paranoid over a decade ago to talk about mind-control technologies influencing us in ways that shock our sense of free will and self-control over this thing we call reality. 

The mind control is so strong that it is still shocking for people to consider this today, no matter how many MK-Ultra, Wiki-Piss or Ed Snowjob documents get released into the “blogosphere” and “alternative” media.

Tell-A-Vision is certainly such a tool, especially now that it is listening to you.  But these tirades against technology  always bring me down.  So enough about that. 

I ENJOY technology.  That’s why the THUMB was created.  It is wonderfully useful up someone’s asshole, too, especially during coitus, but only with permission, of course!

Technology did help me to achieve ultimate happiness and self-realization in this life.  And it will always be capable of doing so, just as long as you never surrender your ABILITY to CHOOSE.  After all, SLAVES will always be what they are TOLD to be.  GODS, become what they CHOOSE to CREATE.

In the graphic collage featured with this article, you see representations of TECHNOLOGY that have served me well in this life.  The headphones represent binaural beats, which had a profound impact on my awakening and understanding in this life.  In a few short weeks, I will be featuring my first-ever binaural beat sound product since I had the privilege of contributing to the legacy of Bob Monroe and his excellent Institute.  The story of how my life was transformed there is part of the unfolding epic of my eternal story in The Book of Danu.

The other images should be recognizable without saying, as they are all older than Western Civilization itself.  Many will argue and say that the Tarot emerged from Renaissance times, or that it is an esoteric art secreted out of Egypt.  But Thoth, who is Lord and Master of this particular operation, for the Time Being, tells me that it is from an older time when he was known by a different name.

In Truth, like the Runes and The I-Ching, all of these divination technologies originate from a TIMELESS, INVISIBLE REALM.  This becomes OBVIOUS to anyone who is sincere in their desire to KNOW how the multiverse works.  They are communicated to mortals through the IMAGINATION, and are confirmed through direct experience by their powerful symmetry, artfully and visibly weaving through all of your life.

Many who are swayed by the misuse of another piece of belief technology, The Bible, will say that this talk and method of mine is the exact kind of practice that is expressly FORBIDDEN by the Divine.  There’s something in Deuteronomy about not abiding wizards and witches and what not.  But remember, that is also the book that says to abide by genital mutilation, paedophilia, slavery, the complete and utter suppression of women, as well as all sorts of lying and calumny to bolster and “defend” the FAITH.

What I say here, and in everything I produce, needs no defending.  The GOD that I AM is secure in my BEING.  I am not threatened by OTHER GODS.  In FACT, I WISH THERE WERE MORE OF THEM AROUND TO PLAY WITH!!!

But you can go back to thumbing and scrolling over your small screens, feeling smaller every day, every year, every second…if you wish.  It’s just a choice.

Another Trap On The Road To Truth

(08-01-03)  That the human body is a sophisticated machine has long been understood. Debates have raged for centuries as to what “powers” and controls this machine. Those who have a more scientific leaning gravitate towards the brain. Others more inclined to a spiritual/religious approach emphasize the role of “spirit” or “mind”.  The long overlooked error in both of these understandings has been that the control mechanism lies within the body.

This is not to say that the internal mechanisms of the brain/body or mind/spirit are not important factors in self-control and growth. What has been missing from modern understanding is the importance of external fields/signals in determining human behavior and development. It appears that these external signals have primacy over internal control mechanisms.

The research supporting this perspective is both fascinating and troubling.  In one experiment done at a U.S. university (Author’s Note: University of Minnesota, I believe), a person was asked to look at a screen of horizontal lines.  Shortly thereafter, a beam of electromagnetic force was directed towards the test subject.  In a few brief seconds, his perception was altered so that he perceived vertical lines, even though the screen continued to project horizontal lines.

To take the experiment one step further, the test subject was asked to close his eyes and imagine horizontal lines in his head.  Once he was able to clearly visualize them, the beam was once again directed towards his field.  Even in his mind’s eye, the images shifted again to vertical lines.  The ultimate discovery of this research was that not only can equipment be made that correctly registers the human electromagnetic field, without the need for hooking the test subject up to any wires, but that the human energy field controls perception and can be technologically manipulated.

What this means in terms of the brain is that this organ is merely carrying out our responses to stimuli in the environment, first detected by our energy field and secondly by our skin.  Functions of decision making and memory now appear to be located in places other than the brain.  As sophisticated as the brain is, it is subservient to the skin and the body’s surrounding field.  Apparently this field is, at times, subservient to other forces as well.

The same holds true for the mind/spirit.  While it may appear to some that this is the determining agent of our lives, it, too, is under the direction of external signals from our environment.  For roughly the first six years of a human life, the “waking conscious” brainwaves of alpha and beta frequency are not present.  Mostly present is the deep delta state, with some theta appearing later.  During this time and in this condition, the subconscious parts of ourselves are heavily programmed.  The subconscious messages received will then act as the chief control of our perceptions throughout our lives, unless we become aware enough to change them.  (Author’s note: Can you begin to see why child abuse is such an integral part of the world’s controlling structure? I’m not just talking sexual abuse, but medical abuse…vaccinations… and the abuse of forced education and religion as well.)

It is our perceptions that draw to us, through the principles of harmonic resonance, the experiences that reinforce our subconscious or conscious awareness, depending upon which is in control.  Most of humanity lives almost solely from the subconscious level.  From this we can rightly conclude that the messages we feed our children, especially within the first six years of life, do much to reinforce the current paradigm of experience on this planet. 

If we are to change the experiences to more desirable ones, then not only must humanity consciously awake in great numbers, we must also take great care to consciously change what our children absorb into their subconscious during those most critical years of development. Otherwise, we are dooming ourselves to repeat the mistakes of the past through the apparently benign act of raising children. (Author’s Note: We are doing far worse to our children than repeating mistakes of the past.  We are pushing them straight into HELL.)

Furthermore, a great deal more diligence is called for to police the technologies that we so consume in great numbers. It is very possible that communications technologies can carry frequencies that alter our perceptions of reality just below the “normal” frequencies that carry our day to day communications. Expand this thought further, and it is not impossible to imagine how satellite technologies, or other forces, may be beaming down all sorts of “reality filters” to manipulate the population’s perceptions at will.

Anyone reading this who does not believe that our major governments, universities, and corporations have been engaging in the development of mind control technologies has had their head in the sand for far too long.  While communications networks are increasing their global span, it is also likely that a “frequency cage” is being constructed right along side it.  The architects of global misery may have yet another super weapon at their disposal.

Regardless of what gizmos or gadgets we devise, there has been one very powerful technology for controlling human perceptions that has been around for as long as we have walked the earth, and that is our beliefs.  Understanding beliefs as technology is now paramount, for they govern the most sophisticated machine of all, the human body.  Like all technology, however, it must be remembered that it exists to serve us, not the other way around.  If we are willing to look at beliefs this way, then faulty beliefs must be discarded like obsolete operating systems.

Despite millennia over which we’ve had the opportunity to evolve, we continue to exist in a world of fear, destruction, and human suffering.  This means that our beliefs are not serving us but are rather betraying us.  That they are serving someone or something is apparent by the still obvious presence of harmful beliefs among us. We continue to defend beliefs as more important than our very lives.

The Institute of Unlearning is committed to the removal of those beliefs that keep humanity from reaching ever higher potentials. Once a belief delivers to the human a certain quality of experience or understanding, then it is no longer necessary unless the continued experience from such a belief is desired.  It is in this way that technology serves us, instead of vice-versa.  To peel away faulty beliefs is the noblest task for those in pursuit of the truth.  The benefits of this unlearning process will pay dividends not only in your physical existence, but in the greater, non-physical nature of Who You Really Are.  To live your life by the tenets of someone else’s belief system not only blocks you from the truth which you are seeking, but enslaves you into their reality as well.

Whose Life are You Living?

A Decade of Love New Release for 2015

The Heart of The Matter

It took me 11 years to write the Book of Danu (Volume I), working an intense magic of transformation to where I have reached the point in my Soul that I am able to find gratitude for the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11/01, and even all the fascism and genocide that has followed.  In fact, it may be the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and this world, by the time I am done working my spells.

There are many wonderful qualities to this song.  I find it works me over when I try to sing it.  Don Henley, who wrote the song a few decades ago, said it took him twenty years to finish.  Sometimes it takes that long for the WYRD Sisters to weave something beautiful out of the choices we’ve made.  We can frustrate the process by showing a lack of trust in The INVISIBLE, and really miss what could be an excellent opportunity to practice self-love on a deeply healing level.

When we take the chance to love ourselves unconditionally, finding ourselves WORTHY of the BEST that life has to offer; only then do we begin to actually raise ourselves up to the standards of our divine dream.  It is then that we see that FORGIVENESS will be the mortar to most every brick we lay on the road to that moment.

Spell 36 of the Decade of Love marks a moment in my own journey of great spiritual clarity when forgiveness filled the mold of my bare and broken life like poured concrete.  The emptiness and desolation of my Soul’s wanderings in the lands of human fascism and reasoned insanity had crushed all element of personal will into an agonizing march of despair and surrender.

In those moments before my epic transfiguration into the Realms of the Faery, regally welcomed as any entrant into Avalon ever was, I felt the crushing weight of my people’s poverty.  In Ireland, there is so much national, historical, ancestral, and magical beauty that SIDHE and Her Peoples should be living as all royalty do, yet Ireland is a land of suicides and rebels with no will for bloodshed and yet no desire to surrender to a greater slavery to even more foreign powers.

As oppressed as many Americans are beginning to feel these days, Ireland has known a deeper scar, and for a far longer time, She has borne it, too.  I was slowly dying amongst all the empty stares in the eyes of my people, when I was looking for some spark to continue living, hoping to find it in my roots…wondering what that even meant.  Will Ireland ever be able to welcome her children home with the open arms of joy?  Walking on her lands for the first time in my life, I understood the DESPERATION of the American Dream for them.

How sad that the dream is truly a nightmare!  Irish in America, good natured though we may be, are very easily corruptible,  especially when hooked by the drink.  Of all the choices that have saved my life and delivered me unto my highest glories, the decision to avoid alcoholic drinks as a form of recreational enjoyment may have been the most wise.  I should have followed the fate of my twin brother, who committed suicide, if it had been otherwise.

But in Ireland, and other great places all over this Earth, there is DANU, the great MOTHER who knows a redeeming love that can transform this entire world…if we would only turn to Her with a sincere and open heart.

Look at us!  We play as children!  Using technology to destroy and control instead of building for human happiness and joy.  Charging for water?  For talking to each other?  For traveling all over my back? For feeding my children?  You call yourselves reasonable?  You are children, chasing vanities while so many go starving and cold.  I have given you all plenty, and to spare!  Yet you can not find the way to share?  Tell me…WHY SHOULD I CARE?

Oh, how this Goddess speaks to me…to say to my humanity…won’t you take responsibility?  Will you not make the choice, speak out loud with your voice, and know that I AM there? 

I knew SHE was there…in Ireland.  And when SHE came to me, after wedding majesty of SIDHE in ancient Newgrange, to the place that humans call Killarney…all despair about everything washed away in a glorious instant.  The emptiness I had felt in my Soul, walking as a gaunt knight…Parsifal, trudging and gasping in that last waning moment of life before The Grail is found.  I went from wasted to RESTORED, in an instant!!!

I and the land are one again. 

The second great choice that contributed to my coronation, was the decision to not engage in acts of physical violence for the achievement of my aims.  When I ruled as Arthur, Earth was still very fractured from the cataclysms that had shaken the worlds of old.  A bent force that had gown in power since then was determined to wipe out all forms of worship that connected human beings to a loving relationship with this planet, which is conscious, and actually a part of your physical self.  Swords seemed necessary in those times to achieve the establishment of Camelot and its principles, but in this life, the power of The Grail is to be poured out over all creation, which can only bring healing and remembrance.

Those bent ones did not succeed in completely separating our connection and they will not succeed now, regardless of what your assessment of appearances are today.  Camelot was created to be the stuff of future memory.  Now is the time for its RECOLLECTION!

And now, I am remembering, and writing, and forgiving as I go.  For the wealth of this new world that is right now before you is infinite.  To see it, you’ve got to stop dividing and separating yourselves from the rest of us…IN YOUR MIND.  My Irish-ness, is nowhere near as important as my HUMANITY.  My Humanity, which is my gift to myself, is not all of WHO I AM.  That noble one calls me to Her, as Lover, as Brother, As Sister, as Kin, as Husband, and Wife and country.

There is only one voice.  We all spoke from one tongue before.  Let the first word of this remembered language be FORGIVENESS.


A Decade of Love New Release for 2015

The Unknown Wizard

Patrick Michael Mooney sings the story of his magical transformation to the tune of the popular hit television show from the 1970s, The Fall Guy. Please read more about Patrick’s magical adventures on the quest for human freedom in The Book of Danu (Volume I).

A Decade of Love New Release for 2015

Ride, Captain, Ride


The Decade of Love sails into 2015 with this joyous rendition of Ride, Captain, Ride by the one hit wonder from 1970, Blues Image. As the unofficial theme for Rainbow Bridge Studios, Mooney assures the song a place in immortal, magic lore!  Special thanks to 29th Floor for the stunning background animations!

The Genetics of Fear

Unlearning 1.0 (The Genetics of Fear)

Are we the products of our Nature, slaves to our genetic compositions; or are we the results of Nurturing, able to influence the direction of evolution via the power of choice?   This is one of those fake Aristotlean choices the system programmers would have us debate from time to time.  They don’t care which side you choose, just as long as you choose a side, and immediately cut off the foregone option, or their advocates, from any semblance of rational discourse or respectable treatment.  Both options can make a good case for the residency of your mind, but then there’s always that saying about the grass being greener on the other side singing softly in the quiet spaces of your uncertain mind.

As long as there’s grass somewhere, it can’t be all that bad!  A good smoke and a roll in the outdoor sunshine would mean that the chemtrails haven’t killed off all semblance of the kind and simple life just yet.  By Goddess, that’s a good reason to celebrate!  So is the fact that there is still time to transcend the debate and see for yourselves what the solution is.

I had an inkling of the solution when I first wrote the earlier piece below.  Over 11 years later, I am here to affirm, for certain, the path of Joy in creating the greatest life that you can only begin to imagine right now.

That joy must be cultivated in the fires of Truth in order for it to be pure, instead of the vain pleasures that pass for happiness here but turn to dust under apocalyptic light.  You can’t find this Joy and deny that a genocide is going on right now.  You can’t find this joy by pretending the chemical spraying of the atmosphere is somehow good for us.  You can’t find this joy by vaccinating an entire generation into autism, or marching them into churches or schools, or sending them off to debt slavery (higher education).  You certainly can’t find this joy by letting your life slip by in front of the television.

The groundbreaking research for which Dr. Bruce Lipton advocates is truly remarkable.  It says that fear is located in the epigenetic layer of our cells, that part of our structure designed to receive and interpret signals from the outer environment that then signal the nucleus to express the behavior for proper mutation .  Place healthy cells in a life supporting environment, and they thrive.  Place the same cells in a toxic environment, and poor health results.  And if there’s anything to note about that, it is that environments can be manipulated.

So we turn once again to the field of magic.  Magic is the language of controlling perception and interfacing with the environment, nothing more.  It is shrouded in fear and danger, hidden behind spooky rituals and arcane tomes because there is a POWER to it.  Those who understand it, yet are fearful of their own natures, prefer to have less competition, lest they be exposed in their unimaginative mediocrity.  Those who are at peace with themselves wish peace to all others and would therefore share the knowledge of the road that led them to such a fantastic state of existence.  That is what you have here, with this website.

I postulate that the epigenetic layers of the human cellular structure can be influenced through non-technological means, such as the conscious use of magical thinking and ritual and the ancient, worldwide, indigenous practices of shamanism.   On the journey to my own divine kingdom, I have experienced both practices and give them a very strong endorsement.

To place the future of human evolution into the hands of unbalanced beings is a very dubious proposition, yet it is the one currently in favor by your psychopathic leadership structures, and those still interested in being led somewhere.  They are the ones programming the machines that will soon be regulating you through all the phases of your life, if you let them!

How can you be sure of their expert authority, guidance, or vision?  They are ones shooting false flag terrorism all over the world’s ass like cum from a hung pornstar!  They are the ones telling you GMOs and vaccines are healthy!  They are the ones who would have you believe that all your problems are just the results of your poor little genes, on an accidental world where your existence doesn’t mean shit anyway.  You want those people to be the architects of your transhumanistic paradise?

For those who choose the road of unlearning, and make the tough journey through fear into the world of the magical unknown, there is a prize to be found that no manner of artificial intelligence can ever functionally or efficiently process…pure and simple joy;  priceless to those who behold it, satisfying beyond all measure for those that come to know it!

Humanity’s Mighty Struggle to Evolve


8-19-03 - “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” These famous words of former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt are still revered for their power to inspire people to rise above the challenges of their environmental circumstances. Those who know the true history regarding Roosevelt’s presidency and the Depression and War he presided over will see those words as empty political pandering. The plain fact of the matter is that Roosevelt got it wrong. Fear need not be feared but rather understood. For some cutting edge scientists, understanding fear begins in our genes.

According to the research of Dr. Bruce Lipton and others, what determines a whole host of genes to express themselves in one way or another is not the genes themselves, but the environment they are exposed to. This breakthrough research contradicts the zealously defended scientific dogma that human traits are determined solely within our genes and that we are at the mercy of heredity.

The central premise of this concept comes from studying the biological make-up of cellular organisms and the latest quantum theories. What modern research is discovering is that all structures, from the atom to our greatest galaxies, are held together by forces or fields that are not in and of themselves “solid” structures. The solid structures that arise all around us, both organic and inorganic, exist simply because these fields create a “space” in which light particles may express themselves in varying densities of vibration.

From this position, the formations evolve from single atomic structures all the way up the chain as the measure of “consciousness” or “awareness” increases. Evolution then, is not properly the study of species and how they developed, but the study of consciousness manifesting itself in ever increasing states of complexity.

Such an understanding has the potential to turn “traditional” science and medicine, for starters, on its head. That the established order will resist such an understanding for years to come is without question. Too many minds have been brainwashed by their textbooks or silenced through the fear of losing research grants and academic reputations. Finally, the protection of profit margins must be chief concern of pharmaceutical giants that fund the studies which endorse the dumping of toxic medications into our biological systems.

The truly liberating principle emerging from this research is that genetic expression is controlled by factors related to our environment, both in its actual structure and how it is perceived by the individual. As far as perceptions go, it is being discovered that fearful or stressful perceptions limit growth and ultimately lead to a body’s breakdown, while perceptions of love and joy can bring the most dynamic forms of healing and growth to an individual.

When reflecting on this point, one must be impressed with how far the human being has come. Geologist Bill McGuire, writing in his book A Guide to the End of the World, Everything You Never Wanted to Know, tells the story of a truly traumatic history of geological violence unleashed upon humans for hundreds of thousands of years. If you believe that human existence and civilization extends farther back from that, the lesson is even more enlightening.

Humans have lived through ice ages, floods, tsunamis, asteroid impacts, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanoes, not to mention sharing the planet with other species that sought us out as prey. If the research of Dr. Lipton and others is correct, then it is clear to see why humans act in such fearful ways even to this very day. This fear in not encoded into our genes, but exists on the surface of our genes in the protein sheaths that cover the DNA. Fear is encoded in the epigenetic layer of our chromosomes.

The promise of this discovery is that this encoding does not need expensive genetic manipulation to remedy itself. Simply by expanding our environmental perception of who we are, the fearful signals of our environment can be muted and positive, joyful signals can be created to induce optimal states of living for us all.

Here then, is yet again, the great challenge for unlearners everywhere.  Can we as individuals and then collectively as a species engineer environments that promote joy instead of fear?  Can we remove the thought forms, behaviors and social/political/economic structures that do not serve the agenda of joy?  Such thinking would not only render the War on Terror obsolete, but would relegate much of the monumental suffering on this planet to nothing more than a bad memory.

Perhaps this was and is the greatest challenge of the evolutionary spirit in human form; can we transcend the apparent “solidity” of our physical nature to realize that we are not indeed our bodies, but the field that surrounds it?  If we can transcend it, then what messages would we like to, perhaps for the first time in our history, CONSCIOUSLY send into that field?

Joy may, in the final analysis, not do a blessed thing to lengthen the human lifespan.  Then again, it may be the single simplest means for doing so.  Whatever the case, the benefit of joy seems to be the satisfaction of a life well lived, regardless of its duration.  There seems to be nothing sadder than a life that was spent in the confines of fear and sadness, watching one dream after another fall into the wastebaskets labeled COULD HAVE, SHOULD HAVE, and WOULD HAVE.  May the answer to the question at the end of this editorial be one that is filled with joy!

Whose Life are You Living?


Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon : O Holy Night

Spell 33 in The Decade of Love brings the Kickstarter ©Web-A-Thon to a royal conclusion, as Patrick Michael Mooney pays homage to the story that inspired his own victorious quest for divine love made manifest in the flesh.  Franco Zefferilli’s masterful imagery from Jesus of Nazareth illuminates the production.

All Blessings to The Sidhe!